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How to make a pumpkin Halloween bookmark

Making a pumpkin Halloween bookmark is an easy DiY craft to do with your kids or grandkids. 

Finished pumpkin halloween bookmark placed on an open lined notebook

The bonus is that you probably have everything you need in your craft box already. If you don’t, the supplies needed are very reasonably priced and you’ll be able to use them again on other crafts. 

Swapping out the pumpkin for any shape you want makes this an all-year round DiY craft. 

Try it with a flower template or find a character they love to sketch round to use as a template.  The possibilities are endless!

The kids will be honing their fine motor skills with pencil control and practicing their cutting out skills. It’s also a great craft to boost their self esteem. They’ll be very proud of what they’ve achieved.

The family will enjoy a crafting session together and it’s a great way to encourage them to read 🙂


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Supplies needed:

Step by step instructions for making a pumpkin halloween bookmark

Step 1

Draw a sketch of a pumpkin

Flat lay image of green, black, yellow, orange and white paper with a skull.  One hand is drawing a template of a pumpkin

Step 2

Cut out the sketch

hands in view cutting out a pumpkin template

Step 3

Draw round your pumpkin template on a piece of orange paper or felt and cut it out.

Using a pumpkin template to draw round on orange paper

Step 4

Draw out the green part of your pumpkin on card or felt

using the original pumpkin template to cut out the green card

Step 5

Stick the green part to the pumpkin using double sided sticky pads

a cut out green top for a pumpkin to add to the halloween bookmark

Step 6

Cut out 2 eyes from the black paper or felt

Step 7

Stick the eyes on your pumpkin using glue dots

Step 8

Stick the pumpkin to the ice cream stick using glue dots

completed pumpkin halloween bookmark

Ta-dah! Your pumpkin Halloween bookmark is finished.

Origami bookmarks are another fabulous craft that will help your kids with their fine motor control. All you need is some card and your hands. Follow our easy steps and keep your little one’s hands busy.

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