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40+ Best Gifts For Crocheters : the ultimate guide 2024

Are you feeling overwhelmed from searching to find the best gifts for crocheters?

My ultimate gift guide will help you to choose the best gift, even if you have no experience of crocheting yourself.

Get the crocheter in your life a gift they will love

Or maybe you’re a crocheter yourself looking for gift ideas to add to your wish list that you can share with family and friends?

From everyday and practical to unique, you’re sure to find the best gift ideas for the crocheter in my gift guide.

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Whether you, your loved one or friend is a beginner or more advanced, I have gift ideas to suit all skill levels. And all budgets. 

There are three ways you can use this guide. Clicking on the gift amounts below will take you to the section for that price band, you can open the table of contents and browse or scroll down for itemized gifts. Once at the crochet gift, click on the numbered gift to be taken to where you can buy it from.

Choose the perfect gift at any budget

Gifts for Crocheters £10 and less

Looking for a gift to say thank you, a stocking filler or Secret Santa gift?  I’ve got some great recommendations for gifts that crocheters will love.

1. Scissors

scissors used for crochet, knitting, sewing, embroidery

Scissors are one of our must haves. We use them to snip the yarn when we change colour, finish crocheting and for snipping ends after weaving them.

These scissors are hardwearing and highly rated.

I have these and have used them for over 5 years so great value for money!

Small and lightweight, they can be popped in craft bags and used while on the move.

2. Tapestry Needles

15 tapestry needles of different sizes

Tapestry needles are another must. Mostly used for sewing in ends, we also use them if we need to embroider on a crochet project.

These 15 needles come with a nifty clear bottle for storage.

3. Retractable Tape Measure

Retractable tape measure with a pink and white hard cover

I’ve used my Prym tape measure in the image above for a long time. There is very little wear and tear (and I use it a lot).

Soft and clear with easy-to-read markings, this covered retractable tape measure will be a great addition to any crocheters kit.

4. Row Counter

Digital row stitch counter in turquoise

It’s easy to get distracted and forget which row of the pattern you’re on. Unless you have a row counter 🙂

Just push a button every time a row is completed to keep count –  infinitely better than a tally with pen and paper. 

This row counter is available in 9 different colours so there’s likely to be a colour match for you.

Another low cost addition to a crocheters kit.

5. Stitch Markers/Progress Keepers

Stitch markers handmade from Polymer Clay in Rainbow Cake Slices
Cupcake Crochet Crafts

Crocheters love to use different stitch markers (aka progress keepers) in our work to mark decreases and pattern changes.  

Whenever I put a project down, I always remove my hook and use a stitch marker in the last stitch worked. I don’t have problems with my work unravelling! And my project is all set for me to just pick up and start again.

I’m always on the look out for stitch markers that are different, just like these handmade rainbow cake slice stitch markers. This independent seller has included an option for different fixings, my favourite is the lobster clasp.

A uniqe, low cost accessory that your crocheter will love.

6. Crochet Enamel Pin

3 crochet enamel pins in the shape of a ball of yarn and crochet hook saying 'just one more row'

I’ll let you into a secret, crocheters love anything to do with crochet … and these cute yarn and crochet hook enamel pins would make a fabulous gift.

Three different colour variations to choose from (and a discount for buying all 3).

7. Wooden Pom Pom Maker

Four photos showing how to use a wooden pom pom maker
Sew Pro Crafts

This is a brilliant tool for making pom poms for hats, scarves, gloves and more!

This wooden fork pom pom maker makes 2 sizes of Pom Poms in one:

  • 30mm
  • 50mm

It’s very easy to use.

8. Tension Gauge Tool / Swatch Gauge

crocheted fabric with a swatch gauge laid over
Laser by J

A tension square or a swatch gauge is essential in helping to make a good-fitting garment or for any project where tension needs to be accurate.

This nifty little tool helps to easily measure tension by placing it on the piece of crocheted fabric and counting the number of stitches across the window. Easy!

9. Crochet Hook Gauge

A crochet hook gauge in US and UK sizes
Laser by J

When favourite crochet hooks are used a lot, they lose the mark that tells us the size of the hook. It gets rubbed off over time. 

A crochet hook gauge is perfect for easily identifying the size of crochet hooks. No more using the wrong hook!

10. Wraps Per Inch Tool

wooden wraps per inch tool used to measure the weight of yarn
Laurette Crafts UK

Yarn can lose their ball bands which makes it difficult to remember the weight of yarn.

Wraps per inch (WPI) is a useful tool for crocheters to help them find out the thickness of yarn.

This simple tool works by wrapping yarn around the 1″ section. The count of the total number of strands works out the thickness/weight of the yarn.

No more trying to guess!

11. Tassel Maker

turqouise tassel maker in its packaging

Tassels give a fabulous finish to lots of different crochet projects and it’s often the last piece of kit that a crocheter will think of buying for themselves.

This tassel maker makes 5 different size tassels:  6cm,7cm,8cm,9cm and 10cm.

12. Yarn Cutter Pendant

Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant in its packaging

If there are younger children at home then a yarn cutter pendant could be your best buy.

The rotary cutting blade is integrated within the pendant making it safe.

Most crocheters love to take a project to work on when they go on holiday. This yarn cutter can be used on planes making it perfect for the traveller.

Clover is a well-respected brand so you know you’re getting the best quality.

13. Engraved Crochet Hook

Bamboo crochet hook personalised
Wood Paper Scissors UK

This engraved bamboo hook is the perfect personalised gift for any fan of crochet.

These 5mm bamboo hooks have just the right amount of grip to keep slippery yarns steady. Excellent for the hands too, as the bamboo can warm and shape to fit the hands, over time.

Each 5mm hook is engraved with the name of your choice and HAPPY PLACE.

Each hook is engraved by Wood Paper Scissors in their Cornwall workshops making it unique.

14. Hydrate Scent Refresh Hand Spray

Cath Kidston's Hydrate Refresh Hand Spray

I received this as a gift from a friend and now use it every day.

Our skin holds on to certain smells, not so good if you’re a crocheter! My hands used to dry out, especially between fingers, but they don’t now. They feel fresh and hydrated and smell great!

  • Rinse-free hydrating 15ml hand cleansing spray with glycerin to leave hands feeling fresh and clean
  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly
  • Citrus & Sandalwood fragrance with notes of green limes, pineapple, mandarin and sandalwood leaves hands delicately scented

15. Sock Bag/Project Bag

Crochet or knitting project bag made from fabric with swallows

This small zip top bag is perfect for small knitting or crochet projects.

Ideal for popping into a rucksack for on the go crocheting while commuting.

These bags are also great for holding scissors, pompom makers and whatever else us crafty folk like to carry round and have handy!

Bags measure 8 x 7in (22 x 18cm) and have a 3in (8cm) flat bottom.

16. Personalised Crochet Mug

Yarn quote on a white mug

When we’re crocheting we often have a beverage on the go (although if a hot drink, it gets cold because we lose ourselves in the flow of the stitches 🙂 ). 

I love this quote because it is so true! 

 You’ll find all sorts of mugs from Etsy sellers – from the pretty to tongue-in-cheek crochet quotes.

A fabulous gift for crocheters.

Goes perfectly with a treat of a luxury tea gift or speciality coffee box.

17. Crochet Journal

Pages in a printable crochet journal

The pages in this printable crochet journal include:

  • HOOK INVENTORY/CONVERSION CHART – if you’re using a US pattern, knowing the UK equivalent size hook is very useful (and vice versa)
  • PLANNED PROJECTS – keep on top of the crochet projects you have planned
  • CROCHET JOURNAL – record what your project is, your pattern source, yarn, yardage, where you bought from, guage, hook, when you started the crochet project and when you finished, finished dimensions, care instructions, changes you made to the pattern and what you learned from the crochet project
  • YARN STASH INVENTORY – keep a list of the brand, dye lot, weight of yarn, how many skeins/balls and hook size
  • PLAN INDIVIDUAL CROCHET PROJECTS – project, notes, yarn, hook size, guage and graph paper

Print out these 7 journal pages, add them to a pretty folder and gift to your crochet lover to help them organise their projects.

18. Personalised Tags

faux leather personalised tag for crafters is resting on an open palm
Pray for Rainbow

Help your crocheter make their mark by using personalised tags on their work.

Crafted from high-quality faux leather material, these tags are durable and long-lasting. They are also designed to be sewn onto items, ensuring they stay in place and won’t easily fall off.

These personalised tags have 18 colours to choose from.  Something to suit everyone.

19. Yarn Tension Ring

Montage of four photos showing a fox, snake, leaves and peacock yarn tension rings
First Steps UK

No matter your experience with crocheting, there are times when your tension might not be the same. This could be if you’ve been crocheting sat on the sofa watching the TV but the next time you pick up your project to work on you’re sat in your car waiting for your kids activity to finish/school to end. Or you haven’t worked on the project for a while and the yarn you’ve worked has stretched. Enter a yarn tension ring!

This independent seller has a range of different yarn tension rings and the size can easily be adjusted to suit your finger size by pulling apart or squeezing together.

A tension ring isn’t as hard to wear and use as you might be thinking. And at this low price point, well worth trying out.

Crochet Books and Magazines

I’ve used and loved the crochet books and magazines below.

From learning new stitches to trying new projects and techniques, these are brilliant resources that will be used again and again.

20. Readly Magazine Subscription

front cover for Simply Crochet magazine

I’ve been subscribed to Readly for a few years now.  Paying a monthly fee, I have access to more than 5000 digital magazines. 

You can download and read offline and there’s no cap, it’s unlimited reading!

I have 4 other profiles besides mine for members of my family (totally allowed) and we all use the app regularly.  That’s a lot of savings!

The best crochet magazines from the UK and US are available on Readly.  My regular crochet magazines:

  • Crochet!
  • Crochet World
  • Crochet Now
  • Simply Crochet
  • Quick and Easy Crochet
  • Your Crochet and Knitting
  • Mollie Makes

As well as paying monthly, you can gift a 3, 6 or 12 month gift card.

A perfect gift for anyone, not just crocheters!

21. Crochet Now Magazine

front cover of Crochet Now magazine

Crochet magazines are great for a variety of patterns, tips and guides as well as a free gift. 

They’re well-loved by many crocheters (myself included!).

22. Crochet Shawl Patterns

Book cover for Delicious Crochet Shawls by Lisa Cook.  Dark haired woman wearing one of the shawls

I’ve worked through a few of the shawls in this book and loved each and every one. 

Highly recommended.

23. Modern Granny Square Crochet

Book cover for Modern Granny Square Crochet and more by Laura Strutt.  Wall has different shaped granny squares and a bed with cushions made from crochet granny squares in all different colours

Granny squares are the building blocks for lots of projects and there’s plenty of inspiration in the Modern Granny Square Crochet and More by Laura Strutt. It’s one I have on my bookshelf and have dipped into for the past couple years.

24. Mosaic Crochet Workshop

Book cover for Mosaic Crochet Workshop by Esme Crick.  Blue wall, grey floor with a wooden chair draped with a blanket made from mosaic crochet in brown and cream

The Mosaic Crochet Workshop by Esme Crick shows how to make 12 bold, statement throws and then how to use the same pattern to create a further 12 spin-off designs for smaller projects, showing how using different yarn colours with the same pattern can create completely different results.

I was gifted this for my birthday. Instructions are so easy to follow and the patterns are stunning.

Mosaic crochet has become increasingly popular with crocheters. Give the gift of learning something new!

25. Beginner’s Guide to Tunisian Crochet

Book cover for Beginner's Guide to Tunisian Crochet by Emma Guess.  Wall hanging in pink and blue on a white wall with the yarn in a basket

Offering the perfect challenge for seasoned and new crocheters alike, this guide takes you from the absolute basics of Tunisian crochet to how to develop skills to create unique designs and textures.

A fabulous gift (and one that’s on my wishlist!).

26. Modern Crochet Bible

Book cover for the Modern Crochet Bible by Sarah Shrimpton.  Blue background with chunky blue yarn and a large crochet hook being held in white hands

The Modern Crochet Bible by Sarah Shrimpton is the definitive guide to all the crochet techniques and stitches necessary to create stunning contemporary crochet projects.  And it should be on every crocheter’s bookshelf. Recommended.

27. Easy Amigurumi Patterns

Book Cover for Crochet Cute Critters by Sarah Zimmerman.  A crocheted giraffe and cat sit on a white table with a blue wall behind them

Crochet Cute Critters by Sarah Zimmerman is packed with simple patterns for creating adorable animals.

The easy-to-make designs are perfect for beginning crocheters as well as advanced enthusiasts of amigurumi.

28. Rainbow Crocheted Blankets: A block-by-block guide to creating colourful afghans and throws

book cover for Rainbow Crocheted Blankets by Amanda Perkins.  9 colourful blankets are folded on top of each other

The book contains:

  • basic instruction on yarns and hooks
  • explains how to join motifs and sew in ends
  • provides a brief guide to using colour

For each blanket there is an index of motifs used, accompanied by the instructions for how to make them: both in written form and as a chart.

Each crochet project has a full colour chart, and takes the reader block by block through the entire construction process. 

Gifts for Crocheters £30 and less

Got a little more to spend? These gifts for the crocheter will be sure to impress.

29. Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

A set of ergonomic crochet hooks made in autumn colours and a set of stitch markers in the same tones

These gorgeous handmade ergonomic crochet hooks are made from polymer clay and sanded down through 6 different sand grits papers for an amazing smooth finish.

Nico, the crafter of the hooks, is a crocheter so knows how important it is to find the right hook for pain free hands.

These truly are a unique gift for crocheters.

30. Crochet Hook Holder

Crochet hook holder in pink and white with 7 crochet hooks and a pair of scissors standing upright in the holder

This is the perfect way to store all-important crochet tools!

Ideal for keeping workspaces tidy but also a stylish way to store essential crochet tools. Hooks can be organised, ensuring that you always have the right hook size on-hand.

Holding up to 25 hooks, needles and scissor, this crochet hook holder has a strong plastic base with a silicone insert that has a ton of different sized slots to fit your crochet hooks and accessories.

Perfect for gifting (or keeping for yourself!).

31. Personalised Crochet Project Bag

personalised crochet tote bag. Cream fabric with a heart of wool and a crochet hook through the ball of yarn

A simple but effective design on these personalised crochet bags will suit a wide range of tastes.

With 15 letter colours to choose from and in two different bag colours, you’ll be able to choose the perfect gift for crocheters.

32. Crochet Quote T-Shirt

crochet quote 'crochet is my superpower' on a black t-shirt

From the cute and sweet to the sassy and rude, you’re sure to find a quote on these t-shirts that will make the perfect gifts for the crocheter in your life.

33. Rechargeable Neck Light

lit crochet neck light also showing the three different light settings

There are times when we need a little more light when we’re crocheting:

  • when working with a darker yarn and need to see more definition
  • when crocheting in bed when you can’t sleep (yes, it really is therapeutic, if you’re not a crocheter yourself, give it a go – it’s easy to learn to crochet)
  • when the lights are dimmed when the family is watching a movie

I have this neck light. It isn’t heavy or uncomfortable to wear. The blue light filter is easy on the eye and with 3 light settings, options to choose from.  And it’s rechargeable.  Perfect.


Yarns are one of the best gifts for the crocheter you can buy.

Choose a colour pack, splash out on luxurious hand-dyed yarn, gift a subscription or a crochet kit. Whatever your budget, my favourite yarns have you covered.

34. Paintbox Yarn Colour Packs

Paintbox Yarns in brown, cream, red, sage and blue

The colour packs available in Paintbox Yarns are simply stunning.  They compliment each other beautifully! And are lovely to work with, crocheting up beautifully.

35. Hand-Dyed Yarn

hand dyed yarn in vibrant colours

Working with new fibres really is a treat!  And these hand-dyed yarns from small business owners are unique.

Gift your crochet lover luxury with hand dyed yarn and they’ll love you forever 🙂

36. Colour Yarn Packs

10 balls of Emu Classic DK yarn in a pyramid with a white background

Emu yarn is one of my favourite yarns to work with and at such a reasonable price, you won’t go wrong in choosing a colour pack to gift.

37. Crochet Blanket Kits

crochet blanket made from the late summer sunsets kit

Gift a blanket crochet kit and you’re giving a complete project to your crocheter.

I crocheted the blanket in the photo above (from The Knitting Network’s Late Summer Sunsets kit).

It was so convenient to have the yarn and pattern together. 


Prices range from less than £20.

38. Yarn Winder

KnitPro yarn winder

A yarn winder is so much better than using the back of a chair or your neck to wind balls of yarn!

This KnitPro version winds ball weights of 100g and less.

Useful for hanks of handspun yarn and winding your yarn leftovers – some people prefer to work from wound balls, finding it keeps tension even. And the cakes of yarn are easier to store.

Awesome gift for any level crocheter.

Gifts for Crocheters over £30

These extra special gifts for crocheters will make you the shining star.

39. Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set

9 Clover Amour Crochet Hooks ranging in size from 2mm to 6mm

I’ve been using Clover crochet hooks for the past 5+ years. I haven’t needed to replace any of them.

As well as taking the strain from my hands and wrists, they’re great value!

These are the best crochet hooks I’ve ever used.

40. Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

Tunisian Crochet hooks laid out in a fan shape with 3 cables and stoppers to the side
©Jera’s Jamboree

Just take a moment to appreciate how stunning these KnitPro Tunisian crochet hooks are!

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, warm to the touch and gentle in the hand, these are treasured gifts for crocheters.

I was lucky enough to be gifted this set for Christmas (see photo above – this is my set). I’ve been using them on a few projects and wow, such great quality.

The yarn glides so smoothly on the hook! It’s easy to tighten the cable and stopper and just as easy to undo. This is a gift for crocheters I can recommend.

Perfect for Tunisian Crochet blankets and other Tunisian Crochet projects.

41. Personalised Ceramic Yarn Bowl

white personalised ceramic yarn bowl with red flower design

Hand painted with a whimsical design of either hearts, stars, flowers or spots, this gift is sure to win the heart of your crocheter.

Jo paints to order, then hand glazes and the yarn bowl is professionally fired. 

Truly a unique gift!

42. Blocking Mat

blocking mat for blocking crochet and knitting pieces

Blocking a finished crochet project can be difficult if you don’t have the equipment or don’t have the space.

Wooden blocks are ok but don’t last long. They have a tendency to crack and swell from the water or steam.

These interlocking blocking mats are made from extra strong and sturdy foam. They stay put together when placed upright against a wall while your project is drying.  Brilliant!

The grid lines make it easy to precisely block your project and measure tension swatch to precision so that you always end up with an expert finish.

A practical but very useful gift for your crocheter.

43. Modular Storage Cubes

modular storage cubes with a frosted door

Ask any crocheter about their yarn stash and most will tell you it’s stored in corners, in plastic tubs, hidden behind the sofa, under the bed …

These 15 modular storage cubes are perfect for keeping yarn together in one place.  And as a bonus, each cube comes with a frosted door keeping your yarn dust free!

It’s easy to assemble following the instructions and takes approximately 30 minutes to build.

With such a simple design, this storage system will suit all home-décor styles.

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Enjoy shopping!

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