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Women’s Fiction | One Winter Morning | Isabelle Broom

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I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts for One Winter Morning by Isabelle Broom.

Genie isn’t feeling very festive this December.

The frosty mornings and twinkling fairy lights only remind her it’s been a whole year since she lost her adoptive mother, who took her in as a baby and raised her as her own.

She’s never felt more alone – until she discovers her birth mother’s identity.

And where to find her: New Zealand, half the world away.

Travelling there could be her one chance to meet the woman who gave her up.

But will she find the answers she has been looking for? Or something she could never have expected?

Book cover One Winter Morning Isabelle Broom

One Winter Morning by Isabelle Broom is published by Penguin and is available to purchase in digital, paperback and audiobook formats.


I adored this story.  From the bleakness of Genie’s emotions and the scene in the pub at lunchtime in the beginning to tears at the end, I feel as if I’ve been part of Genie’s grief and experienced all that she has.

In Isabelle Broom’s stories I have read, she always writes about locations that are not only stunning but challenge the characters physically in some way and One Winter Morning is no exception.  The settings in New Zealand are simply breath-taking and offer Genie opportunities to peel back those layers of indifference to her core of vulnerability.  At times I just wanted to hold her tight …

It’s difficult to share much without giving spoilers but two characters I have to talk about briefly are Kit and Tui.  I loved that Kit was so balanced with his yin and yang.  So much strength in his solidity.  Being in touch with his feelings only enhances his masculinity (in my eyes) and I have to admit, I fell a little in love with him myself.  Tui’s vulnerability instantly draws you in and her love of life uplifting and inspiring.  She made me smile and see the world with new eyes.

The universe has given a prompt that means the time is right for both women to uncover the truth and for their voices to be heard.  Genie, at first, stumbling in the dark holding her grief close and her trip to NZ giving her the friendship and love that unfurls that pain and lets the light in to begin a healing of acceptance.  An outstanding read.

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Isabelle Broom was born in Cambridge nine days before the 1980s began and studied Media Arts in London before a 12-year stint at heat magazine. Always happiest when she’s off on an adventure, Isabelle now travels all over the world seeking out settings for her escapist fiction novels, as well as making the annual pilgrimage to her second home – the Greek island of Zakynthos. Currently based in Suffolk, where she shares a cottage with her two dogs and approximately 467 spiders, Isabelle fits her writing around a busy freelance career and tries her best not to be crushed to oblivion under her ever-growing pile of to-be-read books.

I've been blogging about my interests at Jera's Jamboree for 9+ years. My love of reading, crocheting, being out in nature and positive psychology are all things that help me unwind from my role as an Inclusion Lead in a primary school.

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