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When your dog is a fussy-eater … is tailor-made the answer?

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I’ve mentioned before that we re-homed Taz from Margaret Green Rescue Centre in 2010 and part of the instructions we received were that wet food upsets his stomach and he will only eat Bakers (although when the cats were alive he used to sneak their wet food with no adverse effects!).  Over the years, there’s not been many times there’s been a totally clean bowl – and not because we give him too many treats.  He doesn’t like eating first thing in the morning and grazes after his lunchtime/evening walk.  We started off with Bakers but have tried supermarket brands, Pedigree etc.  His annual check up/booster with the vets has shown he is healthy (which includes his weight) so we’re not too worried about his disinterest.  I’m always on the look out for something that might tempt him so when the opportunity for a tailor-made free two-week trial with came along I felt this might be the answer.


Who are

The team is made up of a group of people who all share a belief that they are making a product that can change the lives of dogs and their owners for the better.

From animal health professionals to customer support advisers, they are united by their love of dogs. They noticed that no matter how much research they did as dog-owners into the options available, they were never completely sure if they had picked the right food for them.

Our dogs are special and unique and yet we feed them one-size-fits-all, generic food – the team thought that maybe there was a better way to feed them.  The choice can be confusing and without reassurance. Buying can be difficult too with options ranging from suspiciously cheap to eye-wateringly expensive.  In 2013 set about creating a better, smarter and just plain simpler way to feed our dogs. Following a year of extensive researching, trialing and formulating, was launched in the summer of 2014.

What does provide?

Every single dog has their own unique, freshly-blended food.  I’ll take you through the very easy online consultation that will determine not only the individually blended food you receive but also the correct amount from the information you provide.

You might be thinking at this point that to receive this unique tailor-made food will cost you a lot more than what you are paying already.  In my experience, after I had been through the process and found out how much it would cost per month (including delivery) it compared very favourably with what we already spend each month.

So far I’ve been very impressed with the service I’ve received.  I registered on the evening of 26th April and on 29th received an email telling me Taz’ food was on its way.  Due to arrive between 30th and 4th May, it arrived on 30th after texts telling me it was out for delivery and when it had been delivered.



The scoop is easy to put together following instructions for the exact amount determined from the information you have given.

I love that it has his name on too 🙂

I really hoped Taz would like his food!  It would make life a lot easier and not least having it delivered each month.



Simple registration/ordering process.

I took screenshots as I went so you will see some of the information I have entered for Taz but of course you will be entering your individual details.

The first screen you enter your dog’s name:

Enter your email address so that your information is saved and you can return to it.

Next, you’ll be entering details about your dog:

As you start typing in your dog’s breed, a pre-populated list will show for you to choose from.  This is also on the screen where you add the dry food your dog is already eating.

Notice the ‘i’ at the bottom of the screen shot which clarifies why the questions are being asked.

(Just to be clear here, Taz gets more than an hour exercise per day!  He gets a morning walk before we go to work, another walk mid morning, one at lunch time and one after dinner and walk round the block late evening).

I love that the tailor-made food can take into account what Taz is used to eating already so minimising the risk of digestive disruption.

You can even choose the flavours they love!  I chose chicken and beef.

Notice the green indicator on the screenshots.  This shows you how much you’ve completed with each question.

From the information above, are able to select the perfect blend for the age and needs for your dog.  The following screenshots show you Taz’.

I like the ‘quick view’ screens too with everything in one place – so simple:

Follow on Twitter @tailsdogfood, like their Facebook page to stay up to date and check out their Instagram with photos of gorgeous customers (of the four-legged kind).


So far we’ve given Taz a few kibbles by hand that he has eaten.  I’m hoping that tailor-made IS the answer to a fussy four-legged eater and I’ll let you know how we get on.


After Taz tried a few kibbles by hand we followed the instructions in the leaflet – to introduce the food gradually mixed with what he has already been having.

He wasn’t eating anything.  Following the instructions we added a little water and put the food in the microwave for a few seconds so that the warmth released the smell.

Still no luck.

Back to the leaflet again so the next day we added low salt gravy.  Yes!  Finally. An almost clean bowl.

We were feeling quite excited that finally, here was a dry food that Taz would eat AND tailor-made to his nutritional requirements.  Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.  We tried exactly the same for one meal a day for the next few days and he wouldn’t eat it with low salt gravy, or heated briefly in the microwave or even by hand …  that one day is the only day he ate the kibbles.

You’ve no idea how disappointed I am.  We’re back on the hunt for dog food that Taz will eat.  Maybe wet food is the answer.

Do you have a dog who is a fussy eater?  I would love to know in the comments what works for you (or rather your dog!).

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