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Have you read any of my Top 5 reads of 2016?

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The last day of term has arrived!  Whoop! Congratulations to everyone for coming through unscathed 🙂  It’s been a tough term …

You will have noticed I’ve not posted every day this week as I’ve been slowing down.  I’m taking a break from blogging until 2017 tips over the horizon.  Watch out for the first Stationery Love on 4th January (there will be a giveaway at the end of January which I know you’re going to love!).  The weekly bookish linky I co-host with Heidi from Cosmochicklitan, Talk of the Town, starts again on 7th January and we have some exciting news to share with you – can’t wait!

Every year I share the books that have affected me and I’m continuing that tradition this year too.  Before I share my top 5 reads of 2016, here’s information about my reading year from Goodreads.

Top 2016 reads

Top 2016 reads


I’ve created a montage of 62 of those books.  I’ve escaped to some wonderful worlds this year 🙂


Top 5 reads


So drum roll … in no particular order, here are my top 5 reads of 2016!

The Conjurers is indie author David Waid’s debut novel.  Historical fantasy set in the 14th century, I was totally engrossed.


All events on this quest have a place in gathering our three leads together with the Maleficarum.  The culmination of a magnificent and awe inspiring scene at the Inn of the Three Shrikes had the hairs on the back of my neck up.  I felt every single energy and emotion in that room.  So many emotions.  A dark and shadow time filled with death and destruction and yet filled with hope and understanding,  letting go and moving on.

And it’s a steal at £2.99 on Kindle.

I read Florence Grace as part of the #QuercusSummer book club.  Florence Grace is my favourite protagonist of 2016.

Florence Grace’s character is tempered by her experiences.  We see her go through transformations.  Being a part of her inner journey caught and held my emotions.  Strongly.  When you’re extremely sad that a story is over (those 560 pages weren’t enough!) and you’re left feeling as if you’ve lost your best friend, you know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s one of the best books you’ve read.

The Kindle version has a new winter cover and at the time of preparing this post is 99p!

Even though I gave myself a month after finishing Belonging, it was still hard to distance myself from the emotion.  Another debut that snuck into my heart.

I loved the format of the storytelling.  Their stories weave in and out, laying the foundation and building the story.  The timelines are not linear, however I wasn’t confused about who, what, where.  Emotionally invested in all our key characters meant that I felt a host of emotions – some positive and some negative! Umi Sinha brings the settings in India and Sussex alive. The ending is perfect for the overall ambience of the story.   I don’t always need a ‘happy ever after’ or a definite conclusion in the stories I read … but I do like to end on hope.

With 48 x 5* reviews on Amazon, if you haven’t read Belonging already it should be on your wishlist.

I get totally swept up in Karen Swan’s characters’ lives when I’m reading, not even a tiny part of the real world around me seeps through when I’m reading.

I’ve come to expect awesome settings in Karen Swan’s novels and The Paris Secret lives up to those expectations.  I loved Antibes but Paris and Nice are great too.  I loved the glitz and glamour. The Paris Secret kept me reading when I should have been sleeping … I’ve been totally absorbed in this world.  The attraction and romance is far from easy, the history (WWII) is very emotional and themes of the shadow side of life are explored.  I felt every emotion alongside the characters.

I always treat myself to Karen Swan’s Christmas novels in my stocking and I’m eager to unwrap Christmas Under the Stars!

The Last Night by Cesca Major did more than sneak into my heart, it appeared in my dreams too! I lived and breathed this story.

Cesca Major really knows how to capture your imagination and emotions.  Short chapters build the suspense and weaving this fiction through a true story makes the whole catastrophe come alive.  I have savoured every single word. Familial/romantic relationships, disaster, lies, loss, truth and power took me to the depths emotionally and make this a read that will stay with me for a long time. The Last Night would be amazing on the screen.  I would love to see this as a movie.

Published in November, this a story you really should treat yourself to!


Top 5 reads


Have you read any of my top 5 reads for 2016?  What are your top 5 reads for 2016?  You’re welcome to leave links in the comments.

With 2016 almost over I want to say thank you for all your blog support this year.  You’re an awesome audience and I love our interactions.  Whether you celebrate this time of year or not, I hope you are surrounded by love, laughter, peace and joy.

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