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Yarn Calculator : Closely Estimate Yarn for Your Crochet Projects

Ready to stop the frustration of getting close to finishing a crochet project and realising you won’t have enough yarn? 

My yarn calculator is a tool designed to help you closely estimate the amount of yarn you will need for a specific project. 

4 balls of yarn and an example of using a yarn calculator

I think we’ve all experienced running out of yarn and buying more only to discover the lot numbers don’t match … maybe the difference in tone or shade is subtle and others won’t notice, BUT WE DO.   

Or maybe the yarn we need is out of stock and we have no idea when it will be available again.  Despite asking in crochet groups, none can be found anywhere. 


It could be we’ve over-estimated the amount of yarn we need, costing us more and leaving us with odds and ends in our stash that will likely stay there for many months and might never get used at all (I’m nodding my head along with you).

The yarn calculator will ease these frustrations and help you to feel confident in your yarn purchases.

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What the Yarn Calculator Does

In basic terms, the calculation uses a formula that considers the size of the project and the type of crochet stitch (single, half double and double).

Solving Common Yarn Amount Problems

Benefits of using the Yarn Calculator include:

  • Accurate Yarn Estimation: Ensures that you buy enough yarn to complete your project without running out. This is especially important for projects where matching dye lots is crucial for consistent colour.
  • Cost Efficiency: Helps you to avoid over-purchasing yarn, saving money and reducing waste.
  • Project Planning: Assists you in planning larger or custom-sized projects by providing a clear idea of the yarn requirements before starting.
  • Convenience: Simplifies the often complex task of estimating yarn needs, particularly if you’re a beginner or working with unfamiliar stitch patterns.
  • Custom Projects: Useful for creating custom-sized items. For example, adjusting the size of a blanket, sweater, or other handmade items.

How the Yarn Calculator Works

The yarn calculator uses a formula to estimate yarn usage.

You’ll need to enter key information about your crochet project.  Use the drop down on the calculator and enter the following:

  1. Project Dimensions:  Length: The length of your project in inches. Width: The width of your project in inches.
  2. Stitch Type: Different stitches use different amounts of yarn. Common stitch types included in the calculator are: US terms – Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet. Choose your stitch.
  • Click the calculate button

The total amount of estimated yarn is in yards.

It’s that easy!

Here’s an example for you:

To make a blanket that is 60 inches long and 40 inches wide using a double crochet stitch. You would input:

Length: 60 inches

Width: 40 inches

Stitch Type: Double Crochet

Click the calculate button.

Yarn needed: 2400 yards

Example of using the yarn calculator input length 60 inches by width 40 inches using double crochet equals 2400 yards needed

Try the Yarn Calculator Today

The yarn calculator is a practical and essential tool for crocheters, providing you with yarn estimates, saving you money and enhancing your project planning.

Get rid of the frustration and feel confident in your yarn purchases!

Happy crocheting!

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