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18 Free Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns (for all seasons)

I had so much fun designing and working on my crochet bucket hat! I used granny squares as part of the construction and wanted to find what other designs were out there.

bucket hat crocheted in cotton being worn on a sunny day to shade the woman's face
Jera’s Jamboree

In this collection, I’m sharing my free patterns as well as fabulous bucket hat crochet patterns designed by other makers.

From beginner friendly patterns to wear in summer through to winter, they all have something different in their construction (and all of them will teach you how to crochet a bucket hat for different sizes).

Basic outline of a bucket hat shaded in pink
Basic bucket hat shape
bucket hat crocheted in different shades of pink granny squares, a white crown and a striped brim
crochet bucket hat

Crochet bucket hats are so versatile and can be worn all year (which is great if, like me, you love to wear hats).

During the colder months, a wool/wool blend hat will keep you toasty warm.  In the warmer months, a cotton or raffia crochet bucket hat will keep you cool. 

The brim will protect your eyes and face from harsh weather conditions and bright sunlight and the hat will protect your hair.

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Bucket hats are easy to crochet. They’re quick projects as well! If you’re a beginner, factor in about 6 hours to crochet your bucket hat. You’ll be wearing your hat in no time!

montage of four photos showing crochet bucket hats being worn by women

The best yarns to use for your bucket hat crochet

Warmer weather yarns:

  • 24/7 Cotton
  • DK Cotton
  • Aran/Worsted Cotton
  • Raffia
  • Merino/blends

Cooler weather yarns

  • DK Acrylic
  • Cotton/Wool blend
  • Merino/blends
  • Faux Fur
  • Fleece Sherpa

You will need approximately 180 yards of yarn to crochet a bucket hat with a traditional silhouette.

Bucket hats constructed with granny squares will need approximately 327 yards of yarn.

The best stitches and techniques to crochet a bucket hat:

  • double crochet (dc)  /  US single crochet (sc)
  • half treble crochet (htr)  /  US half double crochet (hdc)
  • checkered
  • granny squares
  • granny clusters
  • stripes

Bucket hats can be constructed in different ways:

I’ve found bucket hats can be worked in several different ways:

  • the brim and crown are crocheted separately to the band of the hat
  • crocheted in one spiral piece using either double crochet (US single crochet) or half treble crochet (US half double crochet)
  • crocheted in granny squares
  • beanie with a brim added

My granny square bucket hat is constructed using the first technique.  I think this gives more scope for designs.

My easy bucket hat is worked in double crochet rounds with a different colour at the top of the head. The brim is worked in clusters.

I enjoy tapestry crochet and can think of so many designs for the band of the hat!

There are a couple of different shapes too:

  • floppier/wider brim
  • traditional silhouette

How to measure your head for a hat

To measure your head for a bucket hat, hold a tape measure so that it’s snug (but not too tight!) around the widest part of the back of your head and over the centre of your forehead above your eyebrows. The tape measure should be about 1 cm above your ears.

The standard adult head circumference is between 21 and 23 inches and all the adult patterns in this collection fit this size.

Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns

Click on the numbered pattern or image to go to the pattern.

The majority of these crochet bucket hat patterns are written in US crochet terms.

For my UK crocheters, the table below is a conversion of basic crochet stitches from US to UK.

US Crochet TermsUK Crochet Terms
single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble crochet (htr)
double crochet (dc)treble crochet (tr)
treble (tr)double treble (dtr)
double treble (dtr)triple treble (trtr)

Bucket hats are not only on trend but they’re practical!  And the best thing?  They suit everyone no matter your age or the shape of your face.

If you’re looking for a quick make, a bucket hat is the perfect project.

I hope you’ll feel inspired and find a hat you’d love to crochet.

1. Crochet Bucket Hat

woman wearing a crochet bucket hat
Jera’s Jamboree

As I’ve already mentioned, my bucket hat crochet pattern is constructed using granny squares as part of the design. You’ll only need four granny squares to make this bucket hat.

The granny squares are joined to form a strip and once the strip has been sewn onto the crown, the strip is closed to form the circle of the band before crocheting the brim.

The pattern is easily adaptable to fit any size, adult or child. You could make a bucket hat for all the family!

Materials you need:

  • Drops Muskat (cotton) – 50g Yarn A Colour 18 (white), 50g Yarn B Colour 29 (lighter pink), 50g Yarn C Colour 39 (dark pink)
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Crochet in cotton for wearing in the summer and acrylic blends in the winter, you’ll have your new accessory made to wear in no time.

2. Easy Crochet Bucket Hat

Montage of 4 photos 1) crocheted crown of a bucket hat 2) finished bucket hat 3) women wearing a crochet bucket hat 4) side view of a women wearing a hat
Jera’s Jamboree

A great stash busting pattern (you only need 100g cotton Aran/Worsted), my easy bucket hat is crocheted in three easy steps:

  1. The top of the hat is crocheted in a circle with increases in each of the rounds.  This covers your crown.
  2. The sides continue with the same number of stitches to your forehead.  This gives your hat the bucket shape.
  3. The brim is crocheted in rounds with increases in the first round to give a slight ruffle.

Crocheted in basic stitches, you’ll need the following materials to work this project:


  • 5mm crochet hook
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • 2 x 50g Painbox Aran Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

This pattern is available to purchase on Etsy.

3. Crochet Bucket Hat for Beginners

woman wearing black crochet bucket hat

Worked in half treble crochet (US half double crochet) in a spiral with the increases easy to follow, this crochet bucket hat pattern free is great for beginners.

Materials you need:

  • 1 skein
  • Hook — G-6 (4 mm)
  • Yarn needle 
  • Scissors 

Instructions are straight forward but if you get stuck, there’s a video tutorial to help you too.

The next two patterns are crocheted with raffia but use different stitches.

4. Basic Bucket Hat

women wearing a raffia crochet hat
Jenny and Teddy

This pattern uses basic crochet stitches (double crochet UK  /  single crochet US) making it an excellent project for beginners. 

It’s worked from the top down in spirals. 

Working in spirals is a skill that’s great practice for amigurumi so you’ll be able to use this technique on lots of other projects.

Materials you need:

  • Ra-ra raffia yarn colour desert palm 1 skein
  • 3.0 mm crochet hook
  • stitch marker or contrasting colour yarn

Crocheted with raffia, this hat will not only keep you cool but stylish too.

5. Crochet Bucket Hat a Free Pattern Tutorial

A summer hat is on a table with a book, sunglasses and a cool drink
Zeens and Roger

This is another easy bucket hat pattern made using raffia but written in UK terms and using half treble crochet (US  half double crochet).

Materials you need:

  • 1 roll of Ra Ra Raffia in Desert Palm
  • 4mm hook
  • Stitch markers

Easily adjustable to fit any size, you’ll love this quick and easy project that you can gift or keep for yourself.

The next two free patterns use daisy granny squares but use a different construction.  One is crocheted with a crown and brim added to the granny squares. You will need 8 smaller granny squares to make this bucket hat. The crown and band on the second one is made from granny squares with the brim added. You will need 5 larger granny squares for this pattern.

6. Daisy Flower Bucket Crochet Hat Pattern

the back view of a woman wearing a daisy sun hat and pink cardigan
Lisa Auch Crochet

Crocheted in DK acrylic yarn, I think this free bucket hat crochet pattern would be fab for wearing in early spring, autumn and winter.

The granny squares are joined together to form a ring before sewing on to the crown.

Materials you need:

  • 4.00mm hook 
  • Yarn: black, some yellow and white yarn for the daisy squares

I wouldn’t recommend black yarn for the summer as it absorbs the heat.

If you enjoy working with granny squares, have a browse of these granny square projects and patterns

7. Basketweave Bucket Hat

crocheted bucket hat in beige
Hooked on Homemade Happiness

Do you have a favourite beanie? 

This pattern for a bucket hat is designed using the basic shape of a beanie with a brim added on.  You could use it to adapt your favourite beanie pattern!

Materials you need:

  • 100g worsted weight yarn
  • G/4.0 mm hook
  • yarn needle
  • scissors

Crochet this in acrylic/wool blend for the winter and cotton for the summer.

8. Striped Bucket Hat

bucket hat with a floppy brim crocheted in self striping yarn
Little Johns Yarn

This bucket hat crochet pattern free uses a self-striping yarn and uses only 1 skein – no fastening off and sewing in all those ends from colour changes – yay!

The brim on this pattern is wider and floppier and looks great too.

Materials you need:

  • 1 skein worsted weight merino yarn
  • 5.5mm crochet hook
  • Stitch Markers

The merino yarn makes this suitable to wear in the cooler and warmer months.

The yarn in this pattern has been discontinued however, head over to YarnSub for a list of suitable substitutions.

A video with timestamps is also available and if you prefer a PDF, this pattern is also available to purchase on Etsy.

9. Crochet Checkered Bucket Hat Pattern

A woman is wearing a checkered summer hat in pink and yellow while holding another hat in green and white
Lala Perez Crafts

I love the checkered pattern and think it looks fab for all sorts of projects.

This paid pattern includes written detailed instructions, images to follow along, and exact measurements.

Materials you need:

  • Aran/Worsted Yarn – 2 Colours
  • 4.5 mm Crochet Hook
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stitch Marker
  • Scissors

A video tutorial is also available with this pattern.

10. Checkerboard Bucket Hat

A woman on a beach is wearing a dark blue and light blue checkered sun hat
Checkered Mess

The YouTube video below will show you how to crochet the bucket hat:

A woman is wearing a cream crochet bucket hat

And this video how to change colours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQKqdtpJmIA

To make the checkerboard pattern you will need this pattern.

Pair the checkerboard bucket hat with my crochet checkered bag for a blended look.

11. Beach Vibe Sun Hat

The back view of a woman wearing a hat
Jenny and Teddy

I’ve included this pattern for a bucket hat in my favourites because this is the only hat I’ve found that doesn’t have a solid brim.

The floppy brim is crocheted in granny clusters and looks brilliant!

The pattern is for doubling up on cotton DK but if you have bulky weight in your stash, you can also use that.

Materials you need:

  • cotton DK – about 2 -3 skein around 600 -700 yards OR bulky weight
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook
  • yarn needle

Suitable for beginners, you’ll stand out in the crowd with this bucket hat.

12. Happy Camper Bucket Hat

a woman is wearing a bucket hat crochet and smiling
PaintBox Yarns

This bucket hat crochet pattern is worked from the crown down in continuous rounds. Slip stitches are used to join the rounds.

Instructions are written using US crochet terms with UK terminology given in italics in brackets ( ).

Materials you need:

  • 100g balls of Paintbox Yarns Wool Blend DK: 1 ball in Night Time (A) 1 ball in Shocking Pink (B)
  • US G/6 (4mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Large eyed needle

Hat circumference 20½in / 52cm

Grab your crochet bucket hat pattern PDF free.

13. Bucket Hat (for men and women)

A woman is wearing a red tshirt and a blue sun hat
Darsi Stitches

Some of the styles above are suitable for both men and women but I think this one is the best.

Materials you need:

  • Size 4 (worsted/aran weight) cotton yarn – approximately 180 yards (or 1.5 skeins)
  • Size H (5.0 mm) crochet hook
  • Stitch marker
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle

Top tip:  read the comments before you start crocheting as the maker answers a lot of questions that will help you.

The bucket hats below are suitable for wearing in the winter.

14. Annie Bucket Hat

A women dressed for winter in a scarf and coat is also wearing a faux fur hat
Two of Wands

This is a gloriously soft and fluffy faux fur bucket hat crochet that is available in four sizes. 

The only technique you need to know is how to single crochet in the round, the furry yarn does the work for you.

Materials you need:

  • 1 (2, 2, 3) skeins Lion Brand Yarn Go For Faux in Mink (322-200) – (super bulky, weight 6; 65yds/60m per skein)
  • Size US L/11 (8mm) crochet hook
  • Removable stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle

Worked in super bulky weight yarn, it won’t take you long to finish this project!

15. Crochet Bucket Hat Pattern Sherpa

A woman is dressed for winter in a roll neck jumper, coat and faux fur hat
Mama in a Stitch

No need to buy a Sherpa hat from an expensive shop when you can make one yourself!

This pattern uses basic crochet stitches and works up very quickly.

Materials you need:

  • 1 skein Lion Brand Yarn Go For Fleece Sherpa in Cream or preferred colour (184 g/ 89 yds per skein) – approximately 145 g total
  • P/Q 15 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Stitch Markers
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

Top tip: It can be difficult to see the stitches with this yarn, do a practice swatch first so you can get a feel for working with it

This pattern is also available as a PDF from Etsy.

16. Brookstone Bucket Hat

A woman is wearing a coat, scarf and hat
Pattern Paradise

This hat is designed in Lion Brand Hometown which is a super bulky yarn meaning it will work up in no time!

The maker has used yarn under instead of yarn over to work the double crochet (US single crochet) stitch. 

The body of the hat is worked in the back loop only and half treble (US half double) crochet for the brim worked in the 3rd loop.

Materials you need:

  • Super Bulky #6 weight yarn; Lion Brand Hometown- 2 skeins
  • Crochet Hook 12.00mm
  • Tapestry needle for weaving ends

I love the addition of the simple rope band.

The pattern below is sized to fit a child (20″), teen (21.5″) and adult 22.5″). Keep the heads of your family warm this winter!

17. Mountainside Bucket Crochet Hat

a woman in a white jumper is wearing a pink crocheted bucket hat
Creations by Courtney

This bucket hat uses the Alpine stitch. I enjoyed working with this stitch in my Noughts and Crosses blanket. I think it works really well in this pattern.

Materials you need:

  • Red Heart Hygge, #5 bulky weight yarn (70% acrylic, 30% nylon; 212 yds/ 194 m; 8 oz/ 227 g): 131 yds or 140 g for Adult size
  • US L / 8.00 mm hook or size needed to meet gauge.
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Measuring Tape

If you prefer to work from a PDF, this pattern is available to buy on Etsy.

Crocheting the hat below in a wool blend will keep you snug through the winter or use cotton for the summer.

18. Basic Crochet Bucket Hat Pattern

Two women are smiling at each other at the beach wearing sun hats
Taylor Lynn

Crocheted in the versatile half double crochet (UK half treble crochet) makes the fabric suitable for winter or summer.

This hat is worked in the round top down. It will fit average adult size heads 21-23 inches.

You will be working with the right side on the outside of the round and the wrong side is the inside of the round.

I’ve chosen this pattern for the stitch chart so that you can see how the stitches come together. Perfect if you’re a visual learner!

Materials you need:

  • Yarn: Size 4 Worsted/Aran – approximately 175 yards
  • Hook: 4.5mm
  • Scissors and yarn needle

This pattern is available as a PDF on Etsy.

Happy Hooking!

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Happy Crocheting!

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