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Emma Bridgewater Mugs : Perfect for Every Occasion

I love the quality of Emma Bridgewater mugs.  And there’s so many designs to choose from!

I’m sharing my favourites (and will try to keep up with new design releases).

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It’s not just the designs that draw me in though, I love the fact that it’s still a family run business with Emma and her husband Matthew Rice designing together.  

All of the pottery comes from traditional Staffordshire cream-coloured earthenware which is made in their own factory in Stoke-on-Trent.  

All of their pieces are individually hand-decorated so what you’re buying is unique!  

I have several mugs and tend to cycle them around. They last for years in the same condition as when you purchased them.

Emma Bridgewater Collections

Blossom and Blue Tits Collection

Emma Bridgewater Blossom and Blue Tit collection: plates, milk jug, mugs
What’s your favourite bird?

We have a pair of Blue Tits that visit our garden several times a day. They’re really quick on the seed feeder and fat balls and tend to come when the sparrows flock in (safety in numbers?).

I LOVE how well the blue tits, blossom and spring flowers have been used for this collection. Just look at that jug!

I’ve hinted I would love the Blossom and Blue Tits mug for my Easter gift this year …

Click here to see what’s available in the Blossom and Blue Tits collection.

Dog Collection

Dog mugs, the new collection from Emma Bridgewater
Which is your favourite?

OMG, this new dog collection of mugs (and personalised pet bowls) from Emma Bridgewater are GORGEOUS.

You’ll find pure breeds to cross breeds and mutts to moggies. The paw prints are really bright and colourful!

My favourite has to be the spaniel. I think it captures this breed’s personality perfectly.

Is there a mug for your dog breed? Click here to check out this new mug collection.

Halloween Collection

Emma Bridgewater’s Halloween Collection has just been released and oh my! it’s fabulous.

You could use these all through Autumn and into Winter.

Emma Bridgewater's Halloween Collection.  Table laid with creepy crawlies mug, spider web mug, blue stars and Halloween toast plate

Wild Mushroom is my favourite mug from this collection … perfect for my hot drinks.

Emma Bridgewater mug painted with wild mushrooms

Which design from this collection draws you in?

Bumblebee and Insects

How cute is the Bumblebee design!

Pottery from the Bumblebee design at Emma Bridgewater

Wallflower Design

My all-time favourite is the Wallflower range.

Wallflower design by Emma Bridgewater
Wallflower range

There’s no blending into the background with the wallflower design.  It brings memories to the forefront of the promise of Spring with the lighter days.  

Wallflower design mug by Emma Bridgewater

I can hear the buzz of bees as I’m sitting outside with a cuppa and enjoying the colour bursting forth in my garden.

The Wallflower 1/2 pint mug is just perfect for that.  

You can purchase (at the same price) one painted with ‘Mum.’  If you wanted to personalise, the cost is only 5p more.

And as the dusk falls, you might want to light a Wallflower Flower Candle.

Wallflower Candle

Nature Designs

Nature lover? You’ll love Emma Bridgewater mugs in the nature range. Flora to fauna, from land to sea and from the wild to the garden, there’s some beautifully designed mugs for everyone. Click here to feast your eyes.

You can find out more about Emma Bridgewater’s background on their website ‘Our Story.’

Visit the factory

If you’re in the area, plan a visit to the factory. As well as shopping and the cafe you can book for an experience in their decorating studio. They’ve recently started author events too!


Don’t pass by the seconds. All pottery is inspected before it leaves the Emma Bridgewater factory so you will still be buying quality at half the price.

The faults are minuscule – it may be in the finish, the decoration or the shape. The faults are not structural (i.e. each piece still functions as intended and is usable). Faults are marked with a black line but washes off with a damp cloth.

Check out the seconds sales page and grab yourself a bargain.


Emma Bridgewater have some fabulous sales throughout the year. It’s worth signing up to their newsletter so you know when they are. And signing up will qualify you for 15% off your first order! Scroll down and enter your email address to subscribe.

Pottery care

All the pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe however it is recommended that a lower temperature wash and liquid detergent is used to maintain the appearance of the mugs.

Are you a fan of Emma Bridgewater?

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