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30+ Easy Boho Crochet Patterns : Create Your Own Outfit

I love working with vibrant yarn colours … who needs colour therapy when we have such a wide choice of tones and hues! and that’s something the majority of this roundup of boho crochet patterns have in common.

Patterns include everything from crop tops and shorts to dresses, skirts and shorts. I’ve also sourced patterns for accessories, such as hats, bags, and blankets. If boho is your style, there’s sure to be something here for you.

All of the patterns I’ve chosen are easy to follow and use basic crochet stitches.

montage of four photos showing 1) crochet boho top in turquoise 2) boho crochet bag 3) crochet mini skirt 4) bohemian crochet shorts in bright colours

Want to add some boho chic to your wardrobe but not sure what? Or maybe you want to save money by crocheting your own outfit instead of buying one! Whatever your reason, you’re sure to find something you love in this collection of bohemian crochet patterns and feel inspired.

Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, you’ll be able to create beautiful and unique pieces that will turn heads.

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What is Boho Crochet?

Boho crochet, (aka bohemian crochet), is a style of crocheting that embraces the bohemian aesthetic. The inspiration for these patterns is from the bohemian or boho fashion and design trends (known for a free-spirited, eclectic, and artistic vibe).

In boho crochet, you’ll find a wide range of patterns and designs for clothing such as cardigans, accessories, and home decor items such as pillows.

Boho crochet projects often incorporate a mix of colours, textures, and various crochet stitches to create items that are unique and visually appealing. Often included in designs are:

  1. Fringe: Fringe is a popular element in boho crochet patterns. It can be added to scarves, shawls, vests, and other items to create a playful and bohemian look.
  2. Mixed Fibers: Boho crochet often incorporates a mix of yarns and fibers to add texture and visual interest to the projects. It’s common to see combinations of different weights, textures, and even materials like cotton, wool, and mohair.
  3. Colourful and Earthy Tones: Bohemian style embraces a rich colour palette, including warm earthy tones, vibrant jewel tones, and soft pastels. Boho crochet patterns often use these colours to create a harmonious and visually appealing result.
  4. Embellishments: designs may include embellishments such as beads, buttons, tassels, or embroidery to add extra flair and bohemian charm to the finished piece.
  5. Mandala and Geometric Motifs: Mandalas and geometric motifs are common. They can be incorporated into various projects, such as blankets, wall hangings, or pillow covers, to add a touch of bohemian artistry.

The above are key design features in the crochet patterns I’ve chosen in this list.

Overall, boho crochet celebrates individuality, creativity, and a laid-back lifestyle. It offers us the opportunity to explore different stitches, experiment with colours, and express our personal style through our handmade creations.

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Boho Crochet Patterns

If a pattern is paid I have noted this (and if the pattern is available to buy in PDF format or a free PDF download).

The majority of the boho style patterns are written in US crochet terms.

For my UK crocheters, the table below is a conversion of basic crochet stitches from US to UK.

US Crochet TermsUK Crochet Terms
single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble crochet (htr)
double crochet (dc)treble crochet (tr)
treble (tr)double treble (dtr)
double treble (dtr)triple treble (trtr)

Clicking on the numbered pattern name will take you directly to the pattern.

In this garment section you’ll find boho crochet for: tank tops, crop tops, granny square tops, top and shorts set, shorts, granny square shrug, granny square sweater, granny square cardigans, granny square jacket, sleeveless duster, mini dress, maxi dress, skirt, shawls, ponchos

1.Boho Tank Top Crochet Pattern

crocheted boho tank top is laid out on the floor
Hooked on Homemade Happiness

This granny square really suits the design of this boho top! But you can swap it out if you have a favourite square.

You’ll only need 7 squares … the magic happens in the layout and how you join them.

With easy-to-follow instructions and a diagram to help you, you’ll work this lacy top up in no time (and with yarn from your stash).

  • Recommended yarn: Dishie (or any cotton Worsted/Aran weight)
  • Sizes: Bust size 36” (to make the top larger, add an additional round or two to each square)
  • Level:  Intermediate (confident beginner ready for a challenge? Give it a go!)

This pattern is also available as a PDF on Etsy.

If you enjoy working with granny squares, have a browse of these granny square projects and patterns

2. Simple Boho Crochet Crop Top

A woman is wearing a crochet crop top with tassels
KnitCro Addict

You’ll work the granny squares and sew them together first for this crochet boho crop top.

It’s then worked in granny stitch for two separate pieces and then sewn together. The fringe is added later (you can make this top longer and leave off the fringe putting you in control of design features).

A fab addition to your festival wardrobe!

  • Recommended yarn: Alize Bella #2 sport weight yarn
  • Size: XS ( S, M, L, XL, XXL )
  • Level: Easy

Free on the website and available as a PDF on Etsy.

3.  Granny Square Crop Top

A woman is wearing a crochet crop top showing the halter neck and the v neck

8 squares and 5 triangles join together for a v-neck front and halter back top. You choose which is front and back! 

The straps are made with puff stitches. I think this gives a unique design element!

2 rounds of single crochet (UK double crochet) are then worked along the bottom to make the top more fitted.

Add a fringe along the bottom for a more boho look.

Buy this pattern as a PDF on Etsy.

4. Crochet Granny Square Top

A woman is standing in front of a swing wearing a granny square short sleeve top in blues and white

Not only is this a free PDF pattern download but there are instructions for a short AND long sleeve granny square top.

Smaller granny squares (a stitch diagram for the granny square is included) are worked before joining them together to make two larger squares. 

Side panels are crocheted to add the width needed.

The sleeves are made separately and sewn into position.

This pattern is written in UK Crochet Terms with US terms in brackets where appropriate.

This is a fab addition to your festival wardrobe.  Pair it with an easy granny square bag to complete your outfit.

5.  Granny Square Tank Top

A woman is standing with her hand on her hip.  She is wearing a granny square tank top

Practice a variety of techniques with this free pattern, including cluster stitch, granny squares, double crochet (UK treble crochet), half double crochet (UK half treble crochet), single crochet through back loop (UK double crochet), and more.

The granny squares are joined in rows and then the sides joined to make a tube shape.  The pattern continues with working in the round for the bodice and minimal shaping for the armholes and neckline.

The ribbing for the hem is crocheted separately and sewn on.  Personally, I think it would be easier to work directly from the bottom of the granny square with the same technique I used on my hexagon cardigan.

This pattern is a free PDF download from Yarnspirations.

6. Boho Top and Shorts Set

A woman is standing by the ocean wearing crocheted crop top and shorts in turquoise
Fab Fashion Patterns

This bestselling paid pattern features lovely lace shell stitch shorts and a halter top.

Both pieces work well on their own too!  Pair the halter with jeans or linen pants/trousers and the shorts with your favourite tee.

The halter ties behind the neck and the shorts have a drawstring waist.

  • Recommended yarn: Light Worsted or DK cotton
  • Size: XS to XXXL
  • Level: Intermediate

For those cooler days and evenings, the following sweater patterns will add a boho flair to your wardrobe.

7. Crochet Shrug Countess of Diamonds

a crocheted shrug is laid out to show the granny square back and granny stitch rows
Jera’s Jamboree

Perfect for keeping the chill off your shoulders through the evening, my shrug features a stunning granny square motif on the back.

This is an easy project with no shaping, increasing or decreasing. 

  • Recommended yarn: Yarnsmiths Daydream Aran (even the name of the yarn has a festival vibe to it!)
  • Sizes: S to 5X
  • Length: 28″
  • Level: Easy

Upgrade to a PDF to work offline.

8. Fruitdrop Crochet Sweater

Chevron and Granny Square Crochet Sweater in blues and purples

This captivating design effortlessly combines bohemian style with the artistry of crochet, creating a trendy garment that is as fashionable as it is comfortable.

Incredibly versatile, this easy crochet sweater can be worn as a stylish layering piece during chilly evenings or as a statement garment for festivals and boho-themed events.

  • Recommended yarn: Cicibebe Batik DK weight #3 light
  • Sizes: XS to 5X
  • Length: cropped, standard and tunic
  • Level: Easy

This pattern is available to buy on Etsy and Ravelry.

9.  Boho Crochet Top Pattern

two photos of a woman wearing a granny square boho top showing the front and back
Beautiful Crochet Stuff

I love how the colours pop as well as the large granny squares in this long-sleeve top!

You’ll crochet 16 granny squares and use the join as you go method.  Joining instructions are clear and there is a diagram in this free pattern to help you with the layout.

If you prefer to follow a video tutorial, there is also a video embedded.

  • Recommended yarn: 8/8 cotton yarn
  • Size: S-M, square size – 21x21cm (8×8 in) , length – 45 ( 17 1/2 in), width – 40 (15 1/2 in), sleeve – 50 (19 1/2)
  • Level:  Easy

This boho top pattern is available to buy on Etsy.

10.  Boho Crochet Sweater

A woman is standing with her hands on her hips wearing a granny square sweater and white jeans
Crazy Cool Crochet

Crocheted in two large granny squares for the front and back with the sleeves crocheted separately in granny stitch lengthways (LOVE how the coloured rows work out on the sleeves), this sweater is an easy make.

Pastel colours do look great in the spring and summer – I also think this pattern would work well in early autumn too with those gorgeous fall palettes!

If you’re not sure about the boat neckline, it would be easy to shape those last 3 or 4 rows to give more depth.

  • Recommended yarn: Baby Bee Sweet Delight/ #3 Lightweight (there’s a list of substitutions on YarnSub for my UK readers)
  • Size: S to XL
  • Level:  Beginner-Friendly

11.  Granny Square Sweater Jacket

A woman has her back to the viewer and she is looking over her shoulder.  She is wearing a crocheted jacket with granny squares on the back and hood
Make and Do Crew

The Revival Crochet Granny Square Sweater Pattern is a free pattern that is size-inclusive.

The sweater jacket is made up of granny squares assembled using the join as you go method.

I love how the granny squares are a feature of the hood and used on the back.  It’s an interesting design!

The pattern includes a schematic of the granny square layout, as well as photos of the finished sweater.

Here are some tips for making the Revival Crochet Granny Square Sweater Pattern:

  • Use a variety of colours to create a more visually interesting sweater
  • Make sure to block the granny squares before assembling them to create a more even and flat surface

Pair with a granny square tote bag to complete your festival outfit.

Duster cardigans are also fab to wear to festivals. You’ll find a couple in this collection of modern long crochet cardigan patterns for inspiration.

12. Boho Granny Square Jacket Pattern

A woman is walking on a field wearing a cropped granny square cardigan

If you haven’t crocheted triangle or half granny squares you’ll learn a new technique with this granny square project.  A stitch diagram is included.

The granny square layout and schematics are also included in this free PDF download.

This is a fab make for using up your yarn stash!

13. Boho Granny Square Cardigan

Montage of three photos 1) front of a granny square cardigan 2) back of the granny square cardigan 3) granny square layout before assembly
Jera’s Jamboree

The granny squares in this cardigan pattern are made using the traditional granny square.

The pattern includes instructions for making the granny square and joining them together. It also includes instructions for adding the edging to the cardigan.

I’ve written the pattern in UK and US Crochet Terms.

  • Recommended yarn: Any DK yarn from your stash
  • Size: Made-to-Measure
  • Level:  Easy

14.  Granny Square Cardigan

A woman is standing with her arms outstretched wearing a pink crocheted cardigan
Mama in a Stitch

The Wildflower granny square in this cardigan pattern uses puff stitches which gives a lovely texture. 

Each square is only 3 rounds making this a fab project to carry with you while you’re out and about to work on if you’ve limited time!

The sleeves are worked in the round with double crochet (UK treble crochet) stitches.  There’s no shaping so you can make your sleeves as long or as short as you want.

Add a touch of boho to your outfit with this cardigan.  Pair it with cut off shorts or your favourite jeans.

This pattern is available to buy on Etsy.

If you want to design your own cardigan, you’ll find a link to download (for free) 4 different layouts on this roundup of granny square patterns.

15. Bohemian Vest Crochet Pattern Free

A woman is leaning against a wall wearing denim shorts, a yellow tshirt and a boho vest
TL Yarn Crafts

The Lynn Fringe Vest is made using a combination of simple crochet stitches – single crochet, double crochet, and chains.

The pattern includes detailed instructions, pictures, and a video tutorial to guide you through the process of creating the bohemian vest.

Additionally, there are tips and notes provided to help you with customizing the vest to fit your preferences.

Perfect for a music festival, stroll through the park or a day at the beach!

This pattern is available as a PDF on Ravelry.

16.  Boho Dress

A woman is standing with her hands on her hips wearing a boho dress crocheted in granny stitch and bright colours with tassels at the hem
The Missing Yarn

Written in UK crochet terms, this crochet boho dress pattern is well written and laid out clearly with a very helpful sizing chart and diagram.

  • Size:  S, M, L, XL
  • Level: Intermediate

This is a paid pattern.

17. Crochet Maxi Summer Boho Dress

The front view and back view of a crochet boho dress styled on a woman
The Posh Crochet

This boho maxi dress has short sleeves a scoop neck and ruffled hem.

It`s not difficult to make following the step-by-step detailed tutorial with accompanying in progress photos.

  • Recommended yarn:  Fingering Weight / 4ply
  • Size:  XS to XXL
  • Level: Interemediate

The pattern is written in English, using US crochet terms.

Included in the pattern:

  • colorful diagrams with written description of every stitch /row/round
  • accompanying photos in progress for easier following
  • schematic with ready-made measurements in cm and inches for each size

This is a paid pattern.

18. Boho Mini Dress

A woman is standing on a jetty wearing a bohemian mini dress in blue and white
BNHO Crochet

I think this mini dress looks fabulous!  It’s a very clever design to use the granny squares around the waist and build the strappy dress around those squares.  What do you think?

This is a paid crochet pattern.

  • Recommended yarn: Worsted/Aran
  • Size: Small, Medium and Large (additional instructions for custom sizes)
  • Level: Easy

You’ll find more boho dresses in this collection of hand-picked free crochet dress patterns. Head over for a browse.

19. Boho Skirt (with fringe)

crochet skirt made from granny squares in white with added fringe giving a boho vibe
The Craft Nut

The granny square in the design of this skirt is simply beautiful!

Follow the video tutorial and with only 4 half granny squares and 8 (or more depending on length) full granny squares you can create this stunning boho skirt.

  • Size: S, M, L

20.   Crochet Mini Skirt

A woman is wearing a white cropped tshirt and a pink crocheted mini skirt
Rocco Crochet

This paid mini skirt pattern is a quick and easy make that is suitable for beginners.

There are lots of pictures to guide you step by step through the pattern and reduced abbreviations.

Not all boho mini skirts are constructed from granny squares …

21. Boho Shorts

A woman is standing in the shade of a tree wearing a blue tshirt and multicoloured crocheted shorts
Stitch Queen Crochet

Perfect for your next music festival or a day at the beach, these eye-catching boho shorts are also comfortable for lounging around your home.

This paid pattern includes progress pictures so you can follow along.  The designer is open to questions and responds quickly.

I love the style of these shorts.  They look super comfy too!

22.  Boho Crochet Shawl with Pockets

A woman is standing in the woods wearing a midi dress and shawl
All About Ami

This rectangular shawl with two pockets is worked in the bobble trellis stitch.

The rectangle is crocheted first and the pockets are added after the shawl is completed.

Add the fringe to give a boho style and you’re all set for this summer’s festivals.

You’ll find triangle and rectangle shapes in this collection of crochet shawl patterns.

  • Recommended yarn: Superwash Merino
  • Size: 16″/41 cm wide, 69″/175 cm long (without fringe)
  • Level:

You can also buy this pattern as a PDF.

23. Queen of Diamonds Poncho

montage of four photos showing a woman wearing a crochet poncho with views of the front, back and side
Jera’s Jamboree

 My poncho is a breeze to create. I’ve added sleeves, which gives an extra layer of coziness!  The sleeves add practicality too – you can go about your day without the edges of the poncho getting in the way.

Crocheted in one granny square with an easy technique to change the shape to a diamond, I had so much fun working on this project and love wearing it too!

  • Recommended yarn:  Manarola (World of Yarn) DK weight OR any DK that matches gauge
  • Size: S to 5X
  • Level:  Easy

This pattern is also available to buy in PDF format.

24. Granny Square Poncho

Granny square poncho with one side pulled out to see the design
Jera’s Jamboree

The Victoria Granny Square Poncho is a beautiful and versatile poncho that can be worn for a variety of occasions.

It is perfect for keeping you warm in the winter, or for adding a touch of elegance to your outfit in the spring and summer.

The pattern begins with instructions for making the granny squares. The granny squares are then sewn together to form the poncho.

The pattern includes diagrams for folding and sewing the squares, for the neckline and crochet cord.

Also included are instructions for making a simple flower embellishment that can be added to the neck fastening of the poncho.

I’ve written this pattern in UK and US Crochet Terms.

You’ll find more boho crochet poncho patterns in this collection of free patterns.

  • Recommended yarn:  Elements Simply Satin DK / any DK but match gauge
  • Size: S to 5X
  • Level:  Easy

25.  Boho Poncho Crochet Pattern

A woman is at the beach wearing a sun hat with purple flowers and a purple poncho crocheted in granny stitch
The Purple Poncho

The Timeless Boho Poncho is a free crochet pattern that is made with a basic granny stitch pattern that is easy to follow, even for beginners.

This poncho is a great way to add a touch of boho style to your wardrobe!

  • Recommended yarn: Red Heart Unforgettable (list of substitute yarns on Yarn Sub)
  • Size:  XS – 5X
  • Level: Beginner

26.  Crochet Boho Shawl

montage of three photos 1) a woman wearing a boho shawl and white tshirt 2) daisy granny square 3) the crochet shawl displayed full width on a wall
Jera’s Jamboree

My boho shawl pattern is made up of three panels: a daisy granny square is the central motif at the back and two mesh stitch panels on either side.

The daisy granny square is worked in rounds, and the mesh stitch is worked in rows.

The pattern includes both written instructions and photos for each round of the granny square.

  • Recommended yarn:  Hayfield Spirit DK
  • Size: Daisy Granny Square 17” Open crochet mesh stitch, each panel 17” W x 29” L
  • Level: Easy

27. Boho Crochet Triangle Shawl

The same boho triangle shawl in grey styled 5 different ways
Stitch and Hustle

Just look at how versatile this shawl is!  I think this would look great worn as a sarong on the beach.

Working from the base to the peak gives a lovely drape.

A stitch diagram is included alongside the written instructions in this free pattern.

28.  Shawlette Crochet Pattern

A shawlette crocheted in bright pinks with a pom pom border is styled on a flat surface with flowers around it
Nana’s Crafty Home

The shawl is worked from the bottom up, and it is made up of a series of rows of double crochet stitches, popcorn stitches, and filet stitches

If you’re not keen on tassels (like me!) the pom pom edging on this shawl is a fab alternative!

There’s a linked video tutorial so if you’re not too sure on the popcorn or filet stitches, this is a brilliant resource that accompanies the written instructions.

  • Recommended yarn: Caron Big Cake
  • Size: 47” width x 27” center depth
  • Level:  Easy

In this accessories section you’ll find boho crochet patterns for: backpack, hippie purse, bracelets, granny square headband, flower headband, granny square bucket hat, blanket and pillow.

29.  Boho Backpack Crochet Pattern

A backpack crocheted in sunflower granny squares and worsted blue cotton yarn
Alyssia Creates

This paid pattern for a sunflower drawstring backpack includes a fabric lining section.

It is detailed and includes many photos!

How to do the fabric lining is shown with the use of a sewing machine, but it can be hand sewn as well. 

Instructions are formatted in a straightforward/easy way for those who have little to no sewing experience.

The designer is open to questions and responds quickly.

  • Recommended yarn:  Worsted/Aran Cotton Weight 4
  • Size: Length approx 15” Width approx 14.5″/15” (10.5″ / 11″ when closed)
  • Level:  Advanced Beginner / Intermediate

30. Crochet Hippie Bag

A woman is holding a circular boho crochet bag
Make and Do Crew

The crochet boho bag is a simple construction of two circles that are joined together.

It is decorated with a fringe and a button closure.

The pattern includes both written instructions and a video tutorial to show how to crochet the cord/strap.

There is also an option of a paid pattern which has a stitch diagram added.

  • Recommended yarn:  Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton
  • Size: Main Purse (without fringe): 11.25 x 11.25”  /  Strap Height: Approx. 20”
  • Level:  Confident Beginner

31.  Granny Square Bucket Hat

A photo of a boho bucket hat crocheted in deep and light pink granny squares with a striped brim
Jera’s Jamboree

I’ve written this pattern in UK and US Crochet Terms.

The bucket hat is worked in four granny squares, the crown and a brim.

The granny squares are joined to form a strip. Next, the crown is crocheted using double crochet (US single crochet) in rounds.   The crown is joined to the strip followed by crocheting the ruffled brim.

I’ve crocheted my brim in stripes using the three colours of my flower granny squares but you could also crochet in one colour.

You’ll find other designs in this collection of free bucket hat patterns.

  • Recommended yarn: Drops Muskat  /  any cotton DK
  • Size: One size to fit head circumference 21” / 53.5cm
  • Level:  Easy

There’s also the option to buy this pattern in PDF format.

32. Boho Crochet Lace Summer Hat

A woman is walking through wildflowers wearing a lace dress and white lace hat
Kirsten Holloway Designs

The designer has kept the hat shorter to reflect it will be worn in the summer.  However, if you would like to lengthen it, suggestions for doing so are in the pattern.

The flower rounds look intricate but don’t worry, there are step-by-step photos (as well as written instructions) to take you through crocheting this part of the boho hat.

  • Recommended yarn:  Lion Brand Sock-Ease
  • Size: 7” tall by 9 3/4” wide with plenty of stretch
  • Level:  Intermediate

33. Crochet Flower Headband

4 different coloured flowered headbands are displayed on a table
Crochet ‘n’ Create

This boho headband is crocheted in a simple easy stitch and edged in a scooped shell design.

It’s an easy fit design with a back button fastening, worked lengthwise with border added at the end.

Available from baby size up to adult, this would be a fabulous quick and easy gift (perfect for when you need a last minute gift and short on time!).

The rose is made separately and sewn onto the band.  Switch it up with a different flower!  You’ll find inspiration in this collection of crochet flower patterns.

  • Recommended yarn:  King Cole Comfort DK
  • Size: 13” (15” 17” 19”) Head Circumference
  • Level: Intermediate

34.  Boho Crochet Headband

6 granny squares are joined together to make a headband.  Purple, pink, turquoise, lemon and cream balls of yarn are placed above the headband
Stardust Gold Crochet

This is an easy project that you’ll have finished in no time.

As well as the written pattern, the video tutorial teaches the stacked double crochet, the mattress stitch and how to crochet a granny square.

I love those wooden beads on the ends.  I’m thinking you can swap them for so many different types of beads (but be careful if you use different shapes that they don’t get caught in your hair).

  • Recommended yarn: Scheepjes Stone Washed
  • Size: Squares: 3” x 3” (7.6 cm x 7.6 cm) /  Entire Headband with Border: 20” (50.8 cm)  / Tails: 6.5” (16.51 cm)
  • Level:  Beginner

35.  Boho Bracelet

3 different sized mandala bracelets crocheted in different colours
Lilla Bjorn Crochet

This paid pattern is a quick and colourful project.

The bracelet consists of a round mandala and a crocheted strap with a button.

It’s an excellent chance to learn the basics of overlay crochet.

There are two copies of the pattern offered to download: one is very detailed with many pictures, and the second copy is printer friendly (with written instructions only and no pictures).

  • Size:  can be adjusted for kids and adults
  • Level: Adventurous Beginner / Intermediate

36. Crochet Bracelets

4 crocheted bracelets in different coloured yarn and different coloured buttons as fasteners
Aterg Crochet

There are two multicoloured bracelet designs in this paid pattern.

The crochet pattern is a step by step tutorial in US crochet terms complete with detailed pictures.

  • Recommended yarn: 100% Catania SmC cotton
  • Size: width 0.8in/2cm + 1.2in/3cm / length 8.7in/22cm + 9.3in/23.5cm
  • Level:   Easy

37. Modern Boho Granny Crochet Blanket

A striped crocheted blanket is draped over the back of a white chair
Daisy Farm Crafts

You can’t go camping (or even on a day pass) without packing a blanket.  A blanket has a lot of uses doesn’t it!

This modern boho granny blanket is a fun and easy project.  I adore that pompom border!

The pattern is easy to follow and will add a touch of style to your festival kit.

Scroll down to the end of the pattern to download a free PDF of the pattern.

This pattern is a free PDF download on the numbered link above.

This blanket not quite what you’re looking for?  I can help with this collection of blanket patterns.  You’ll find bright and bold designs and they’re all free.

38.  Boho Crochet Pillow

A brightly coloured and striped pillow is on a turquoise bench
Annie Design Crochet

Lay down and rest your head on this fab boho pillow.

It’s a great stash busting project as you only need to crochet one side and sew it to a cushion cover you already have!

The pattern repeat is a multiple of 5 sts (+ 3) + 3 for the foundation row. You can use this multiple to make your pillow front any size you like.

The front post double crochet (UK treble crochet) two rows below gives such an eye-catching effect (this is a similar technique to mosaic crochet).

Prefer a granny square pillow?  Have a browse of the designs in these free crochet pillow patterns.

  • Recommended yarn:  Cygnet DK
  • Size: to fit 17” X 17” pillow insert
  • Level:  Easy

Brighten up your outdoor living spaces with bunting. I’m sharing my favourite bunting patterns in this roundup which includes boho bunting.

Happy crocheting!

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