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13+ Best Mosaic Kits for Adults

Mosaics are eye-catching and an easy craft to learn for beginners. In this collection I’m sharing mosaic kits for adults from small independent businesses that know their craft.

montage of four photos showing different mosaic craft projects made from a kit 1) moon 2) owl 3) coasters 4) mirror

Mosaic kits are fabulous for getting in touch with your own creativity! And when you’ve finished your project you’ll feel a buzz from something you’ve made and can show off.

Have friends or family that enjoy crafting? You’ll find suitable gifts in this collection too.

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What is a mosaic?

Mosaic is the art of creating images with lots of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials.

Mosaics are one of the oldest forms of art, first arriving in Europe from Mesopotamia around 4,000 or 5,000 years ago.  And it’s changed very little over the years. 

Using mosaic tiles you can make and decorate:

  • wall hangings
  • ornaments
  • coasters
  • picture frames
  • candle holders
  • vases
  • mirrors
  • table tops 

and much more!

Mosaics can be applied to practically any surface so the only limit is in your imagination.

You can get many different visual effects using reflective or iridescent materials and you can be as creative as you want to be!

With outdoor mosaic tile kits, you can decorate items such as bird baths and plant pots.

Mosaic art is so versatile.  And each piece of art will be unique depending on the materials and colours you use. 

Whilst you can make your own mosaic art with your own supplies, not everyone has broken glass, china or other suitable materials to hand. 

These mosaic kits for adults are not only fun but also convenient!

Benefits from crafting with mosaic kits for beginners

  • no special tools are needed as the material comes ready to be used
  • mosaic kits contain everything you need (eg vintage china, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, fused glass, ribbon, adhesive, grout)
  • instructions are included for you to follow
  • it’s very tactile/hands on craft, drawing you into the ‘flow’
  • improves hand-eye coordination
  • great for self-esteem
  • finding/rediscovering your creativity without any pressure
  • social – get together with friends/family and create from mosaic kits together
  • easy and fun

If this will be your first time crafting with the mosaic technique, the kits in this collection are a brilliant starting point for beginners.

If you then find out you enjoy creating mosaics, you’ll have some experience and be able to use that when you buy your own supplies.

If you’re an experienced crafter, the convenience of everything you need in a kit is a big plus.

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Mosaic Kits For Adults

1. Sea Glass Coaster Mosaic Kit

Also available: unicorn, owl, robin, elephant, dolphins, cat, butterfly and star

two coasters, one blue and one green, on a white and blue background which have been made from a mosaic kit
Montet Mosaics

These green and blue glass mosaic coasters are a great addition to any table!

And with each mosaic kit full of unique pieces of glass, no two sets will look the same.

This glass mosaic kit for adults is a great starter kit with no special tools needed as all glass comes already pre-snipped.

Perfect for you or makes an ideal gift for adults.

The sea glass mosaic kit is also suitable for children under supervision.

Why not have a mosaic crafting party and impress your friends?  Get in touch with shop owner Audrey and she can put together a custom order for you.

10cm x 10cm x 4 coasters

This glass mosaic craft kit includes:

  • 4 coasters made of birch plywood – 10cm x 10cm
  • Selection of blue and green sea glass and tumbled stained glass pieces
  • 50ml PVA glue
  • 150g white grout
  • 1 glue spreader
  • Roman mosaic fun fact
  • Mosaic & grouting instructions

Prices start from £18

2. Mosaic Coaster Kit

Also available: bird, round mosaic mirror, heart and seasonal mosaic kits

Two mustard and grey mosaic coasters in a box with all the supplies you need to make them
Sophie Robins Mosaics

This mosaic kit for adults contains everything you will need to make your own pair of coasters.

Sophie chose the colours to suit a contemporary interior colour scheme in shades of grey, denim, mustard and mirror.

The tiles have been sorted and hand cut so you can recreate the version in the picture or you can mix them up and design your own.

This mosaic kit makes an ideal gift to give away or as a creative project just for you!

If you are gifting this kit and would like a personal message, just include that in the details with your order.

The mosaic kit includes:

  • 2 circular wooden bases 10cm diameter
  • tiles in shades of grey, denim blue, mustard and mirror
  • glue and spreader
  • black grout
  • step by step instructions including pictures

Free postage.

Prices start at £22

3. Mosaic Kit Vintage China Bird

Also available: Blue Tit, Robin, elephant, coasters, Scottie dog, heart

mosaic vintage bird hanging in blues and reds made from a mosaic kit
Judy Jam Jar

This vintage china bird mosaic kit includes everything you need: vintage china, glass nuggets, tiles, adhesive and grout.

The materials have been prepared for you so no tools are needed.

The vintage china has been cut and tumbled to remove sharp edges and there are a good selection for you to use your own creativity and design.

Full instructions are included.

Suitable for indoor use only once made.

This mosaic set comes in a choice of 2 colour ranges:

  • Willow pattern blue and white with red accents
  • Chintzy floral with green and pink accents

These lovely mosaic china birds are 17cm x 11cm.

This mosaic kit is suitable for adults and children age 10+ can create with this kit. Younger children may be able to manage with help.

A great gift for someone else or fun craft project for yourself. 

Prices start at £18

4. DIY Mosaic Candle Holder Set

Candle holder decorated with mosaics with a candle lit inside plus 6 smaller images showing the different colour schemes available
Studio Mosart

If you need that little bit of extra help or you’re a visual learner, this DIY mosaic candle holder set has a video showing you how to make the candle holders.

In this mosaic kit you will receive:

  • 2 x Candle holders
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Beads
  • Adhesive (Transparent Silicone)
  • Candles
  • Instructions

There’s five choices of colours from the dropdown box.

Feel a sense of pride every time you light your candles because you made it!

Studio Mosart is a young mosaic artist from Istanbul.

FREE postage to the UK.

Prices start at £38

5. Seahorse DIY Mosaic Craft Kit

Also available: Geko, snail, unicorn, fish, cat, heart, angel, robin, cupcake, pendant, star

seahorse ornament made from blue and green mosaics
Lily Mosaics by Lis

This mosaic starter kit is ideal for children (from aged 6+) and adults.

The mosaic kit contains everything you need to mosaic a lovely seahorse. 

You can paint the sides and back of the MDF-based seahorse shape if you want to, before or after adding your mosaic tiles.

This mosaic kit for adults includes:

  • MDF seahorse base shape
  • squeezy bottle of glue
  • bag of powdered grout
  • polishing cloth
  • a bag filled with lovely tiles, buttons, nuggets, etc,
  • a length of string to hang the seahorse up with

You can change the colour of the grout. 

Once you’ve mixed the white powdered grout with water to form a firm paste, you can add a blob of acrylic paint to change the colour.

Prices start at £15

6. Dragonfly Mosaic Kit

Also available: bee, butterfly, owl, beach hut, bird, sunflower, dolphin, wreath, poppy, ladybird, rainbow, campervan, Union Jack

Dragonfly ornament made from green a blue mosaic tiles
Wild About Craft

This is a beautiful Dragonfly mosaic tile kit to make up for yourself or to gift.

No Cutting required. Size approx 27.5cm x 22cm

This mosaic kit includes:

  • Full Colour instructions
  • 5mm wooden plywood cutout
  • Wood glue
  • pack of tiles (made from recycled glass with soft edges)
  • pair of disposable gloves and bag of grout

Your kit is posted in a sturdy, recyclable box, with tissue wrapping and a ‘Made with Love’ sticker.

If you’re buying as a gift, Tracy can include A FREE Gift Message card.

This kit is suitable for adults and older children with supervision. It’s not suitable for small children due to small parts and glue/grout.

Let Tracy know if you require hanging holes and we she will drill them for you.

This mosaic kit is suitable for outdoors once it has been varnished with exterior varnish (not supplied) and would make a fantastic garden mosaic.

FREE Shipping (UK only) by 2nd class Royal Mail.

Prices start at £22

7. Hedgehog Mosaic Kit

Also available: whale, bee, heart, sheep, beach hut,

Hedgehog ornament made from mosaic tiles
Moon Hare Studio

You’re guaranteed to have fun making this cute mosaic hedgehog!

You’ll receive easy to follow instructions and pre-cut glass and ceramic tile shapes. All you need to do is just glue and grout!

The base is MDF and suitable for indoor use.

This hedgehog measures 15cm long and 9cm high.

This mosaic set includes:

  • pre cut mosaic shape mdf base
  • grout
  • mixing tub
  • glue
  • positioning stick
  • glue/grout stick
  • instructions

Adela suggests a face mask and gloves for grouting but this isn’t included.

Prices start at £15

8. Mosaic Craft Kit Fairy Door

Also available: rainbow, heart, initials, elephant, kite, heart, dinosaur, caterpillar, butterfly, fish, dolphin, whale, unicorn, hot air balloon and more

3 different style fairy doors created with a mosaic kit and 2 MDF boards undecorated
Make Mosaic Creations

How cute is this fairy door made from a mosaic kit!

Your fairy door will be unique to you because you get to choose a primary and secondary colour and which design from 5 fairy door templates.

A – Traditional house
B – Pointed
C – Cut out heart
D – Cut out window
E – Arch door

You can also request personalisation and the letter beads will be added to your kit.

Each mosaic kit includes:

  • 9.5cm fairy door template
  • pot of glue
  • glue spreader
  • bag of powdered grout (grouting is optional)
  • bag of high quality mosaic tiles in various shapes and sizes
  • letter beads for personalisation (if requested)
  • full instructions

Grouting is entirely optional.   

The grout contains cement particles so care should be taken when preparing.

It is advisable to wear gloves and a face covering to avoid irritation or inhalation (not included).

This is a great value kit with FREE postage.

Prices start at £7.75

9. Mosaic Mirror DIY Craft Kit

This small independent business has over 50 mosaic kits for adults to choose from.

Mirror decorated on the outside of the mirror with mosaic tiles
Elaine Farmer Mosaics

I love the available options for this mosaic mirror kit.

Included in the kit:

  • easy-to-follow instructions
  • a range of glistening, reflective glass tesserae tiles
  • a mirror
  • glue
  • circular MDF board
  • grout

There are 12 tile colours to choose from AND the colour you would like your grout.

The mirror can lean-to independently or be wall mounted and comes with a ‘D’ ring for hanging on the back.

Size 20cm
Mirror 10cm

Prices start at £11

10. Mosaic Mandala Kit

Also available: Blue Hare, Fox, Union Jack, Bee

Mandala ornament made from mosiac tiles
Muddle House Mosaics

This is a mosaic that is suitable for beginners and intermediate.

Jo recommends from 10yrs + with adult supervision.  There are small parts and possible sharp edges on some tiles in this kit.

Included in this fabulous mosaic kit:

  • Wooden base
  • mosaic tiles
  • PVA glue
  • glue spatula
  • grout
  • grout stirrer
  • craft tweezers
  • gloves
  • D Ring
  • Instructions

No cutting of tiles is required to create this mosaic.

The size of the mosaic mandala is 29cm diameter.

Free postage to the UK.

Prices start at £23

11. Forget-Me-Not Heart Mosaic Kit

Also available: beach hut, butterfly, coasters

Heart ornament decorated in blue and orange mosaic tiles
China Petals Mosaic

This mosaic kit with abstract Forget-Me-Nots is a lovely kit to make yourself, give as a present or make yourself to give as a gift.

Full step by step instructions with pictures are included plus a tutorial video on the China Petals website showing you the whole process, including grouting.

Diane has designed this as a mosaic starter kit.  Children could join in with adult supervision.

This mosaic kit includes:

  • Making and grouting step by step instructions with photos
  • Online tutorial
  • Heart shape (12cm across)
  • Acrylic glue in a handy bottle
  • A selection of different shaped mosaic tiles
  • Grout powder
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Jumbo mixing stick
  • Cocktail Stick
  • Ribbon 

    You will need a disposable tub to mix the grout – an old yoghurt pot would be perfect.

For indoor display only.

Prices start at £21.99

12. Owl Mosaic Kit

Indoor and garden Mosaic Kits are available from this seller.

Mosaic tiles, box and completed mosaic owl in a mosaic kit for adults
Primrose Mosaics

I love that this kit can be personalised with up to 20 alphabet beads to include a name or message!

Craft yourself a beautiful owl shaped mosaic with this kit.

This mosaic kit for beginners is fun and simple to make and there is no cutting of tiles required.

This kits makes an ideal gift for creative friends and family.

It is also the perfect activity to do alongside your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews to create special memories together.

What’s in the box?

  • Paper pattern
  • MDF wooden base, drilled ready for easy hanging
  • Non-toxic adhesive
  • Glue Spreader
  • Selection of tesserae (mosaic pieces)
  • Lolly stick (for mixing grout)
  • Cocktail sticks
  • 2 pairs of latex free gloves (medium adult size and XS kids’ size)
  • White grout
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Ribbon

Full instructions for every stage of the process is included.

These kits are also available in many other designs such as butterflies, dinosaurs, hearts and rockets.

Prices start at £23

13. Mini Mirror Mosaic Kit

Bird Bath Mosaic Kits are also available from this seller.

montage of four photos sowing different aspects of a mirror surrounded by mosaic tiles made from a kit
Glass Quarter Designs

Perfect for your first time or if you’re an experienced crafter, this mosaic kit has everything you need to easily create this beautiful mirror.

In the kit:

  • laser cut plywood disk 20cm with 10cm bevelled mirror
  • written and photo instructions
  • selection of deluxe lustre tiles and petals
  • waterproof wood glue
  • black grout
  • wooden spreader
  • cloth
  • bamboo cotton buds
  • toothpicks
  • hanging hook

If this colour doesn’t suit you décor don’t worry, you’ll find other colourways with this kit.

Prices start at £28

14. Blue Moon Mosaic Kit

Lots of different design mosaic kits are available from Moonrise Mosaics but this is my favourite.

Quarter moon decoration made from mosaic tiles in a kit
Moonrise Mosaics

How stunning is this! It really catches the eye doesn’t it. I’ve just bought it for myself and will let you know how I get on.

This beautiful moon hanging mosaic kit for adults would make an ideal gift or a project for yourself.

No tile cutting required for this kit.

Your kit contains:

  • wooden moon base
  • mosaic tiles
  • grout
  • wooden spoon for mixing grout
  • cocktail stick
  • pair of gloves
  • glue
  • hanging cord
  • step by step instructions and pictures

The moon measures – approximately 15cm x 6cm.

Prices start at £22

The mosaic kits on this page are for adults and some of the expert crafters suggest also suitable for children if under supervision, however, you can purchase mosaic kits specifically for children

With mosaic kits for children, the glass and stone are replaced with foil and foam tiles ensuring no sharp edges and making them child friendly.

Mosaic art can be done any time of year whether you’re inside or making the most of good weather outside in the garden. 

You can create alone or you can get a group of family and friends together making the same piece or different pieces.  So much choice!

Making mosaics is fun and therapeutic.  You don’t need my permission but I’m telling you to go have some fun 🙂 

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  1. Hi Nicky,

    are you in the UK? You can buy pre-cut glitter tiles. You’ll also need adhesive for your plastic circles, grout and protective gloves. The info here will give you an idea of what you need to do https://www.themosaicshop.co.uk/making-a-mosaic

    I would draw your idea out on paper first to see if it works and then source what you will need.

    I hope this helps. If you need anything else, give me a shout. Just on my way out for lunch and a walk but I’ll check back later.

  2. Hi Shaz, Just love your designs and reaching out for help. I have bought a hydria fountain and in the pictures they show a mosaic topper, which they do not sell. I want something like this but with glitter glass mini tiles. I have bought a plastic circles 30cm but I need ideas re design. Never done anything like this so have no clue what materials I need – happy to buy them from you. I am a creative person but need guidance. Thought of blues and white tiles. Can you help and what would be the cost. If you can’t help really understand

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