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25+ Free Crochet Shawl Patterns

One of the best accessories for adding that final touch to outfits, crochet shawls also make the perfect transitional piece for layering between seasons. In this collection of free crochet shawl patterns, I’ve researched designs for beginners through to intermediate level. 

montage of four photos showing different types of crocheted shawls

I’ve organised the patterns into sections for the different types of shawls:

  • Triangle Shawls
  • Rectangular Shawls and Wraps
  • Asymmetrical Shawls
  • Crescent Shawls

I’ve included my own designs as well as free shawl crochet patterns from other designers.

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Whether you’re looking to keep warm in the winter or a cover up for the summer (and everything in-between), you’ll find a free pattern in this roundup.

Why you’ll Love Crocheting a Shawl

Practicality: Shawls are versatile accessories. They can provide warmth on chilly days, add a stylish touch to an outfit, or be used as a comforting wrap.
Cost-effective: Making your own shawl through crocheting can be more cost-effective than purchasing one from a store, especially if you already have yarn and crochet hooks on hand! It’s a budget-friendly way to add to your wardrobe or create gifts for others.
Size flexibility: There are so many different designs available that you can choose the size of your shawl. Whether you prefer a small, delicate wrap or a large, cozy blanket-style shawl, you have the flexibility to choose a pattern to fit your needs and preferences.

Crochet Shawl Patterns

Click on the pattern name to be taken to the pattern.

The majority of these shawls use US crochet terms.

For my UK crocheters, the table below is a conversion of basic crochet stitches from US to UK.

US Crochet TermsUK Crochet Terms
single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble crochet (htr)
double crochet (dc)treble crochet (tr)
treble (tr)double treble (dtr)
double treble (dtr)triple treble (trtr)

For each pattern I’ve noted:

  • an image of the finished crochet wrap
  • the crochet stitches used
  • measurements of the finished shawl
  • recommended yarn – a variety of weights from sport to chunky and from 150g to 600g

Scroll to the end and you’ll find a section for information on the different types of shawls and frequently asked questions which you might find helpful.

Happy crocheting!

Want to crochet a shawl for your next festival? You’ll find suitable shawls in this collection of boho crochet patterns.

Triangle Shawl Crochet Patterns

A triangle shawl usually gets its shape from increasing stitches at the start and end of rows.  If you’re a beginner, increasing is a valuable skill that you will go on to use in all sorts of crochet projects. Use these gorgeous free patterns to practise your increasing.

1. Lauren Crochet Shawl

lacy crochet shawl in pink draped on the back of a chair
Jera’s Jamboree

I was inspired to design this shawl as a cover up to be used at a wedding.

The lacy stitches gives a delicate pattern and I think it looks romantic!

  • Stitches used: double crochet (US single crochet) treble crochet (US double crochet), crossed treble stitches (US crossed double stitches) and half treble crochet (US half double crochet).
  • Measurement: Wingspan 116 cm  /  45.75 inches; Top to tip 58 cm  /  23 inches
  • Recommended yarn: James C. Brett Baby / 4ply / 200g

I wanted a shawl that would wrap around my shoulders. If you want to make a larger shawl just continue with extra rows.

I think the border gives a professional finish to the project.

You’ll find inspiration for different crochet borders and edgings in this roundup of free patterns.

2. Brighter Days Shawl

triangle crochet shawl in pinks and greys
Crochet Dreamz

This is an easy shawl crochet pattern that can be crocheted in any DK yarn.

Wear it as a transitional piece from summer to autumn and winter to spring.

  • Stitches used:  Single Crochet (UK Double Crochet), Double Crochet (UK Treble Crochet), Front Post Single Crochet (UK Front Post Double Crochet)
  • Measurement: Wingspan 52 inches wide and top to tip 25 inches wide
  • Recommended yarn: Lion Brand Mandala / DK / 300g

3. Scallop Crochet Wrap

woman facing away wearing a white triangle shawl
For the Frills

Suitable for beginners, this shawl is crocheted in basic crochet stitches; single crochet (UK double crochet), double crochet (UK treble crochet) and chain spaces.

The mesh arches give this wrap an open airy look while the optional scalloped border adds a romantic and feminine feel.

A video tutorial is available for the pattern too.

  • Measurement: Wingspan x height of triangle = 184 x 62cm / 72.5” x 24.5”
  • Recommended yarn substitute: Lion Brand Jeans / Aran, Worsted / 300g

This pattern is available to purchase as a PDF on Etsy.

4. Summer Morning Shawl

Triangle crochet shawl styled on a hanger
Yulia Tkachenko

This easy triangle shawl crochet pattern is available as a free PDF download on Ravelry.

Crocheted with basic crochet stitches; double crochet (US single crochet), treble crochet (US double crochet) and double treble (US treble crochet).

This pattern includes a diagram/chart of the stitches.

  • Measurement: Wingspan 75” X Height 35” (190 cm X 90 cm)
  • Recommended yarn: Scheepjes Whirl / 4ply / 220g – 1 skein

5. Jaycee Butterfly Shawl

crochet shawl designed with filet crochet to form butterflies

If you’re a confident beginner looking for a challenge, this crochet shawl is for you!

If you’ve been crocheting for a while, you’ll love this fun crochet project.

This triangle shawl is crocheted in single crochet (UK double crochet), double crochet (UK treble crochet), double treble crochet and front post double crochet (UK front post treble crochet).

The entire pattern is a 10-row pattern repeat that can easily be adapted for a kids’ size or adult size.

  • Measurement: Wingspan: 170 cm / 67”   Height: 56 cm / 22″
  • Recommended yarn: Any fingering yarn / Fingering / 200g

This pattern is available to purchase as a PDF on Etsy.

6. Beginner One Skein Shawl Free Pattern

a shawl crocheted in Tunisian stitch is spread out over a wall
Little Things Blogged

If you’ve been looking for an easy Tunisian crochet project, this triangle shawl uses Tunisian simple stitch and the Tunisian full stitch.

The shawl uses easy repeated rows and the best bit, self-striping yarn (no colour changes)!

  • Measurement: 124cm (48’’) wingspan x 58cm (23’’) deep
  • Recommended yarn: Lion Brand Mandala / DK / 150g – 1 skein

This pattern is available to purchase as a PDF on Etsy.

7. Winter Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

A woman is standing and holding out a stripy shawl
Joy of Motion Crochet

An easy repetitive pattern that uses half double crochet (UK half treble crochet) stitches, this crochet shawl uses a heavier weight yarn.  It will only take you a couple of days to finish!

  • Measurements: Width: 144 cm / 57 inches X Length: 75 cm / 29.5 inches
  • Recommended yarn: Caron Chunky Cakes / chunky / 560g

Prefer to work from a PDF?  This pattern is available to buy on LoveCrafts

Confused about the difference between a shawl and wrap? Shawls have been around since the early 1800’s but the word ‘wrap’ is a more recent thing.  Both shawl and wrap mean any loose outer garment that can be wrapped around the upper body. When you’re searching for a crochet pattern for a shawl and can’t find what you’re looking for, try searching for crochet wrap instead.

Rectangular Shawls

Feel confident crocheting blankets and scarves? Practice the crochet stitches that you know … and learn new stitches and techniques in these free patterns.

8. Georgiana Crochet Shawl

back view of a red crocheted shawl
Jera’s Jamboree

Elegant and bold, my Georgiana shawl is a quick and easy project.

The trellises are created by chaining and then working into the chains in the following row.

The blocks are crocheted in treble crochet (US double crochet) which are worked into chains from the previous row.

  • Measurements: 148cm / 58” (W)  X 53cm / 21” (L)
  • Recommended Yarn:  Any DK / 200g

9. Crochet Wrap (Oasis Wave)

A crochet rectangle shawl is style on a mannequin showing a sideways view
Jera’s Jamboree

Repeating rows and no colour changes (the yarn does all the work for us :)) makes this a suitable project for confident beginners.

My crochet wrap uses a modified triangle mesh stitch and gives a lovely lightweight feel to the lace pattern. 

This stitch is achieved using double crochet (US single crochet), chains and double treble crochet (US treble crochet).

I’ve worked four rows of mesh followed by 3 rows of double crochet (US single crochet).

10. Tunisian Crochet Pocket Shawl and Beanie Hat (Peony)

a Tunisian Crochet pocket shawl is styled from the side on a mannequin
Jera’s Jamboree

My Tunisian crochet pocket wrap uses the Tunisian Lattice Stitch and Tunisian Simple Stitch.

The Tunisian Lattice Stitch gives a dense fabric with a lovely texture and works really well for accessories in the colder months.

If you’re just starting out with Tunisian crochet, this is the perfect beginner project.

  • Recommended yarn: Papatya Batik / DK / 300g shawl / 100g beanie hat)


  • Shawl :  15” / 38cm (W) X 66” / 168cm (L)
  • Pockets: 10” / 25.5cm (W) X 10” / 25.5cm (L)
  • Beanie Hat: head circumference –  Teen  21” / 54cm    Medium Woman 22” / 56cm

11. Cozy Pocket Shawl Pattern

woman standing in the woods with leaves on the ground wearing a shawl with her hands in the pockets
Oombawka Design Crochet

This easy rectangular shawl uses front post half double crochet, back post half double crochet and herringbone half double crochet (UK half treble crochet). 

I used the half herringbone stitch for the lining on my simple granny square bag.  It gives a denser piece of fabric and is perfect for using in garments and accessories.

The pockets will keep your hands toasty warm and the fringe is a lovely length to give a fab finish to this project.

  • Measurements: width approximately 19 inches X 62 inches length (not including fringe)
  • Recommended yarn: Red Heart Hygge Charm / Worsted, Aran / 2 skeins – 400g

12. Easy Rectangle Shawl

Thumbnail from YouTube showing two images 1) a woman wearing a crochet shawl 2) the same shawl styled on a mannequin

Here’s another project for you that uses the double crochet Herringbone stitch (UK treble crochet Herringbone).

With only a one row pattern repeat, this is perfect for beginners looking to learn and practise a new crochet stitch.

  • Measurements: 27” (L) X 72” (W)
  • Recommended yarn: Yarn Bee Chloe / Worsted, Aran / 600g

This pattern is also available to buy on Etsy.

13. Omna Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

a woman is holding a shawl out to its full width
Annie Design Crochet

This easy free pattern has only one row to repeat using double crochet stitches (UK treble crochet).

Wear it as a wrap around your shoulders, or as a cosy scarf to drape around your neck.

  • Measurements: 70in (178cm) length x 18in (46cm) wide – without fringing
  • Recommended yarn: King Cole Curiosity / DK / 300g

This pattern is available to purchase as a PDF on Etsy.

14. Lightweight Crochet Shawl Free Pattern

a shawl is styled on a mannequin
Crafting Each Day

The combination of openwork stitches gives this shawl its lightweight. 

You’ll crochet one side then work on the opposite side of the foundation chain. 

As well as using treble crochet stitches (US double crochet), this free crochet pattern uses shell stitch and V-stitch. 

The openwork is achieved by chaining and skipping stitches.

Work it in solid colours or stripes.  Why not use what you have in your yarn stash to keep costs down?

  • Measurements:  18” wide and 62” long
  • Recommende yarn: Comfy Color Mist / Aran, Worsted / 400g

This pattern is available as a PDF from Etsy.

15. Sorrento Shawl Crochet Pattern

a woman is turned away with her arms open to show the width and stitches of a crochet shawl

I really like how the crochet stitches and colours come together in this snuggly shawl made in chunky yarn. 

Picture the scene, you’re watching the sunset, glass of wine or cuppa in hand and feeling wrapped up in warmth.  Perfection.

The pattern is rated intermediate but because step by step photos are included and a row-by-row video tutorial, I think if you’re a confident beginner you will be able to follow the instructions.

There’s the option to add tassels and pockets too.

This pattern is available to purchase on Etsy.

  • Measurements: 67”/170cm long x 18”/45.7cm wide unblocked, without fringe
  • Recommended yarn:  Paintbox Simply Chunky / chunky / 800g

16. Lightweight Crochet Shawl Pattern

a woman is standing looking out onto a sunset across the water with a crochet wrap being held out behind her
Desert Blossom Crafts

This lightweight shawl features a stunning lace stitch and tassels.

Basic crochet stitches are used to achieve the lace pattern.

As well as a video tutorial, the designer has included a photo tutorial. Great if you’re not sure that what you’re doing is right!

I think it looks great layered over both informal and formal wear during the summer.

  • Measurements: 20” wide by 60” long (including 10” of fringe)
  • Recommended yarn: Chroma Fingering / 200g (plus extra for the fringe)

If a lacy shawl doesn’t quite fit your purpose, have a browse of this collection of lightweight and lacy crochet scarf patterns.

Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl Patterns

Practise your increasing and decreasing skills with these stunning crochet shawl patterns.

17. Asymmetrical Shawl (Harbourside)

An asymmetrical crochet shawl in blue ombre yarn is styled around the neck of a mannequin
Jera’s Jamboree

Inspired by the Dorset Coast, my cozy shawl will keep you warm on those blustery walks.

A 6-row pattern repeat is worked in 4 rows of treble crochet (tr) and 2 rows of triple treble (ttr) crossed crochet stitch.

Increases are made on one side to achieve the asymmetry.

  • Measurements: wingspan approx.  40 inches x depth approx. 28 inches
  • Recommended yarn:  Hayfield Spirit DK / DK / 150g

18. Despina Shawl

a shawl is being held up to show the shape
My Crochetory

Worked sideways with fingering weight yarn, this design gives a gorgeous asymmetric triangle shape.

The shape and stitches make this crochet shawl stand out! 

Rated intermediate, this is for the more experienced crocheter.  However, if you’re ready for a challenge, you’ll enjoy working this project.

The paid pattern includes stitch charts.

  • Measurement: 135cm/53.15” wide and 70cm/27.56” long at center
  • Recommended yarn: no longer available but you can substitute any fingering weight yarn / 100g

19. Autumn Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl

an asymmetrical shawl in autumnal colours is styled on a hanger
Ned and Mimi

This shawl pattern uses basic crochet stitches – chain, single crochet (UK double crochet) and double crochet (UK treble crochet). 

The perfect pattern for beginners who want to learn new techniques.

This asymmetrical shawl is crocheted from side to side, starting at the narrowest point, and increasing in width with each row.

  • Measurements:  57.25″ / 145.5cm at the longest edge, and 27″ / 68.5cm high in the centre.
  • Recommended yarn: discontinued (baby alpaca and pima cotton) / DK 300g

Gauge is not important for this project but I would suggest substituting with an alpaca blend or wool blend to achieve the same results.

The paid pattern includes a stitch diagram and schematic with shawl measurements.

20. Asymmetrical Triangle Crochet Shawl – Jade and Roses

a blue and purple shawl is styled to show the asymmetry
Annie Design Crochet

This shawl is made using basic crochet stitches that combined, create an interesting open lace pattern with rows of puff stitches for texture.

You can use any yarn weight and hook and adjust the pattern repeat to give the shawl size you wish.

  • Measurements: 87” [221cm] x 75” [190cm] x 44” [112cm]
  • Recommended yarn: Pattern uses Nua Sport / sport / 300g

If you prefer to work from a PDF, this crochet pattern is also available to purchase on Etsy.

Wear this asymmetrical triangle shawl all year round.

21. Bronwyn Shawl

a woman stands facing away with one arm outspread to show the design of the crochet shawl
tl yarn crafts

Beginning with 5 chain stitches and growing through increases and decreases, this crochet shawl pattern free is broken into sections.

Starting with single crochet stitches (UK double crochet stitches), rows of colourwork and mesh follow.

Texture and 2 finishing borders complete the pattern.

  • Measurements:  82″ wingspan x 28″ depth
  • Recommended yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo / Sport / 400g

This is such a versatile shawl suiting all ages and a variety of outfits.

22. Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl Pattern

a green and pink shawl is on a hanger
Made by Gootie

This fun free crochet shawl pattern has a lovely texture with the addition of colorwork to add interest.

The asymmetrical shape in this pattern is made by increasing every few rows and decreasing in bigger intervals which creates “steps” at the edge of the shawl.

Stitches used: half double crochet V stitch, V-puff stitch

If you prefer an ad free PDF, this pattern is also available to purchase on Etsy.

  • Measurements: 63x20in (160x50cm)
  • Recommended yarn: CotLin / DK / 400g

23. Living Lagom Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

a woman is standing in the snow and holding out a chunky crochet shawl
Lilla Bjorn Crochet

Denser stitches blend with cable and lace stitches to give this gorgeous chunky asymmetrical shawl texture and interest.

The cable stitches are made with front post and back post stitches – don’t worry if you’ve never done this, a step-by-step photo tutorial will guide you.

  • Measurement:  155cm x 70cm (61” x 27.5”)
  • Recommended yarn: Scheepjes Namaste / chunky / 500g

Crescent Shawl Crochet Patterns

Crochet a shawl that stays on your shoulders, even when you move around.

24. Spring Crescent Shawl Crochet Pattern

a crochet crescent shawl is draped on a coat hanger
Julie Aakjær

This free crochet pattern is a perfect introduction to crocheting a crescent shawl.

Using single crochet (UK double crochet), half double crochet (UK half treble crochet) for the body of the shawl, picots are used for the border/edging.

I love how versatile the size is too.

Suggestions are given for sizes from young child to adult size large, with approximate yarn requirements and recommended hook size.

Recommended yarn: fingering/4ply   (adult size 255 meters  /  child size 170 meters)

The link is a direct download PDF of the free crochet pattern.

25. Mezzaluna Crescent Moon Wrap

a crescent shaped shawl in blues and greens is spread on the floor
Nancy P

This is such a fun and funky crescent shawl!  I love it!

This interesting crochet design is worked in V-Stitches, treble crochet (US double crochet) and puff stitches.

  • Recommended yarn: Fingering / 4 ply / 549 – 823 meters

There are several versions (in different languages) to download for free from Ravelry.

26. Birds of Paradise Shawl

a crescent shawl crocheted in different fans and feathers is spread out to see the half moon shape
Suvi’s Crochet

If you’re looking for a crochet project to get stuck into at an intermediate level, the Birds of Paradise crescent shawl could be perfect for you.

Inspired by mandalas, each row of feathers/fans is unique!

The free crochet shawl pattern includes charts and a photo tutorial.

  • Recommended yarn: Fingering/4 ply / 920 meters

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