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11 Stylish Crochet Sun Hat Patterns for Sun-soaked Days

I’m carrying on the summer theme with this week’s roundup of crochet sun hat patterns.  From wide-brimmed to compact, there’s a style here to suit everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on lounging poolside, taking a stroll along the beach, or simply out to enjoy a sunny day in the park, not only does a crochet sun hat offer protection but it’s also the perfect accessory for making a style statement.

montage of 12 images showing different styles of summer crochet hats

Browse these free patterns, get inspired and plan your summer adventures!

Why you’ll Love to Crochet a Sun Hat

Styles: There are various styles to choose from to suit your personal taste.  Wide-brimmed hats and bucket hats are popular for shading your face and neck from the sun while fedoras and cloches offer a chic and sophisticated look.
Accessorizing: a crochet sun hat can be accessorized to complement or contrast with your outfit. You can add ribbons, bows, flowers, or even pins to customize your hat and coordinate it with your clothing and accessories.
Versatile: sun hats can be used to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Pair a crochet hat with a sundress and strappy sandals for a casual daytime look, or you can wear it with a flowing maxi dress and heeled mules for a more polished look.

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Crochet Sun Hat Patterns

Clicking on the numbered pattern will take you to the free crochet sun hat pattern.

Most of the patterns are written in US crochet terms.

For my UK crocheters, the table below is a conversion of basic crochet stitches from US to UK.

US Crochet TermsUK Crochet Terms
single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble crochet (htr)
double crochet (dc)treble crochet (tr)
treble (tr)double treble (dtr)
double treble (dtr)triple treble (trtr)

I hope you find inspiration!  Happy browsing.

1. Raffia Sun Hat

A woman is standing in front of shrubs wearing a summer top and hat
My Hobby is Crochet

A couple of things attracted me to this design – the texture of the bucket part of the hat and the size of the brim.  It looks very elegant!

Crocheted in paper ribbon packing twine, to keep it clean all you need to do is use a damp cloth and then leave to dry.  Easy!

Easy to follow, photos are included for the bucket and how to crochet around the wire in the brim. Instructions are also included for the braided band but you can leave it off or even replace with your own ribbon to make it uniquely yours.

You’ll be working in rounds and joining with a slip stitch.

  • Size :  Adult Women, Size S/M, 54-56 cm (21″- 22″) head circumference
  • Brim: 9 cm (3.54 inch) height

Pair this with : lightweight lacy scarf

2. Crochet Sun Hat Free Pattern

Two woman are standing looking towards sand and sea.  They are wearing summer dresses and crochet sun hats
Craft Passion

I love that this pattern gives you options of two different sized brims – one is an extra wide brim, perfect for that extra sun protection.

This free pattern is worked in raffia yarn and uses fishing line to give structure to the brim.  The band is lace trim.

Instructions are given for when to try on your hat for fitting and if you need to make it smaller, what to do to use a leather cord to adjust to fit your head circumference.

This beginner-friendly pattern begins from the crown and works toward the brim in a continuous round (so that you know which stitch begins a round, I suggest threading a scrap piece of yarn at the beginning of each round).

  • Size :  Top to brim edge: 12.5″ (Yellow), 11.5″ (Blue); Band circumference: 23″; To fit head circumference 21″ to 23″
  • Brim :  Brim Depth: 6″ (Yellow), 5″ (Blue)

Pair this hat with: Shore Thing summer dress

3. Simple Crochet Summer Hat

A wide brimmed yellow sun hat is laying on decking
Crochet Dreamz

I get such a sense of movement with this hat design – I can almost feel the warm breeze blowing through and cooling me down.  I like that the spiral is worked seamlessly all the way to the edge of the brim.

The designer advises that working the brim without the wire will keep its shape, however, working the wire into the brim is recommended (I’m thinking here that if you think you’ll struggle adding wire, give it a shot without and see how it works for you – you could always take it back to that last round and add the wire if you’re not happy).

Worked in worsted weight cotton yarn, you might prefer this hat than the previous two as you’ll be able to machine wash as often as you need.

The pattern is written for four sizes: baby, toddler, child, and adult.  Why not make one for all the family?

  • Size :  Baby (6-12 Months): 16 ½ inch circumference and 6 inches high; Toddler– 18-inch circumference and 6 ½ inches high; Child – 19 ½ inch circumference and 7 inches high; Adult – 21 ½ inch circumference and 7 ½ inches high
  • Brim: 3.5”

Pair this with:  hexagon tote bag

4.  Dune Sun Hat

A woman is looking over her shoulder.  She is wearing a summer dress and floppy crochet sun hat
Drops Garn Studio

This pattern uses the same yarn I used for my granny square blended bucket hatDROPS Muskat is 100% Egyptian mercerized cotton that is strong and durable.  It’s perfect for this type of project! I enjoyed working with this yarn and my design has kept its shape after two years of wearing and washing.

With this sun hat pattern you’ll work in rounds that are joined with a slip stitch throughout.  And no wired needed! 

A stitch diagram is included in the instructions.  Print out this pattern (it’s free) and use the diagram alongside the written instructions.

I think the fan pattern for the brim gives a vintage/boho vibe that would look fabulous with any outfit!

  • Size : Size: S/M – L/XL.  Head circumference: approx. 54/56 – 58/60 cm / 21¼”/22″ – 22¾”/23½”

Note:  bucket hats are also great to wear during the warmer months too.  If you don’t find a pattern that grabs you in this roundup, browse these free crochet bucket hat patterns.

5.   Floppy Crochet Sun Hat

Laid out on the floor is a handbag, sunglasses and a grey hat with a lacy brim
Crochet For You

So far, I’ve shared patterns that are worked with raffia yarn, paper ribbon packing twine and cotton.  This gorgeous hat is worked in one skein of tape yarn (I love to give you options for working with different yarns on similar projects!).  Before I started designing my own patterns, I used tape yarn on a sleeveless cardigan and although I was unsure at first, it really didn’t feel any different to work with.

The body of this easy sun hat is worked with single crochet and not joined after each round.

I think the floppy shell brim lends an air of grace and femininity to the hat.  What do you think?  Do you like this one?

  • Size : Hat circumference = 21″
  • Brim : height = 3″

Pair this with: Scallop V-neck tank top

6.  Lacy Crochet Sun Hat

A woman is standing in front of the ocean wearing a denim shirt and a cream sun hat
Pretty Darn Adorable

I’ve chosen this pattern for you because it’s a little different from those above.  The lacy shell pattern is part of the bucket (not the brim) and it works like a band around the hat.  The open stitches will give lots of lovely ventilation.

This pattern uses working in continuous rounds AND joins round with a slip stitch at different parts of the construction. 

Choose a floppy hat or follow the clear instructions and photos for adding a wire to the brim. 

  • Size : Adult 22” x 8 ½”

If you prefer to work offline, this pattern is available to buy in the designers Etsy shop (at the time of writing, a best seller).

Pair this with: lacy summer cardigan

7.  Summer Hat Crochet Pattern

A summer hat in gold is styled on a mannequin
Yarn and Hooks

I couldn’t resist this hat – I enjoy working crossed stitches and love how they’ve been used to give this design a lift.

Worked in paper yarn, the brim is smaller meaning you won’t need to work around a wire to maintain the shape.

As well as the written instructions, there’s also a video tutorial that will take you step-by-step how to crochet this sun hat, perfect if this is the first hat you’re making.

  • Size : Circumference 56 – 59 cm
  • Brim : 7.5 – 8 cm

8.  Cloche Hat Pattern

A woman is wearing a cloche style crochet summer hat and a striped dress
Salty Pearl Crochet

If you prefer a fitted hat that has a spacious and vented crown with a smaller brim, take a look at this cloche hat.

Crocheted in worsted weight cotton, you’ll work the crown and side in a shell pattern before continuing on to the solid brim.

The designer has also provided clear instructions for making and attaching the faux leather band (it’s removable).  Learn this technique and you’ll be able to use your knowledge in future hat projects.

  • Size : S/M at 21-22”, M/L at 22-23”

9. Women’s Hat Flower Cloche

A cloche hat embellished with a crochet flower is styled on a mannequin
Make It Crochet

I’ve chosen to include this pattern for you as a possible project because it would look great all year round!

The designer has used a worsted weight recycled polyester yarn (great for the colder months) but you could also match the gauge with a soft cotton weight #4 for wearing during the warmer months.

This crochet hat is worked from the top, down to the bottom of the brim, in continuous rounds.

To customize you could thread through ribbon or lace between the crown and brim.  You could swap the flower for your favourite.

I love the simplicity of this design with the added flower on the brim (a touch of elegance!). 

  • Size : Circumference measurement before brim: 22″; total height 8.5″.

10.  Floppy Crochet Sun Hat

A crocheted hat with a wide floppy brim in rainbow colours is styled on a mannequin head
Cactus Lady Creation

This easy sun hat is worked in UK treble crochet / US double crochet, joining rounds with a slip stitch throughout. 

Crocheted in DK weight #3 Cotton, colour changes are clearly marked in the instructions.  I think it would look just as good in one colour so if that’s what you have in your yarn stash, give it a go!

There is a linked video to walk you through.  If you prefer to skip the written pattern you can go straight to the video tutorial.

Pair this with:  an easy crochet top pattern

11.  Fedora Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

A woman is wearing a white t-shirt and a crocheted cowboy hat
Make & Do Crew

This is the best fedora I could find and because of that, it’s popular!  I thought I would include it in case you haven’t seen it before and want to try this style of hat.

Worked in UK double crochet / US single crochet in a continuous spiral, you’ll use stitch markers to pinpoint where you’ll make increases. 

There’s lots of help and guidance throughout with links to videos (such as how to add the optional wire to give the brim structure), perfect if you’re not sure whether what you are doing is right.

  • Size: Women’s Small – fits 21-22”, Large – fits 22.5-23.5”

This pattern is available to purchase on Etsy or LoveCrafts.

Pair this with : beach cover up

montage of four photos showing different styles of crochet hats

Tips for Crocheting your Sun Hat

My top 3 crochet tips will help you with crocheting your hat from beginning to end.

  1. Choose the Right Yarn Colour: the traditional thinking to protect from the sun is to choose a colour that reflects light such as whites, creams, light greys, and pastel shades of pink, yellow, blue, and green.  Newer research shows that darker or more intense colours tend to have better UV radiation protection than lighter colours (dark blue offered the best levels of UV protection, making it the best colour to wear in the sun). Taking both of these things into account, you could use a lighter colour for the bucket part of the hat and a darker colour for the brim.  The sun’s rays will be stopped from hitting your face yet the lighter colour of the bucket will reflect the sun away keeping you cooler.
  2. Consider the Brim: The brim of your sun hat is essential for providing shade and protecting your face and neck from the sun. Most patterns give instructions for adjusting the width of the brim to your liking.  My advice is aim for a size that offers you the best coverage without obstructing your vision (for obvious reasons)!  Which leads me on to my next tip …
  3. Test for Fit: As you crochet the hat, try it on to check the fit and make adjustments as needed. Everyone’s head size and shape are different, so it’s important you make sure your hat fits comfortably and securely before you finish crocheting.  If it’s too big, simply crochet less rounds and too small, crochet more rounds.
montage of 12 crochet hats of different styles

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I hope you’re excited to choose a sun hat to crochet.  Let me know how you get on.  Have fun!

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