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YA Thriller | How To Experience Death For Beginners | Jessica Branton

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How To Experience Death For Beginners by Jessica Branton is a big hit with Alice-Jane.

Cover of How to Experience Death for Beginners by Jessica Branton.

Casey Darling can enter the minds of people when they die. After receiving romantic advances from the enigmatic new guy at school, a serial killer invades her small town. Local police grow suspicious as she appears at crime scenes, but an FBI agent believes in her psychic powers. Will Casey fall in love or help take down a psychopath? Maybe both.

How To Experience Death For Beginners publishes tomorrow (14th February 2019) and is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.


I was thoroughly engrossed with How To Experience Death For Beginners and found it very difficult to put down! 

Jessica Branton has written the story with such page turning style- drawing you into the world of Casey Darling and her twin sister, and the ‘curse’ they experience. 

Branton writes from Casey’s perspective of how she can visualise and ‘feel’ the passing of people, and how this badly affects her teenage life. The added threat of the town serial killer then leads Casey, her sister and her dearest friends on a journey of self discovery, questioning the morals of life and death and who holds those precious dimensions in the balance.

I would thoroughly recommend this book! 

Alice-Jane guest reviewer on Jera's Jamboree
Photograph of author Jessica Branton

Jessica Branton wrote How to Experience Death For Beginners when she was fourteen. She now teaches English at Georgia Southern University and obtained her bachelor’s from the University of Georgia. She has performed in Las Vegas Camp Broadway and her original plays have been commissioned and produced by several theatre companies in Georgia.

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