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TWO years later and I still can’t do without my Techbed from Edge Beanbags!

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Two years ago I was fortunate enough to be sent a Techbed as a thank you for supporting Paul and Philippa at Edge Beanbags on social media.

Techbed Edge Bean Bags

Image from two years ago

And I’m still using the same Techbed and it’s still the best reading accessory I’ve ever had.

Techbed Edge Bean Bags

Techbed Edge Bean Bags

And Taz is still getting in on the action …

Techbed Edge Bean Bags

I still have the same reading habit of escaping to different worlds in bed at night 🙂 and when I am reading on my Kindle, I can snuggle down thanks to the Techbed.  It’s a permanent fixture in my bedroom.  Of course the downside is that I can be too comfy and fall asleep!  No arm ache, hands aching, head ache or neck ache the next day which can be every readers nightmare.

If you suffer from arthritis, have weak wrists, neck problems or if you have Repetitive Strain Injury, the Techbed would benefit you (it’s not just for e-readers – use it with all of your tech gadgets).  I visit my chiropractor every 4 months and during the time I’ve used the Techbed, my neck hasn’t been so stiff and I’ve had less manipulations on my neck than I used to have.  The only thing I’ve changed during that time is reading in bed with my Techbed.

Amazing value when you consider that a Techbed of the size I’m using only costs £14.99!  It’s also available as a mini (£6.99) and a maxi (£19.99).  Such a range of colours too.  I’ve noticed that Edge Beanbags have just released one in teal which would go well with my front room decor! (pssst Edge Beanbags also make pet beds and bean bag furniture).

Visit the website, tweet with them @edgebeanbags (watch out for their weekly giveaways), visit them on Facebook page and Instagram.


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