What does your man’s socks say about him?

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Socks are one of the most popular gifts we buy for the men in our lives but do they really want them? In a survey on the best presents to receive from YouGov in December last year, practical gifts came out as the most popular. So yes, give your man his socks. And to make you even more popular, buy him a sock subscription box. He’ll love receiving branded socks arriving at the door each month.

The Sock Butler is a relatively new sock subscription service from The Sock Shop offering big names and quality brands in their subscription boxes. From £2.78/pair on a 3 pair plan it won’t break the bank either. If you subscribe today you’ll even get your first pair free.

What does your man’s choice of sock say about him? Peter from The Sock Butler is here to tell us more.

What Your Socks Say About You

Socks are often regarded as the poor relation of the sartorial world. However, they can actually reveal a great deal about their wearer. Even though they sit just a few inches off the ground, they can offer a whole range of clues about a person’s personality, priorities and aspirations. They’re not just a covering for the sole, they’re also a window into the soul. See what we did there?

The Sock Butler showing different design socks

Socks tend to fall into different categories. Here are a few of the more popular ones to see what your sock selections are telling the world about who you really are.

Men in black

Black socks mean business. There’s no getting away from it. Black is safe, formal and screams compliance in the boardroom. A black sock wearer will usually come across as professional and competent. Unfortunately, they also run the risk of seeming less than exciting and somewhat afraid to take risks with your fashion choices.

Owning all black socks can also suggest a practical, safe side. After all, it’s easier to just bung your same-colour socks in the wash at the same time so you don’t have to worry about dyes running into each other. It is also very hard to offend wearing black socks. They are ideal for demonstrating respectful reflection at a funeral. Or to show you mean business in difficult redundancy meetings. Not that the mood differs much between these two events…

Bold and beautiful

A step up from plain black in the boldness stakes. Wearing bright, single colour block socks may also reveal your business-like side, but adds a touch of personality that shows you are not afraid to shout about who you really are.

Raise your trouser leg slightly at intervals during the day to treat commuters and colleagues to a flash of colour and help them understand that you are up for a challenge. Bright colours speak to a bold, go-getting attitude, while pastels suggest that you find it easy to tap into your softer side. Above all, colourful socks show that you are enjoying life, which is really the main thing we are all wanting to achieve.

The luxury look

Appreciating the finer things in life is a laudable aspiration, especially when it comes to your choice of socks. Someone who chooses silk over synthetics knows what they want out of life and how to treat themselves. Silk, cashmere, merino wool and other expensive threads produce beautifully appointed socks that scream elegance and finesse.

You are a connoisseur of life’s finer offerings and an expert in haute couture. You probably keep your socks in individual, lint-free covers, carefully laid out in oak chests lined with the finest velvet. Never mind that the roof is leaking in your drawing room, or that the baize is peeling at the corners of your billiards table. Your socks reveal the truth about your genteel nature.


Odd socks. This says one of two things about the wearer. Either you are a cool maverick, who won’t be controlled by mainstream fashion and who is a bit of a free spirit. Someone who was a good laugh back in college and can still see the funny, quirky side of life. A good mate who is not afraid to make a statement with what they choose to wear. So proud of your sock collection that you cannot just choose one colour or pattern to wear; you must pick two separate socks to make a dramatic appearance on your feet.

Alternatively, they suggest a slightly shabby person who has a tendency to get dressed with the lights off in the morning. You decide.

Stripes and spots

This is where things get a little more interesting. Adding a pattern to your socks suggest that you are vivacious, friendly and keen to get stuck into things. Friendly and flexible, you still like to maintain some structure in life and are keen to succeed and impress those around you.

The Sock Butler spots and stripes socks

You like to be seen as an individual – no mundane desk slavery for you. Clearly, when the work is done, you like to kick back and spend some quality time shopping for snazzy socks to add to your growing collection. Stripes suggest a love of colours and no little skill in matching up complementary hues for a pleasing overall look. Polka dots add a playful dimension, while larger spots unveil your inner frustrated artist. Is it time to release your wider creativity to the world?

White wash

Does your mum still buy your socks? Unless you are on your way to the gym, the tennis courts or your sports team’s weekly training session, white socks scream complete lack of thought and effort into what your feet and ankles are saying about your personality.

Which begs the question, do you really have one? Don’t despair, however, all is not lost. By adding some details to your white socks, you can gain back some of the fashionable ground you have lost… a few colourful lines, indented shapes or clever little details can get you back in the game.

Crazy comedy

There’s always one in every group. Often more than one. That person who really ‘goes there’. Buys, chooses and proudly sports comedy socks. To be fair, there is a huge choice of funky designs out there. From cartoon characters to catchy slogans, the comedy sock shows a fun-loving character who has an impulsive, rebellious streak a mile wide. If this is you, don’t worry about people overlooking your cool footwear. A key character trait of the comedy sock aficionado is the compulsive desire to show them off to everyone you meet. Watch out, though, as the line between irreverent comic and cringe-worthy sock nerd is very thin indeed. To play it safe, keep your crazy socks for festivals, parties and big nights out.


One word. Golf fan. Why are you wasting time reading this blog? Shouldn’t you be teeing-off on a golf course somewhere? If you hurry, you can make it for the first hole…

Peter is a content strategist over at The Sock Butler. The Sock Butler is a sock subscription website based in the UK.

*This is not a sponsored post.*

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