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Book Review | A Gift in December by Jenny Gladwell

I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on A Gift in December by Jenny Gladwell. 

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Jane has given up on love. She might have uncovered the news scandal of the year, but she’s also been dumped by boyfriend Simon . . . and has spent the last month avoiding him at the office.

With Christmas fast-approaching, Jane’s heart is no closer to mending.

But Jane’s boss has other plans for her. She needs someone to go on a luxurious press trip to Norway to cover the story of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and she’s selected Jane to go.

Jane would much rather wallow at home than spend a week in the fjords with some ditzy bloggers, a snippy publicist, ever-cheerful colleague Ben and handsome-but-arrogant TV presenter Philip Donnelly.

But as Jane throws herself into the trip and starts to enjoy herself, it seems that love hasn’t quite given up on her just yet…

Amid all the snow, could a gift be awaiting her underneath the mistletoe?

A Gift in December by Jenny Gladwell is published by Hodder & Stoughton and is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.

Book Review

The two week press trip in Norway to cover the cutting down of the Queen fir for Trafalgar Square is packed full of luxury, glamour and activities.  There are opportunities for the group to get to know each other better (although the actions Jane chooses do isolate her at times).  I had no idea what was coming our way because I was caught up in enjoying what was happening and not thinking any deeper!  Jenny Gladwell had me fooled. 🙂 I loved how the group all pulled together in support when it was needed. 

As much as I enjoyed the romance, the historical mystery kept me intrigued.  This part of the story adds another layer of romance as well as highlighting the importance of what happened in 1940.

You know the holiday blues? This is how I felt after I had finished reading! The perfect setting and pace, great characters, conflict and romance.  If you’re looking for a winter read for escapism and to give you that feel-good buzz, A Gift in December ticks the boxes.

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Jenny Gladwell is a pen name for Genevieve Herr. Genevieve was born and grew up in London and began working in publishing after university. She studied for a Creative Writing MA alongside her job as a children’s book editor at Scholastic, and her dissertation was awarded the Sophie Warne Memorial essay prize for outstanding emerging writer. Genevieve lives in Scotland with her family.

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