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We’re delighted to be on tour today sharing Alice-Jane’s thoughts on North : a tale of yore per the burden of the dwarves by Lucas Ehrenhaus.

After one of the most decisive warring campaigns in European history between Barbarians and Romance, the sheer possibility of a full-scale Roman invasion into Barbarian lands launches a lifelong recruitment process, which drives to the re-discovery of old mighty forces in the long forgotten North. 

The most apolocalyptic pan-tribal conflict amongst central and northern European natives will ensue.

Book cover North by Lucas Ehrenhaus

North by Lucas Ehrenhaus is published by Clink Street Publishing and is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.


North is an extremely interesting and informative collective of the fables and mythology relating to Europe and Scandinavia.

Lucas Ehrenhaus has worked hard to create a narrative regarding the origin of cultures/ lands and worlds for such well known characters such as Odin, Thor and Loki.

By traversing historical influences from the Romans, Carthaginians, and others such as the Celts, the reader can see the links between facts and the developments of stories and myths to explain events. 

North offers and very comprehensive introduction to the findings of such legendary figures.

Alice-Jane guest reviewer on Jera's Jamboree

Lucas Ehrenhaus was born in Belgium. Raised in Argentina, lived in Spain for fifteen years, travelled western Africa, Scandinavia, and the north- west of South-America.

 Growing up his primary education took place at a Scottish school in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Struggling with secondary studies he started working in a vending company as a driver. Illustration was a constant throughout this period. In Spain there were a series of odd jobs in ten years whilst experimenting with photography and graphic design; two years after the economic crisis hit Madrid, he became an In-Company English Teacher in several big companies for five years during which his passion for northern European history took over. An urge to help other people drove Lucas to travel to Scandinavia in order to go through a programme for volunteering. This took him to western Africa, north western South-America and back to Scandinavia, living mainly in Norway and in Denmark on & off. This added to a broader insight to Northern Scandinavian culture where the finishing of the book North took place.

 He currently lives in the U.K.

Author photo Lucas Ehrenhaus


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