Wrapping up 2019

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It’s New Year’s Eve and time for wrapping up 2019.

On a personal level, 2019 has been a little crazy in my work life. After 14 years in one education setting, in September I transferred to another setting within the same Trust. After 10 weeks I was back …

I thoroughly enjoyed implementing my Special Educational Needs processes and met some lovely children, parents and Trust work colleagues during that time. One thing surprised me about going back, is how much it felt like home!

It’s been a crazy busy year on the blog and another year of Laura, Alice-Jane and myself working together to bring you reviews for the latest books. Between us we’ve written 195,210 words in 276 posts. A lot of words. 🙂

You have found us in several ways but the top three ways have been through search engines, Pinterest and Twitter. Top spot for where you live is the UK, followed by US and surprisingly, the third highest country is Canada.

I’m wrapping up 2019 with our top 20 most viewed posts.

Top 20 most viewed

20.Book Review : The Binding by Bridget Collins
19.Guest Post Linda MacDonald
Emotional Infidelity … the hidden betrayal
18.Lifestyle : A Walk Along the River Stour at Tuckton
17.Tips for writing a book review
16.Writing tips for beginners
15.Book Review : The Elephant in the Classroom by Jo Boaler
14.Book Review : Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks
13.Book Review : The Path to the Sea by Liz Fenwick
12.Lifestyle : Nine Things You Never Knew About Kissing
11.Book Review : Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deidre Sullivan
10.Lifestyle : Halloween and Samhain – is there a difference?
9.Book Review : If You Could Go Anywhere by Paige Toon
8.Lifestyle : 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge
7.Lifestyle : Knitcrate Review
6.Book Review : The Party by Lisa Hall
5.Looking for a spooky Halloween read?
4.Book Review : Big Bones by Laura Dockrill
3.Lifestyle : Coffee Enthusiast … or addict?
2.Lifestyle : How to deal with Stress and Anxiety

And the most viewed post from 2019 is …

  1. Book Review : The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton

I use Goodreads to keep a track of what I read and fortunately, at the end of each year, users are sent a yearly round-up. There are two December books missing this year – The Christmas Party by Karen Swan and One Christmas Star by Mandy Baggot. Both these stories are outstanding reads.

Goodreads breakdown of 2019 books - how many read, the shortest and the longest book.

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Happy New Year 2020

Wishes for 2020 to hold all you wish for yourselves. x

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