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13 Stylish Crochet Tank Top Patterns: From Stitches to Chic

Join me today as I explore the different ways a crochet tank top can be constructed along with hand-picked crochet patterns that show step-by-step how to crochet a stylish tank top.

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montage of 12 photos showing differently constructed crochet tank tops

Why you’ll Love to Crochet a Tank Top

There are many reasons why crocheting a tank top should be on your list or in your project queue. 

Here are my top 3 benefits as to why I know you’ll love to crochet a tank.

Creative Freedom: You can experiment with different yarn colours and embellishments to create a unique piece that showcases your personal style and creativity.  A tank top crocheted in a basic stitch pattern but with motifs sewn on would look fab (I’m thinking flowers and beads for the spring and summer). What do you think would work as an embellishment?
Quick to Complete: Tank tops typically require less time and yarn to complete compared to larger garments.
Wear all Year: Although tank tops are perfect for warm weather and suitable for wearing in summer, they’re also great for layering over long-sleeved t-shirts or blouses in spring or even under other clothing such as cardigans during cooler months!

If you want to move on to making your first wearable, a crocheted tank top would be the perfect project.  And if you’re looking for a project to use up your yarn stash, well, this could be it.

Montage of four photos showing women wearing crochet tank tops

Crochet Tank Top Construction

Crochet tank tops can be constructed in various ways, each offering a unique look and style.

This section digs deeper into some of those common constructions.  Do you have a favourite?  Does this help you with your own design?  I’d love to know!

The free crochet tank top patterns that use these different constructions in their designs are in the next section.

  • Top-Down Construction: With this design, you start crocheting at the straps or neckline and work your way down to the hem. This allows for easy customization of the length and shaping as you go. You can use increases and decreases to shape the neckline, armholes, and waist as needed.
  • Bottom-Up Construction: This design involves crocheting the tank top from the hem upwards to the neckline. You begin with the foundation chain and work upwards, often using increases to create shaping for the bust and waist although some designs need no shaping at all. Bottom-up construction may involve seaming the sides and possibly the shoulders depending on the design.
  • Seamless in-the-Round Construction: With this method, the tank top is crocheted continuously in the round without seams.
  • Modular Construction: Modular construction involves crocheting individual motifs or panels that are later joined together to form the tank top. This method allows for endless design possibilities, as you can mix and match different motifs. It’s a great option for adding texture and visual interest to your tank top!
  • Overlay or Join-as-You-Go Construction: Similar to modular construction, this method involves crocheting separate pieces that are joined together as you work. However, instead of joining the pieces at the end, you connect them as you crochet. This creates a seamless look.
  • Granny Square Construction: Granny squares can be used to create a unique and colourful tank top. You can crochet multiple granny squares and join them together to form the front and back panels of the tank top or use a band of squares at different placements. This method allows for endless colour combinations and customization options.

Related Summer Crochet Patterns

5 women are wearing different tank tops crocheted from a free pattern in this roundup

Crochet Tank Top Patterns

Clicking on the numbered pattern will take you directly to the crochet pattern.

Most of the patterns I’m sharing are written in US crochet terms.

For my UK crocheters, the table below is a conversion of basic crochet stitches from US to UK.

US Crochet TermsUK Crochet Terms
single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble crochet (htr)
double crochet (dc)treble crochet (tr)
treble (tr)double treble (dtr)
double treble (dtr)triple treble (trtr)

Enjoy browsing !

1. Scallop V-Neck Tank Top

A woman has on a straw hat and sunglassed with the sea behind her.  She is wearing a cream tank top and shorts
For the Frills

I just love that pretty neckline and the ties for the straps!  but there are options to customize without the scalloped edging and plain straight straps if that’s not for you.

Worked top down in one seamless piece, I think you’re going to enjoy working on this top.

The straps are crocheted first, then a triangle is crocheted directly onto each side of the straps (4 triangles in total).  The triangles are joined together by crocheting across the triangles.  The pattern continues by working in turned rounds that are joined with a slip stitch. 

The joined round is the back of the vest. You might want to consider working an invisible join so that the slip stitch at the back doesn’t show.

Working top down in the round means you can choose your own length.  Perfect.

If you prefer to work offline, this pattern is available to buy as a PDF.

2.Summer Tank Top

Tank top crocheted in blue yarn styled on a mannequin
Jera’s Jamboree

My easy crochet tank top pattern is a bottom up construction. 

Crocheted in two pieces for the front and back and then seamed, I’ve used minimal shaping for the neck and armholes.

The stitch pattern is a three-row repeat.  Two rows are worked in V-Stitch and one in 3 x treble crochet (US double crochet) cluster in the chain space of the V-Stitch row.  Easy!

3. Crunch Tank Top Free Pattern

A tank top is styled on a mannequin
Make It Crochet

I like the combination of stitches in this tank top design.  Even moss stitch is used for the bodice and US double/UK treble crochet for the lower part.  I think the different textures go well together, what do you think?

There are a couple of different constructions in this design that will add to your library of skills.

The bodice is worked in two pieces from the bottom up for the front and back, which is then seamed at the shoulders and sides. Stitches are picked up at the bottom of the bodice and worked in rounds for the lower skirting.

The empire waist of this design means the lower portion fans out a bit, about 3 or 4″ more than the bodice portion. The designer recommends that if you don’t want it to fan out, you can reduce the number of initial stitches at the beginning or perhaps try a smaller hook.

Upgrade to a PDF on Ravelry and store the pattern in your library.

4. Chasing Summer Tank

A woman is wearing a beige tank top and jeans
Knits ‘N Knots

This crochet tank top pattern is worked sideways creating the appearance of vertical lines. The designer advises this construction creates a flattering fit and allows the fabric to flow nicely during wear rather than looking bulky.

I love that there is no right side or wrong side; both sides are identical! You choose which side to wear as the “right side.”  If you snag a loop on one side (which we can all do from time-to-time, especially with cotton) you’ll be able to use it as the wrong side without having to unpick/frog back to the mistake.  And yes, I’m a great believer in leaving a mistake – unless it’s very obvious – it’s all part of the handmade charm for me.

Another reason why I think this free pattern is great … the designer gives information for modifications you can make which include: making the top any length, to make the top in any yarn weight and how to adjust to make the perfect fit for your body type.

This pattern is available to buy on Etsy.

5. Shell Tank Top Crochet Pattern

An olive coloured crochet tank top is styled on a woman.  She has accessorised with a straw hat and orange shoulder bag
Knit Cro Addict

This tank top pattern is worked flat in two pieces from the top down and then seamed together. The front and back panel are made the same in a 2-row shell stitch repeat making this an easy pattern suitable for beginners.

The straps are crocheted first.  Chains are made for the armhole then you’ll work across the strap, before making chains for the neck, working across the second strap and making chains for the armhole.  Don’t worry if you can’t picture this, photos are included so you won’t go wrong.

  • Recommended yarn: #0 lace/2ply weight yarn
  • Length: 16” to 19.73”
  • Sizes: XS to 2X

Work offline with a PDF of this pattern.

6. Melanie Tank Top Crochet Pattern

A woman is wearing a multi-coloured tank top styled with jeans
Divine Debris

Worked from the bottom up, this pattern has an easy 4-row repeat.

The front and back are different and decreases are made by skipping stitches.  Photos show you how the front and back should look which you can use as a guide.

This is quite a tight-fitting vest, if you’d like more room maybe try going up a size or using a larger hook.

  • Recommended yarn:  Shine Worsted
  • Length: 21” to 25”
  • Sizes: XS to 5X

This pattern is available to buy on Ravelry.

7. Twinkle Tank

A white tank top is laid out flat
Ned and Mimi

This crochet top is worked in two pieces, from the bottom up, then seamed at the end.  Similar to my tank top pattern, the border at the bottom is optional and is added after seaming.

Worked in US double/UK treble crochet, I think the crossed stitches with repeats on alternating rows give a lovely texture and adds interest.

Instructions are included on customising the length and shoulder strap width.

Prefer to work offline?  Upgrade to a PDF in this designer’s Etsy store.

8.  Granny Square Tank Top Tutorial

A woman is wearing a granny square tank top in cream
Amanda Love Santos

I couldn’t handpick patterns for you without including at least one that uses granny squares (and there may be another one after this …)!  This one is a video tutorial and makes use of triangles to shape the neck. 

I thought this cropped tank top looked classy in one colour.  You could have fun with different colours too though, great if you want to use yarn you already have in your stash. 

The granny square is easy to work and you’ll need 16 squares and 4 triangles which are joined using the Join As You Go method (JAYG).

If cropped isn’t your style, you can add extra granny square rows to make it longer.

  • Recommended yarn: DK / light #3 weight yarn
  • Sizes: S / M

9. Granny Square Crop Top Pattern

A front and back view of a woman wearing a tank top crocheted in classic granny squares
Beautiful Crochet Stuff

I wanted to include this pattern to show you just how versatile the granny square is!

This written pattern uses the classic granny square in a halter style top.  It is constructed by using the JAYG method as in the previous pattern however the neckline and straps are different.

The shell stitch used on the straps and edging at the hem really add to the overall design don’t they!

If you want a larger size, I would recommend either adding an extra round to the granny square or an extra square.  And you could join another row of squares to extend the length.  Experiment and see what happens.

A video tutorial is linked in the written pattern.  Print out the pattern and follow along – you won’t go wrong and have a gorgeous tank added to your wardrobe.

Related Granny Square Patterns

If you enjoy working with granny squares, take a look at the patterns below.

10.  Seaglass Tank Top

A tank top crocheted in shell stitch in sea colours is laid flat with summer shoes and sunglasses
The Purple Poncho

I’ve included this pattern as I know some of you prefer a seamless garment.

This free crochet tank top pattern is constructed by working in the round seamlessly.  And working in the round means you can easily adjust the length to suit your preference.

Basically, this is a ‘tube’ with added straps.  These are basic shapes and suitable if you are just starting out crocheting garments.

Worked in shell stitch made up of US 5 double clusters / UK 5 treble clusters, it’s an easy repeat.

The pattern does say worked in rows but it is actually worked in rounds, joining with a slip stitch and turning at the end of rounds.

I quite like the straps on this pattern.  They have more substance than some straps so won’t stretch.  Did you know that by slip stitching around a strap the fabric becomes less stretchy?  Give it a go the next time you’re working a bag handle.

11.  Flowers in the Sky Top

A woman is laying in the sand wearing a pretty top crocheted in blossoms which are sewn together
Drops Design

How pretty is this design!

It uses a modular construction.  The large and small blossoms are crocheted first and then following the placement diagram, sewn together using the tail ends of the blossoms.  I would suggest that when you start your blossom and when you fasten off you leave a longer tail than you normally would – I can’t think of anything more frustrating that not having a long enough tail to sew the motifs together!

You’ll be able to use this technique moving forwards on lots of different project.

  • Recommended yarn: Drops Muskat (I used this yarn in my bucket hat design and enjoyed working with it – just as important, my hat looks great after many washes)
  • Sizes: S – XL

12.  Sunny Tunisian Tank Top

Kate Hammitt

Constructed using the Tunisian Entrelac technique, this crocheted tank top is designed to be form-fitting with negative ease (so that it hugs your body). There is no shaping so you can make as many rows as you need for your length preference. The straps are quick and look fab.

The PDF links to video tutorials for Tunisian crochet and Entrelac.

This pattern is a free PDF download via Ravelry at the numbered link above.

13. Coatlicue Tank Top Crochet Pattern

A woman is standing behind a leafy shrub wearing a crochet top
Nomad Stitches

I love it when a maker uses mosaic crochet as part of garment design!

You’ve no doubt seen this particular mosaic pattern in blankets or pillows, I think this paid crochet tank pattern uses them to great effect in this top!

The piece is worked in the round from the bottom up, with a simple contrast trim around the hem, neck and straps.

Rated beginner level, give it a go!

Tips for Crocheting your Tank Top

Finally, I’m sharing my tips that will help you work towards a successful project.

  1. Select a Suitable Pattern: Choose a tank top pattern that matches your skill level and style preferences. Look for patterns with clear instructions, diagrams, and tutorials if you’re a beginner.
  2. Read the Pattern: Before you start to crochet, read the pattern through.  If there are any terms you don’t understand, I suggest you search online or ask in your crochet community.  Don’t skip this bit – it will help you ease any potential frustrations.
  3. Crochet a Swatch: When crocheting your swatch, use the same stitch pattern and hook size specified in the pattern you plan to follow for your project. This will help you accurately gauge your tension and ensure that your swatch reflects how your final project will turn out.  You may need to go up or down a hook size to achieve the same gauge as your pattern. And that leads me onto my next tip.
  4. Adjust for Fit: Since everyone’s body shape is different, you may need to make adjustments to the pattern to achieve the perfect fit. Measure your bust, waist, hips, and desired length for the tank top. You can change the length (crochet less rows) and width (go down a size for a fitted garment or up a size for an oversized fit) of the tank top to suit your measurements. Make notes as you go along to track any changes you made for future reference (if you’ve subscribed and received your Google sheets tracker, you can make notes on the project there).
  5. Block Your Work: Once you’ve completed crocheting your tank top, block it to shape and size. Wet blocking or steam blocking can help even out stitches, relax the fabric, and improve the drape.
  6. Looking After Your Tank Top: As with all crochet pieces, it is important to follow the yarn care instructions.  Not only will following them preserve the quality but it will also extend the life of your tank top, making sure it remains as beautiful as the day you crocheted it.

I hope you’ve found inspiration today.

Happy crocheting!


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