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20+ Free Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns and Ideas

Crochet wall hangings are a beautiful and easy way to add a touch of style and personality to your home décor.

In this collection of patterns I’ve included a variety of styles, from simple geometric shapes to intricate designs using tapestry, intarsia and granny square techniques.

I’ve chosen patterns for beginners and experienced crocheters alike so you can find the perfect pattern for your skill level.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, classic design or something more unique and eye-catching, there’s a crochet wall hanging pattern for you!

montage showing four different crochet wall hangings 1) the word 'love' in bobble stitch 2) mandala in cream 3) granny square 4) leaves

Crochet wall art also makes for a fabulous gift.  Make your gift one-of-a-kind by selecting a theme and colour palette that suits your recipient’s interests.

Here are some of the benefits I can think of for crocheting your wall hanging:

  • A great way to add a touch of your own personality to your home décor
  • Relatively easy to make, even for beginners
  • A great way to use up leftover yarn
  • Make great gifts for friends and family

Can you think of any more?

Crochet Wall Décor Ideas

There are lots of different styles in this collection of crochet patterns.  You’ll find wall hanging designs that include:

Crochet Flowers

Crochet flowers are a classic wall décor option that can be made in a variety of sizes and colors. They can be hung individually or grouped together to create a more dramatic display.

Crochet mandalas

Mandalas are beautiful and intricate designs that can be crocheted in a variety of colors and patterns. They make a great addition to any room and can be hung on a wall, doorway, or window.

Crochet animals

Crochet animals are a fun and whimsical way to add a touch of personality to your home décor. They can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple shapes like squares and circles to more complex animals like cats, dogs, and birds.

Crochet letters and words

Crochet letters and words are a great way to add a personalized touch to your home décor. They can be used to spell out names, phrases, or even just a single letter.

Crochet geometric shapes 

Crochet geometric shapes are a modern and stylish way to add a touch of interest to your home décor. They can be made in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be hung individually or grouped together to create a more dramatic display.

Crochet Landscapes

Crochet landscape wall hangings are a beautiful and unique way to add a touch of nature to your home décor. They can be simple or more complex. Whether the design you choose is a mountain scene, a forest landscape, or a beach scene, your wall hanging can be customized to fit any space.

Seasonal themes

Seasonal crochet wall hangings are a great way to add a touch of festivity to your home décor.

Where to Hang your Wall Art?

Here are some of my ideas to help you choose where to hang your crochet wall art:

Living room

A large crochet wall hanging can be a beautiful focal point in your living room. Choose a design that complements the style of your furniture and décor


A colorful crochet wall hanging can add a touch of cheer to your kitchen. Choose a design that features your favourite fruits, vegetables, or flowers


A crochet wall hanging can add a touch of romance to your bedroom. Choose a design that features hearts, flowers, or other symbols of love

Children’s room

A crocheted animal or other whimsical design can make a great addition to your child’s room. Choose a design that is both fun and educational


A crocheted wall hanging can add a touch of welcome to your entryway. Choose a design that reflects your personal style

Outdoor Space

Crochet wall hangings can make a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, adding a touch of warmth and charm.

Perfect for hanging on a patio or garden wall, where they are sure to bring a cozy, inviting feel to any outdoor setting. And because they are so lightweight and easy to hang, you can easily switch them out and rotate different designs to keep your space feeling fresh and new.


The materials you will need for a crochet wall hanging can vary depending on the pattern and the size of the project, but here are some general supplies you will need:

  1. Yarn:  For wall hangings, the most popular is a Worsted/Aran weight yarn, as it will create a thicker and more substantial finished product.  For mandala designs or appliques, cotton thread is often used.
  2. Crochet Hook: You will need a crochet hook in a size appropriate for your yarn. This information can be found in the pattern.
  3. Scissors: A pair of scissors will be necessary for cutting the yarn.
  4. Tapestry Needle: You will need a tapestry needle to weave in the ends of your project.
  5. Dowel Rod or Branch: Depending on the design of your wall hanging, you may need a dowel rod or a branch to hang your project from. This will be used to create the top of the wall hanging, which will be attached to a hook or nail on the wall.
  6. Hoop, Wooden/Metal Rings or Wire.  This will be used by mandala patterns to attach your design.  Wire can be used to strengthen the finished project.
  7. Optional Embellishments: You may want to add embellishments to your wall hanging, such as beads, feathers, or tassels. These can be added during or after the crocheting process.

Related Home Décor Crochet Patterns

These crochet projects will spruce up your home décor:

Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns

Clicking on the numbered pattern will take you directly to the pattern.

The majority of these patterns are written in US Crochet Terms.

For my UK crocheters, the table below is a conversion of basic crochet stitches from US to UK.

US Crochet TermsUK Crochet Terms
single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble crochet (htr)
double crochet (dc)treble crochet (tr)
treble (tr)double treble (dtr)
double treble (dtr)triple treble (trtr)

I’ve included mostly free crochet patterns but there are a couple of paid patterns (PDF).

All of the patterns show you how to attach the crochet wall hanger to the dowel rods or hoops.

Follow my tips to increase your chances of success:

  • Choose a pattern that fits your style and skill level
  • Read the pattern carefully before you start crocheting
  • Make sure to check your work regularly
  • Add your own personal touches to the crochet wall hanging, such as beads, buttons, or tassels

Let’s get started with the crochet wall art!

1. Crochet Wall Hanging Free Pattern

daisies in a plant pot with a bee on a green background is the design on this crochet wall hanging
Simply Melanie Jane

Starting off with spring and summer flowers …

This wall hanging would be a great addition to any room.

Its lovely textured background and the appliqued flowers and bees will add a touch of nature and whimsy to any space.

A simple one row pattern repeat is used for the background.  Once that’s completed, the appliqued patterns are crocheted and sewn on with whipstitch.

Tip:  The daisies and bee you learn to make with this pattern can be used in a variety of other projects such as embellishments for pillows and card making.

This pattern is available to buy on Etsy.

2. Crochet Spring Heart Wall Décor

a crocheted yellow heart with an applique of a snowdrop sewn on is hanging on a grey wall
Golden Lucy Crafts

Use this heart wall décor not just for spring!  Add any flower applique to match the seasons throughout the year.

The snowdrops do look cute don’t they!  What other flowers could you add?  You’ll find inspiration in this collection of crochet flowers.

Prefer to work from a PDF?  Grab your pattern on Etsy.

3. Wall Hanging Free Crochet Pattern

different sized leaves in different shades of green are attached to a dowel rod and hanging from a wall
Heart Hook Home

This easy crochet wall hanging pattern features Monstera leaves with a loop for hanging.

There are four different leaf patterns included; a smaller solid leaf, a leaf with two fenestrations, a leaf with three fenestrations, and a leaf with six fenestrations.

How do you stiffen your wall hanging?  This pattern adds floral wire to the outside edge of the leaves so that they keep their shape.  No messing around with PVA glue!

Tip: pick and choose which leaves to make to make it unique

  • Recommended yarn: Worsted/Aran #4 weight
  • Measurements: totally depends on you!
  • Skill Level:  Easy

This pattern is available to purchase on Etsy.

4. Lemons Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Crochet wall decor of lemons and leaves with white, brown, green and yellow balls of yarn
Divine Debris

This a lovely fresh design that would look fab in a kitchen.

Worked from the bottom up in rows of single crochet (UK double crochet) stitches, the yarn is floated rather than carried along the rows.

The technique is known as intarsia crochet.

This does make for a messy wrong side of the project but because it’s being hung against a wall, only you will know 🙂  

You’ll find the graph on the numbered link above.  If you need a written pattern, it is available to purchase on Ravelry.

5. Ocean Breeze Crochet Mandala Wall Hanging

One large size mandala in blue yarn is hung on a wall and two smaller sized wall hangings are resting below the larger one
Sunshine NL

What a classy and stylish design!  You’ll feel a sense of pride hanging this on your wall!

In this paid pattern you’ll receive instructions to crochet the 40cm and 70cm mandala.

The project includes:

  • Large format chart/diagram
  • Full written instructions
  • Round by round photo tutorial

Crochet stitches used (US crochet terms) tr, dc, hdc, sc, ch, dc2tog, dc3tog and some special stitches: fpdc, fptr, bps, bphdc, bpdc, fpsc2tog, bpdc2tog, fptr5tog.

  • Recommended yarn: Schachenmayr Tahiti, 7652 Pazifik / Weight : 50 grams/280 meter
  • Measurements:  40cm and 70cm
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

6. Mandala Star Dreamcatcher

three mandalas in cream of different sizes are fixed to a branch which is hung on the wall
Renata Saj

There’s so much value in this pattern (besides being a free PDF download)!

It includes: a graph / chart, written instructions and VERY detailed step-by-step pictures.

Each row in the pattern has the photo number so you can check to make sure that what you’re doing is right.  I love this!

In only 8 rounds you’ll have your wall décor ready to hang or gift.

  • Recommended yarn: Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat or Scheepjes Catona
  • Measurements: depends on the size of the yarn and hook you use
  • Skill Level:  Easy

7. Crochet Elephant Wall Hanging

a crocheted elephant with a 3d trunk and ears and flowers on their head is hung on a cream wall
Demi Deco Shop

I fell in love with this elephant as soon as I saw it!  Elephants were my mum’s favourite and she would have loved this design (she was a crocheter and knitter and yes, taught me).

The 3d ears, trunk and flowers really make a difference don’t they!

You can’t see in the image above but there are beads sewn in amongst the flowers.

This is a paid pattern that includes 19 pages of detailed explanations (step-by-step) and a lot of pictures to help you along.

You’ll need to have basic crochet skills ( Magic ring, chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, increasing, decreasing)

  • Measurements: Width 32 cm X Length 50 cm
  • Skill Level: Easy

This wall hanging would make a fab baby shower gift … or if you have a love of elephants too, anywhere in your home!

8. Crochet Owl Wall Hanging

An owl crocheted in cream and another in dark grey are sat on branches and hung from a dowel rod
Make it Yourself by Papari

Owls are my favourite!  The design of this free pattern would look perfectly at home hung in my hallway. They’re soooo cute!

This video tutorial walks through crocheting a lifelike owl sitting on a branch with crochet flowers attached to it.

I’ve linked to Part One and in the description, you’ll find links to Part Two and Three.

  • Recommended yarn: Impeccable Yarn #4 Aran/Worsted
  • Measurements: not given
  • Skill Level: Easy

9. Crochet Love Wall Hanging Pattern

Crochet Wall Decor with the word 'love' crocheted in bobble stitch is hung on a grey wall with a plant on one side
Little Light Design Com

I have a few ideas for this love wall hanging.  It would look fab in any living or office space, girls or boys bedroom; and would make a wonderful Galentine or Valentine gift.  What do you think?

The bobble stitch really pops giving a wonderful 3D effect for the letters and the heart. 

I think it looks elegant and very stylish!

This is paid pattern which includes written and video instructions for the stitch techniques AND a crochet graph/grid that is easy to use.

  • Measurements: 18″ inches wide x 23″ inches tall
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

10. Kindness Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

A wall hanging crocheted in variegated yarn with rainbow tassels is hung on a light grey wall
Loops and Love Crochet

Whereas the pattern above uses bobble stitch to create the words, this wall hanging uses intarsia crochet. 

This means that the unworked yarn isn’t carried along the row as in tapestry crochet but you’ll leave the unworked yarn from the last stitch you used it to pick it back up again. 

Those rainbow tassels really make this whole project pop!

  • Recommended yarn: Brava Worsted #4 weight
  • Measurements: 16” wide x 15.5” tall
  • Skill Level: Advanced beginner

Buy the PDF pattern on Etsy or Ravelry.

11. Simple Granny Square Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

A classic granny square with a fringe is hung on a wall beside a wicker tray and a plant
Juniper and Oakes

The cliché sometimes less is more certainly applies to this pattern …  a classic granny square transforms into this beautiful wall décor created in only 9 rounds.

This project is fab to use your scrap yarn.  Keep your costs down!

You can work from a PDF which is available to buy on Etsy or Ravelry.

If you enjoy working with granny squares, have a browse of these granny square projects and patterns

12. Juniper Wall Hanging

Granny stitch in a chevron pattern and tassels is the design of this wall decor
Deni Made

Moving on from the classic granny square, this wall hanging uses the granny stitch but in a chevron design.

The use of color defines the pattern and wow, those tassels!

Clear diagrams show how to add the fringe and you’ll find instruction for the small and large tassels.

  • Recommended yarn: any worsted/Aran weight #4
  • Measurements: Not specified
  • Skill Level: Easy

Buy this pattern on Etsy or Ravelry.

13. Crochet Granny Square Wall Hanging

A modified granny square is the pattern in blues and orange for this striking wall hanging
Valzie’s Boutique

This boho crochet wall hanging also uses granny squares but in this pattern the square has been modified to give a unique look.

Made from the same 4 panels, flipping them will give a different design altogether!  Very stylish

This boho wall décor is a great way to use up your stash.  And makes a quick and easy gift.

  • Recommended yarn:  Worsted/Aran #4 weight
  • Measurements: Length (without hanging cord): 32” / Length (with hanging cord): 37” / Width per panel: 9 ½”
  • Skill Level:  Easy

This pattern is available to purchase on Etsy.

14.  Boho Wall Hanging Pattern

hexagons in blue, white and pink are joined to make a geometric shape and hung from a branch on a brick wall
Whistle and Ivy

Hexagons are a simple shape to crochet, but they can create a striking effect when placed together to form a modern and stylish wall hanging.

This pattern is a great way to get started by crocheting 18 hexagons, and you can use any color yarn you like to create your unique and personal piece of art.

Instructions are included for how to sew the hexagons together

  • Recommended yarn:  Dishie Worsted/Aran #4 weight
  • Measurements: not specified
  • Skill Level: Easy

15.  Circles Crochet Wall Hanging

crocheted circles in red, white and blue are joined together in rows of 6 to make a wall hanging

Here’s another example of using a shape to create a wall hanging that adds color and personality to any space.

You’ll crochet 36 circles of 5 rounds that are then joined together.  Easy peasy!

And because the gauge isn’t important, this pattern will work with any stash in your yarn.

  • Recommended yarn: Bernat Super Value Worsted/Aran #4 weight
  • Measurements: 28″ [71 cm] square (excluding tassels)
  • Skill Level: Easy

This a free pattern PDF download.

16. Diamond Daze Wall Hanging

Tapestry crochet is used to create the diamond shapes in purple and white in this wall decor
Jaded Crafts and Creations

This wall hanging is a beautiful example of the geometric shapes that can be created with tapestry crochet.  Isn’t it stunning!

Photos show how to change color, how to attach the dowel rod and make the fringe.  If you’re not sure how to block your work, follow the video tutorial.

Written instructions are line-by-line and easy to follow.  Tip: To save yourself from getting lost, use a row counter.  I can help you with that 🙂  Download my free printable!

  • Recommended yarn:  Worsted/Aran #4 weight
  • Measurements: 5.75 x 16.5 inches (without fringe)  /  5.75 x 17.5 inches (without fringe)

17.  Crochet Rainbow Wall Hanging

a crochet wall hanging in bright rainbow colours with a rainbow fringe
Crochet by Carms

This free crochet pattern would brighten up nursery décor.

It’s so simple to create the half circle!

This project begins with a magic circle but instead of joining with a slip stitch to continue working in the round, your work is turned at the end of each row. 

Increases are worked throughout the 12 rows (if you’ve crocheted the base of a bag, a hat or worked amigurumi, it is the same technique for increasing).

This is another fab stash busting project, keeping your costs down!

  • Recommended yarn:  DK #3 weight
  • Measurements: 30cm wide x 28 cm tall
  • Skill Level: Easy

18. Follow the Moon Wall Hanging Free Crochet Pattern

Wall hanging crocheted using the intarsia technique 'painting' a picture of a landscape with the moon
Divine Debris

Working this project is like creating your own painting … the colours and shapes come together to make a gorgeous landscape! 

Worked from the bottom up and row by row, you’ll turn at the beginning of the row.

This wall hanging is crocheted using the intarsia technique.

The designer recommends using bobbins to make it easier with the color changes.

  • Recommended yarn: Worsted/Aran #4
  • Measurements: 14.6” high X 13.5” wide
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

The graph is free on the link above.  A written pattern is available on Ravelry.

19. Mountainside Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

This wall hanging uses intarsia crochet to paint of picture of trees and a mountain
Love and Stitch Design

When I was choosing which wall hangings I wanted to share (that I thought you would be interested in), this landscape called out to me.  It felt as if I was out hiking or camping and spending the night under the stars.  It has a romantic feel to me, how does it make you feel?

This stunning landscape also uses intarsia crochet. 

Although similarly worked to the wall hanging above (worked from the bottom up in rows), this pattern uses the cut and tied method for the color working. 

This designer has a video tutorial for the cut and tied method, handy if you haven’t used this technique before.

  • Recommended yarn:  Worsted/Aran #4
  • Measurements:  11.5” wide x 13.5” long (not including the tassels)
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

The free pattern on the link above includes a graph and written instructions.  You can buy the PDF on Etsy.

20.  Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Christmas tree wall hanging crocheted in granny squares of green with bows
Jera’s Jamboree

Seasonal wall hangings can be used time and time again – don’t think you’ll make it once and it won’t see the light of day for very long! 

I designed this Christmas wall hanging in 2017 and it comes out every year 🙂

I’m a fan of granny squares – love just how versatile they are.  And this wall hanging is made up of different sized granny squares that are then joined together and embellished.  It really is that simple!

You can choose any colours and any embellishments to make it truly unique.

  • Recommended yarn: Any yarn from your stash
  • Measurements: depend on choice of yarn
  • Skill Level: Easy

If you’re looking for Christmas crochet patterns I can help! Have a browse of the free Christmas patterns in this collection.

21. Flying Witch Wall Hanging

Tapestry crochet is used to make this wall hanging of a witch flying on a broom with the moon behind her
Raffamusa Designs

Do you decorate for Halloween/Samhain?  Hanging this flying witch silhouette over a full moon on your wall will put you ahead … because it’s likely no-one in your neighborhood will have one the same!

This project uses tapestry crochet.  The pattern links to a step-by-step guide to flat tapestry crochet that will help you if you’re unsure of this technique.

The fine yarn weight is worked three strands together to make it sturdy.

  • Recommended yarn: Sport Cotton #2 weight / Schachenmayr Catania
  • Measurements: 5.75” (14.5 cm) by 6.2” (15.5 cm)
  • Skill Level: Intermediate or advanced beginner

The free pattern on the link above is for the written instructions. The PDF comes with   a pattern color chart.  Buy on Etsy, Lovecrafts or Ravelry.

22. Shoreline Wall Hanging

Crocheted wall hanging of sand, shells and sea with an applique turtle heading towards the sea
Colorful Creation Joy

How cute is that turtle!

This beach scene wall hanging would look fabulous in any space. 

I love how the designer has used different stitches to represent the different areas of the wall art (the sand, sea and sky).

I used a similar construction in my beach day blanket

This is a paid pattern that includes full detailed instructions and color photographs.

23.  Easter Bunny C2C Wall Décor

This wall decor is crocheted with the corner-to-corner technique in pink and white and says 'happy Easter'
Kelsey Jane Designs

If you’re a fan of Corner-to-Corner crochet, this bunny wall décor is perfect for you.

The pompom tail is so cute.  I think 3d embellishments add interest.

The message ‘Happy Easter’ is subtle.  If you want it to be ‘louder,’ choose a color that will make it pop.

The written instructions are available on the link above.  If you buy the pattern, you’ll also receive the graph.

  • Recommended yarn: Caron Simply Soft Aran/Worsted #4
  • Measurements:  16” x 20″ (plus fringe)
  • Skill Level: Easy

You’ll find cute free patterns in this collection for Easter crochet.

With a little creativity, you can make a crochet wall hanging that you’ll love for years to come!  I hope you’ve found inspiration today.

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