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30 day Mindfulness Challenge

We all need a boost from time-to-time no matter the time of year and I wanted to share for free my 30 day Mindfulness Challenge.

I’ve included the challenge calendar in a free printable mindfulness journal (no sign up needed).

Printable Mindfulness Cards are also available to purchase from my shop. These are proving to be very popular with fab reviews from customers.

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply being focused on the present moment. It’s a skill we can learn to improve our emotional awareness and reduce stress.

And it’s something we have control over.

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You don’t have to get into any long mindfulness meditations (unless you want to!).

You can start with some very easy and simple things. Which is exactly what my mindfulness challenge is – easy and simple!

If you take part in the challenge, don’t be surprised at the effect of doing simple challenges!

30 Days of Mindfulness

The 30 Days of Mindfulness isn’t meant to be a chore … just another thing for you to do. 

If you don’t feel like taking part one day then don’t, just pick up again when you’re ready.   By the end of the 30 days, you might even find that you want to continue with some of the mindfulness challenge ideas and make them a normal part of your day or routine (if they’re not already). 

The challenges should contribute to your equilibrium and help you to find some inner peace.

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

All of the actions in the Mindfulness Challenge are designed to slow you down and for you to take notice of what is around you.

This challenge works whether you’re doing it alone, with your partner, a friend, or even with your family. One school used them as part of a workshop for their staff. Use it however works for you.

Day One

Identify one thing you are grateful for today.

Day Two

Set your intention for the day.

Day Three

Dance for no reason

Day Four

Take smaller bites of your food today.

Day Five

Listen mindfully to your conversations today.

Day Six

Reflect on your day. Celebrate your successes.

Day Seven

Practice 4-7-8 breathing.

Day Eight

Turn your phone off for two hours.

Day Nine

Laugh for no good reason.

Day Ten

Begin your day with a body scan.

Day Eleven

Sit down and listen to music. Really listen.

Day Twelve

Eat with the opposite hand.

Day Thirteen

Compliment someone you wouldn’t usually.

Day Fourteen

Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes. Observe your thoughts. Don’t judge them!

Day Fifteen

Stop worrying. Get up and get moving.

Day Sixteen

Practice a 5 minute breathing meditation.

Day Seventeen

Write a poem. It doesn’t have to rhyme.

Day Eighteen

Visualise a situation going exactly how you want it to.

Day Nineteen

Take a walk. Look around you. Use all your senses.

Day Twenty

Notice how your toothbrush feels over your teeth today.

Day Twenty-One

Turn the TV off. Talk.

Day Twenty-Two

Feel the food on your tongue.

Day Twenty-Three

Hug a close friend or family member.

Day Twenty-Four

Read a chapter of a book.

Day Twenty-Five

Sit in silence. Zone in to the sounds around you.

Day Twenty-Six

No gadgets for at least 2 hours.

Day Twenty-Seven

Identify 3 things you are grateful for.

Day Twenty-Eight

Take a bath/shower and really feel the water on your skin.

Day Twenty-Nine

Notice how you react to situations. What can you change?

Day Thirty

Colour outside the lines.

Challenges for 30 days of mindfulness

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Free resources in brackets (  )

Free Mindfulness Journal Printable

pages available in a mindfulness journal

To help you make mindfulness a part of your everyday routines, I’m sharing my free mindfulness journal.


  • this 30 day mindfulness challenge calendar
  • setting your focus at the start of each day
  • reflecting at the end of each day
  • space to journal your thoughts

Mindfulness Challenge Ideas

If you want to come up with your own challenge, use these as a starting point:

  • Gratitude
  • Intention
  • dance
  • mindful baking
  • listen mindfully
  • pay attention
  • reflection
  • celebration
  • mindful breathing
  • unplug
  • laughter
  • body scan
  • compliment
  • observation
  • move
  • poetry
  • visualisation
  • walk
  • sensory
  • read

Printable Mindfulness Cards

As mentioned, this challenge is also available as a set of printable cards from my shop. 

Each card focuses on one of the mindfulness tasks in the mindfulness challenge. 

You will receive 1 x PDF and 31 PNGs (the PNGs are delivered as a zip file).

Each card is 2″ x 3″

Use this mindfulness printable by printing out, laminating and choosing one mindfulness activity as your focus for the day. 

Involve your family!  Choose a card and swap with each other.  At the end of the day, share with each other about how you got on with your daily mindfulness activities.

Putting the printed mindfulness cards in a pretty jar makes the perfect self care gift for loved ones too.

Boost your mood easily with daily mindfulness!


5 star Etsy review.  Text reads "Thank you loved them"

5 star review from Dana : Thank you loved them!

5 star Etsy review.  Text reads "these were given to our staff as part of our wellbeing week.  They loved them."

5 star review from Donna: These were given to staff as part of our wellbeing week. They loved them.

5 star review from Monik.  Text reads "very happy with my purchase"

5 star review from Monik : very happy with my purchase

5 star review.  Text reads : easy to use and just as described.  Perfect for my patients!

5 star review from Lisa : Easy to use and just as described. Perfect for my patients!

Printable Mindfulness Journal and Workbook

Take it one step further …

With my printable mindfulness workbook/journal you will take your mindfulness challenge even further.

Go at your own pace. You choose which activities to focus on and how often you do them.

Visit my shop for more information.

Activities in the mindfulness journal and workbook:

Declutter PlanClearing your junk will clear your mind
Create Your Calm CornerPlan and set up a calm corner where you can go to work its magic
Morning and Evening RoutinesRoutines will keep you focused in the now
7 Mini ChallengesNot much time?  The mini challenges are perfect
30 Day Mindfulness ChallengeDo something simple every day to help you live in the moment
30 Day Sleep Hygiene ChallengeGet into a sleep routine and start new habits
Social Media ChallengeStep away and give yourself time to breathe
7 x Four Week ChallengesInclude trackers to keep you motivated
30 Day Movement ChallengeGet moving and move from flight or fight to peace and calm
Identify Negative BeliefsReplace your negative beliefs with empowering and positive truths.  This is a fabulous exercise that will have you paying attention to your thoughts
Serenity KitWhat do YOU need for self-care?
Self-CompassionGive yourself a break and show yourself some slack
DelegationStop the overwhelm!
Mindfulness JournalPrompts, notes, checklist, sketches and doodles

Want to find out more about Mindfulness? Visit the NHS Mindfulness page.

Get your free mind plan from the NHS. Answer 5 questions in the interactive quiz to get top tips and advice for you.

Have fun completing your mindfulness challenge!

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