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25 Self Love affirmations (to change your reality)

Self love affirmations for women are a powerful way to rewire your brain and change your reality.

But did you know that it’s not enough to have a generic affirmation on your wall?

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Turn your Affirmations into Powerhouses for Change

Before I share the self love affirmations, here are my tips to turn your affirmations into powerhouses for change in your life.

Say your self love affirmations out loud

Practice saying your affirmations out loud and consistently.

If you’re just starting to use self love affirmations you might feel foolish at first but stay with it.

Try scheduling your affirmation time, so it doesn’t slip off your schedule.

Set your affirmations as a reminder on your smartphone or tablet.

Attach your practice to an existing habit like brushing your teeth, drying your hair or shaving.  

Look in the mirror

Repeat your self love affirmations while looking in the mirror.

This also increases their transformative power.

white background with a stylised young woman looking in a mirror and saying "the strength I need is inside me" self love affirmation

Feel your affirmations in your body

When you practice your self love affirmations for women, place your hand on the spot in your body that reacted to the negative belief.

Many people experience a heaviness in their stomach or around their heart, for example.

Pay attention to your breath and notice how you feel physically when you say the positive affirmation.

This action anchors the belief in your body and makes it easier to internalise physically as well as in your subconscious.

Write down your self love affirmations

You can also write down your self love affirmations in your journal. Jot down how you’re feeling too and as time progresses, reflect on just how well you’re doing.

Ask a friend to help

Another way of bringing your positive affirmations into the real world is to ask someone to repeat your affirmation to you.

Find someone you trust, a friend maybe, to look you in the eye and say your affirmation out loud.

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25 Self Love Affirmations for Women

Which ones resonate with you? What positive affirmations would you add?

1. I love my body.

2. I will stop apologising.

3. I will keep learning to expand my mind and creativity.

4. I love and appreciate myself.

5. I accept others and I accept myself.

6. I appreciate the small stuff in life.

7. I will always take good care of myself.

8. I choose me.

9. I am grateful for the blessings in my life.

10. I value myself above all else.

11. I express unconditional love for my mind, body, and soul.

12. I will put myself first.

13. I have many accomplishments that are worth celebrating.

14. I exude love and happiness.

15. I will be kind to myself today.

16. I find joy in the little things.

17. I will do something for me today.

18. I surround myself with good, positive, and supportive people.

19. I am worthy of love.

20. I will turn my negative self-talk into positive.

21. I will focus on the good in my life, not the bad.

22. I deserve good fortune.

23. I appreciate my body and mind.

24. I find comfort in my own company.

25. I am confident.

Daily Self Love Affirmation Cards

Pink, purple, green and peach self love affirmations cards

Used daily, printable self love affirmation cards can be a powerful tool for helping you to reach your goals.

We’ve created a card deck of 25 positive affirmation cards for women to help you build your regular affirmation practice.

When you focus your attention on what you want to be true in your life, you are much more likely to achieve it.

Align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with affirmation cards, so all your energy is flowing to achieving your goals.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with something I read some time ago that had a powerful effect on me. It’s about learning to say no …

If you are saying yes to other people, you are saying no to yourself.

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