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Review | The Hidden Beach | Karen Swan #romanticsuspense

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I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on The Hidden Beach by Karen Swan.


Bell is so much more than an employee in the Mogert household.  She’s a part of the family! Often to the detriment of her own private life.  And when the secret is exposed, she becomes even more entangled …

I think this line is brilliant:

“<snip> and following them back here, the lies and secrets pinned to them like shadows.”

I never knew what to make of Hanna (Max is mostly on the periphery) mainly I think because I couldn’t work out what was motivating her and what decisions she would make.  Although I understand what lengths a mother would go to being a mum myself, I didn’t agree on a few things she does.  Bell and Linus (he’s an amazing young person) were my anchors in this story. Oh and Emil.  The more we get inside his head, the more empathy I had for him.

The flashbacks are intriguing (and seamlessly done).  It took me a long time to have that ‘aha’ moment because I thought I had all the answers.  The twists are very clever.

Karen Swan has such a skill in transporting her readers to the locations in her stories and this story is no exception.  Stockholm and island life were vibrant and alive.  I always feel very fortunate to be able to experience a different culture and way of life vicariously and this author always delivers.

The ending was perfect.  I read through my tears.

The Hidden Beach explores the emotions (sometimes irrational) that comes with being a parent; friendships; the love of other and the love of self.  It was a page turner for me.

Karen Swan is the Sunday Times top three bestselling author of sixteen books and her novels sell all over the world. She writes two books each year – one for the summer period and one for the Christmas season. Previous winter titles include Christmas at TiffanysThe Christmas SecretThe Christmas Lights, and for summer, The Rome AffairThe Greek Escape and The Spanish Promise.

Her books are known for their evocative locations and Karen sees travel as vital research for each story. She loves to set deep, complicated love stories within twisty plots, sometimes telling two stories in the same book.

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