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20 Life-Changing Tips for a Better and Happier You

I’m sharing 20 life-changing tips to get you going in the right direction for living your best life.

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Living your best life is about finding that ultimate sense of joy, fulfillment, and contentment.

It is a way to truly enjoy your life, including the big moments and the small memorable ones!

Living your best life is all about discovering who you are, what you want in life, and what would make YOU truly happy. 

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How these Life-Changing Tips will Help you

These 20 life-changing tips will help you to:

  • discover how to figure out what it is you want
  • change your mindset
  • create new healthy habits
  • discover more clarity about what would improve your life
  • understand the importance of taking chances and being more adventurous
  • what living your best life would look like

Download the free 66 page workbook and dig deeper into what is stopping you and discover what you need to live your best life.

20 Life-Changing Tips for a better and happier you

1. Romanticise Your Life

While romanticising your life can mean many different things, it all comes down to how you view your life and how you treat yourself.

When you romanticise something, you put on rose-coloured glasses and see it as the best possible way it can be seen.

When you do this with your own life, you see the happiness, the love, the joy, and the compassion in every moment you have, every special memory, every person who is meaningful to you. Suddenly, the bad days don’t seem so bad, and the good days seem miraculous.

Some ways you can romanticise your life include:

  • Creating a playlist that always makes you feel happier and boosts your mood
  • Surrounding yourself with people who uplift you
  • Taking yourself on dates
  • Being more mindful during all special moments
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Keeping a “positive” journal, where you only write down happy memories and good things that happen
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2. Do What Matters the Most

When you are deciding what to do with your life and how to spend your time, think about what would be the most memorable. What matters the most in that moment?

This is not to say that everything you do will be fun, as we all have responsibilities as adults. But try to put more thought into the choices you make, from how you spend your free time to your education and career, what you do over the weekend, and the people you spend your time with.

Life is full of so many choices, and each one of them can have a large impact on your life and how much happiness you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Make the most of your life and live it to the fullest by sitting in the driver’s seat and deciding where you want to go, when, and with who.

3. Find Joy in the Small Things

As you begin romanticising your life, you not only see how many amazing big blessings there are in your life, but you also see the joy in the small, simple things.

These are those moments, blessings and people in your life you might have taken for granted before.

Through no fault of your own, it is easy to become so comfortable in your life, you don’t realise how much joy and love the smallest of things bring you every single day.

4. Know What is Stopping You

If you don’t currently feel like you are living your best life, why is that? What is stopping you? What is keeping you stuck or what makes you feel like you can’t move forward?

Chances are, there is a situation, a fear or worry, something tangible like money or transportation, or even a person that is stopping you.

Find clarity about what the blockage is and work on finding another option.

5. Allow Yourself to Feel All Your Emotions

It is really important that you experience the full spectrum of emotions as often as possible.

It is easier and more comfortable to hide from certain emotions, especially sadness, anger and fear, but this is often when you get the most clarity and insight into your life.

You find out who you really are and what you actually want. This is where you figure out what living your best life is all about.

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6. Be Authentic

To live your best life, you need to be authentic.

No matter who you think you are and whether or not being yourself will be accepted by the people you spend the most time with, it is important to put your fear and insecurities aside, and let the real you shine.

7. Don’t Fear Change

Change can be uncomfortable and even scary, but it’s often through change when you learn how to really live your best life.

The next time you have an opportunity to do something different, don’t shy away from it or immediately assume the outcome will be bad. It might not even be uncomfortable.

Your best moments may be in the ones that bring change into your life.

8. Become More Self-Aware

To know how to live your best life and actually get the most out of your experiences, you need to be more self-aware.

You have to gain a better understanding of who you really are, what is important to you, and where you want your life to go next.

Do you know what would be the most fulfilling to you right now? Or do you just think you know?

Really be honest with yourself about who you are and what you want.

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9. Be Adventurous in Your Own Way

People often talk about taking more chances and being adventurous, often recommending outdoor activities that might not interest you.

Being adventurous doesn’t always mean climbing mountains and walking through jungles. You can find your own way to be adventurous in whatever way feels right to you and your own life.

Do you want to get out there and meet more people?

Do you want to be more adventurous in your job or career?

Are you an outdoorsy person and want some fun outdoor adventures?

Is there a class you have always wanted to take, but haven’t done so yet?

10. Know What You Really Want in Life

If you haven’t figured it out already, living your best life isn’t about living everyone’s ideal life, but YOURS. But before you can live your best life, you need to know what you really want in life. Not what your parents want, what you used to want, or what your friends want for you.

Journaling is a great way to start discovering what it is you want in life, what is missing, and what will bring you that pure form of joy and fulfillment you are seeking.

If you need guidance in working out what questions you need to ask yourself, I have created a workbook that will prompt your thinking and help you to figure out what it is that YOU want in your life.

The workbook includes thought-provoking prompts like:

What makes you feel immense joy?

Where do you get gratification in your life?

Do you find comfort in security?

What is a memory from childhood you always think about?

When was the last time you took yourself out on a date?

What choices can you make to live your best life?

What is something fearless you have done?

How is your life not the one you want?

How are you living the life you want?

Download the free workbook and really get to know what you want in your life.

11. Declutter Your Life

For some people, living a life that is happier and more fulfilling isn’t about being more adventurous and taking more chances, but becoming more organised.

If you have spent your time being disorganised, you probably feel chaotic and stressed out a lot of the time. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal, this could really be affecting how much you enjoy your life day-to-day.

By decluttering your life, you are able to find a little more structure and stability, which leaves room for more enjoyment.

12. Do More of What You Love

Now is a great time to make a list of what you really love to do.

Use a variety of categories to come up with as many ideas as you can.

This might include physical activities, outdoor activities, time with friends, arts and crafts, playing a musical instrument, various hobbies, reading or writing, working, relaxing, really get specific.

What you want is a growing list of what brings you the most joy. Whether that is reading a new book, watching your favourite movie on a lazy Sunday, or spending time with friends, there is no wrong answer.

Once you have your list, start going through it and find a way to fit each item on that list into your life a little more.

This is also a good time to consider what you don’t really love, and have been doing just because you think you should be doing it.

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13. Dive Into the Unknown

If you are someone who often dips your toes in the water first to test it out, then you are exactly the person who needs to shift their mindset to diving in head first.

There is nothing wrong with being cautious and doing your research to understand the risks. But it does become a problem when it keeps you from memorable life experiences all because of your over-thinking.

Affirmations can be used in many different ways to change your mindset, including:

  • in your journal
  • printing your affirmations to be displayed somewhere visible
  • speaking the affirmations out loud

Positive affirmations allow you to get into that strength mindset and embrace change, fear, and the unknown with a pure heart and strong spirit.

Consider whether you could be diving into the unknown, but instead are hanging back with just your feet in the water, watching all your friends having fun in the pool without you.

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14. Be Mindful and Present

As you begin to explore more ways to live your life to the fullest, start becoming more mindful and present.

Mindfulness is simply being present and acknowledging and appreciating each moment for what it is. It doesn’t mean every moment of your life is a positive experience, but it is still a meaningful one because it is going to shape who you are and what kind of life you live.

But far too many people pass by most of the moments that could be the most impactful, because you are never in a mindful state.

Start paying attention to every little moment, every challenge, every joy, every blessing.

15. Treat Your Body With Kindness

Just because you are living your best life doesn’t mean your physical health and wellness isn’t important.

Life is not all about adventurous and fun moments, as you won’t even be able to experience them without a healthy body and an active mind.

Start treating your body with kindness. This doesn’t mean crash diets or rigorous fitness programmes, unless that is what would make you happiest.

Be kind in every choice you make, every meal you eat, every movement you make.

If you spend most of your time being inactive, find a way to go for a walk every day, or add in some gentle workouts. Find ways to move your body that is gentle, fun, and a good workout. Begin eating more nutritious meals, drink your water, and reduce processed foods.

Find a way to treat your body that improves your health and energy, but is still enjoyable.

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16. Prioritise What is Important

By now, you understand a little more about living your best life and really creating the ideal life for you.

A big part of this is in learning how to prioritise what is important. There are a lot of choices in life, every day you make dozens of them.

You won’t be able to do everything, all of the time. There will come moments when you need to pick and choose based on what your personal priorities are. And as the seasons of life change, so will your priorities.

17. Be More Intentional

Set your intentions each and every day about how that is going to be your best day ever.

This might include habits or routines, self-care, giving yourself a few minutes to do whatever you enjoy the most, more time with friends, really anything that you feel will bring you more joy.

Think of intentions as a to-do list based on actions, habits, and tasks that will improve your life as a whole, not just for productivity.

18. Allow Yourself to Be Uncomfortable

Change is uncomfortable. Anxiety is uncomfortable. Putting yourself out there is uncomfortable. But sometimes it is in this discomfort when the most miraculous things happen to you.

In 50 years’ time you will look back on those memorable moments and think wow, I really did that.

Find more moments where you feel uncomfortable, but you know the end results is going to be more than worth it.

19. Develop Happy Habits

Not just healthy habits, but happy ones too.

These are the daily habits people often forget about because they never seem important. But if you want a more fulfilling life, it is more about the little choices you make along the way.

The habits you have each day, the activities you add to your routine, the number of times you set intentions and follow through.

Think about the different things you have already thought of that would allow you to live your best life, and consider how you can start adding them to your routine.

This is how you can develop happier habits.

20. Practice Gratitude

Last, but certainly not least, practice gratitude.

Whether you write a gratitude list down every day, write what you are grateful for in your journal, or you simply think about it throughout the day, this is one of the best things you can do to live your best life.

These 20 simple but life changing tips are actionable things you can start doing that will allow you to achieve your ultimate happiness and fulfilment.

The truth is, you are already living an amazing life, you just don’t always realise it.

Find more ways to appreciate it, to love every moment, to experience the joy in the small things.

Take advantage of opportunities, go on adventures, and just truly live in the moment.

I encourage you to embrace change and become fearless, to be adventurous and explore your greatest passions.

This is how you will live your best life.

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