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Book Review : The Little Book of Plants for Pollinators by Maureen Little

We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts on The Little Book of Plants for Pollinators by Maureen Little.

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Format: Colour illustrated paperback
ISBN: 978-1-7392308-0-7
Publication date: 16th May 2023

Long-time gardener and horticultural expert Maureen Little knows how important pollinators are and has decided it’s time to share her knowledge of how to draw them in…

The Little Book of Plants for Pollinators includes a compilation of one hundred plants including annuals and biennials, perennials, shrubs and sub-shrubs, and trees.

To be included in this guide, the plant needs to fit three criteria: it will be attractive to pollinators, garden-worthy and suitable for an average UK garden.

As we become increasingly environmentally conscious and committed to protecting our bee population, The Little Book of Plants for Pollinators does something different to many of the books on the market: it focuses on the flowers which attract pollinators.

Based on in-depth research, plus scientific and empirical recommendations, this book informs us of the characteristics of flowers and what makes them attractive to pollinators.

Each plant entry includes details of the flowering season, the optimal growing conditions, soil requirements and propagation techniques.

Three out of four crops across the globe producing fruits or seeds for human use depend on pollinators. As a result, there’s rising demand for knowledge about providing a pollinator-friendly environment in the garden. With this guide, we can give something back to pollinators.

With beautiful watercolour illustrations by Emma Sutton and published to coincide with World Bee Day, The Little Book of Plants for Pollinators is not only a gardener’s essential go-to guide, but a fantastic addition to any gardener’s bag, coffee table or bookshelf.

Book Review

I enjoyed the introduction about the importance of supporting pollinators by growing pollinator friendly plants and flowers in our gardens. I also liked the information about pollinators, as they are crucial to everyone.

It was interesting to discover I am an organic gardener as have never used man made products. I also like to remind my husband about no now May.

This book is filled with wonderful photographs of flowers and useful information. In recent years I have made sure I buy seeds which include pollinator friendly and now I will endeavour to provide a continual array of flowers across spring, summer and autumn.

The Little Book of Plants is a wonderful guide for gardeners to support bees and other pollinators –  interesting facts and information all bound within a beautifully designed book.

About the Author

Maureen Little is an author, gardener and bee-keeper who has worked in horticulture for over 40 years. She has given lectures at RHS Wisley, the Garden Museum in London, the Herb Society and gardening groups and societies nationwide. Maureen has a monthly gardening feature on local community radio Ribble FM. Maureen is a full member of the Garden Media Guild, and the author of The Bee Garden and The Little Book of Popular Perennials. The Little Book of Plants for Pollinators is her latest book.

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