Fiction Book Reviews

If you're a reader looking for fiction book reviews for either the latest books that have been published or an author's backlist it may be that either myself or my guest reviewers have read and shared our thoughts. Although we have our favourite publishers/indie publishers and authors, we are not affiliated with only one.  We choose the books we read because they call to us in some way.  I'm a 'mood reader' and absolutely love it.  My joy in reading has increased tenfold! You'll find an eclectic mix of genres on Jera's Jamboree: children's fiction, contemporary fiction, crime, dystopian, fairy tales, fantasy, ghost stories, historical crime, historical fantasy, historical thriller. literary fiction, psychological suspense, psychological thriller, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, romance, saga, suspense, thriller, science fiction, women's fiction, young adult Our fiction book reviews are all set out the same way.  There is an introductory paragraph (which might only be a couple of sentences) followed by the book cover and blurb.  Who the publisher is and the formats available to purchase follow next.  You'll find our thoughts on the book are next, followed by the author photo (if there is one available) and the author's biography which includes links to website and social media platforms. If you're an author, publisher or blog tour organiser looking for fiction book reviews then please get in touch.  <a href="">Find out more on my review policy.</a> We hope you'll enjoy reading our fiction book reviews.  We enjoy chatting about books and you're very welcome to leave comments on any posts or tweet me (@shazgoodwin). <img class="aligncenter wp-image-612" src="" alt="" width="194" height="109" />