• Review Policy

    Welcome to my review policy page.  Firstly, here are some stats:

    • audience ages range from 18 – 65+ with the most popular 25 – 44
    • blog readers are 70% female and 30% male with a range of interests
    • Referrers to Jera’s Jamboree in descending order – search engines, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

    Reviews will be posted to an agreed timescale.  Reviews are posted on my blog, Twitter, Facebook (both personal and blog page), LinkedIn and Google +. I also post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

    Although I have a towering TBR pile I do have two guest reviewers who read and review books (physical copies only) and are interested in a range of genres.  It’s always worth dropping me an email and I can share your book information with them.

    You’re very welcome to request a promotional post (guest post, Q&A or I would love to share your book news).  My audience enjoy reading different genres so although I might not read a specific genre, my audience highly likely will (excepting erotica).

    To request a promotional post for your novel, please visit my Request a Promotion page.  You can also email me at

    I also take part in promotions on blog tours whether via tour organisers or publishers.

    Mine and my guest reviews are always honest.  They are our opinions and therefore subjective.  Please read my disclosure policy for more information.

    I look forward to working with you.