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Review : Gone by Ruby Speechley

We’re delighted to be sharing Elena’s thoughts about Gone by Ruby Speechley.

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My son is missing, and everyone is lying to me.

Last night my son, Shay, sneaked out of the house and didn’t come home. He promised not to go to the illegal party in the woods. But someone’s been attacked and Shay has gone missing. The police want to know if he saw what happened. I’m worried he could be involved.

After all the trouble he’s been in lately, mixing with the wrong crowd, coming home beaten up and scared, I thought we’d put it all behind us. Trouble is, Shay resents me moving my new boyfriend into the family home. I found all sorts on his laptop, including a half-written email warning me not to trust David. What does he know that I don’t?

I’m beginning to fear for his safety. What is David hiding from me? Who have I let into our lives?

I don’t know who I can trust. Will I ever see my son alive again?

Gone Review

When Rachel’s teenage son Shay goes missing one day, his mother Rachel isn’t too worried at first – he’s a hormonal boy and probably out with his friends. When he fails to come home after some considerable time she begins to worry. Determined to find out what has happened she digs around and finds that he’s not the only one missing, a few of his friends are too.

There was a party in the woods and while there a young girl was attacked. Could Shay be responsible? On top of that Rachel finds some money in his room, the same amount that has gone mysteriously missing from a school fundraiser. When she finds a half-written email from him warning her about David, the boyfriend who has recently moved in with them, she doesn’t know what to think.

What has happened to Shay and why? And should she trust David? Does she really know him at all and does he have any idea about what happened to Shay?

Gone is a fast moving, gripping read with some real mystery.

I was gripped from the very beginning and Rachel is utterly bereft at finding her son has gone missing which is something that doesn’t bear thinking about!

I admired her determination to find out what happened and found it difficult to trust David as I thought there was something he was hiding.

I loved how quickly this story moved and how it built up. It’s extremely entertaining and a proper thriller.

The tension runs all the way through the book and I felt Rachel’s anxiety through the pages!

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About the Author

Ruby Speechley is a bestselling psychological thriller writer, whose titles include Someone Else’s Baby. Previously published by Hera, she has been a journalist and worked in PR and lives in Cheshire.

Twitter @RubySpeechley

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Ruby-Speechley-Author/100063999185095/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rubyjtspeechley/

Bookbub profile: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/ruby-speechley

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