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YA Paranormal Romance | Summer’s Lost | Kristy Brown

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I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on Summer’s Lost, the second story in the Summer Solstice series.

You can read my thoughts on Summer’s End by clicking here.

Book cover for Summer's Lost by Kristy Brown.

Summer’s Lost by Kristy Brown is published by MuseItUp Publishing and is available to purchase in digital format.

Deep down, Summer knows something important is missing. Something her head can’t remember, but her heart won’t let her forget.

Alex must find her before his people do.

With no-one at his side, and a black-eyed enemy from the past hunting them, can he put all feelings aside and fight for the girl he loves once again?

Their fate is already written.  The prophecy is already set.  Is love between them impossible?


I loved the pace in Summer’s Lost.  Once again there is a deadline that we hurtle towards which is full of twists, turns and conflict. 

This time Alex is on his own and the Kron’s find a couple of things besides Summer that will weaken him and place him at a disadvantage as well as bringing confusion.  It often felt like the Kron’s had the upper hand in this story.  The evil just seeps off the pages.

Persia and Elle make choices that seem good at the time but …   every activity Summer does had me sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the conflict to hit! 

One character was an enigma and I just couldn’t figure out where she fitted into the story.  I thought this was really creative. 🙂  Andie isn’t in evidence as much and I hope we get to see her in action in the final story.

The final battle has the makings of being explosive!  I’m excited to see what the numbers might mean.  And what will happen with Summer?  Will she continue to be a gatekeeper?  What will that mean for her on the physical plane?  How will that affect her love for Alex? 

Summer’s Lost is a fast-paced read.  Recommended!

(For this story to make sense I do think you need to read Summer’s End currently £2.24 Kindle).

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