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Thriller | Thursday Night Widows | Claudia Piñeiro

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We’re delighted to share Laura’s thoughts about Thursday Night Widows by Claudia Piñeiro on the Random Things Tours today.


I did enjoy this book however it is was not the murder mystery I imagined it would be.

Set in an Argentinian gated community for the wealthy outside Buenos Aires the majority of the story became a novel based on family drama.

Three men are found dead by the gardener in a swimming pool after their weekly Thursday night evening, their wives call themselves the Thursday Night Widows, one man managed to escape. They meet each week to drink, smoke, play cards and unwind together.

The majority of the story is told by Virginia, an estate agent working to support her family however the book often switches to another wife of the group. This sometimes make the read difficult to decipher the narrator and to keep up with each character and their own families. Chapters titled with each character may been easier to read.

Thursday Night Widows includes wonderful descriptions of the sights, smells and sounds of The Cascades, the gated community where the residents become part of a protective bubble away from the outside world.

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The Author

Claudia Piñeiro was a journalist, playwright and television scriptwriter and in 1992 won the prestigious Pléyade journalism award. She has more recently turned to fiction and is the author of literary crime novels that are all bestsellers in Latin America and have been translated into four languages. This novel won the Clarin Prize for fiction and is her first title to be available in English. Twitter @claudiapineiro

The Translator

Miranda France wrote Bad Times in Buenos Aires which in essay form won the Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize in The Spectator magazine. A book by the same title was published in 1998 and met with great critical acclaim.  The New York Times described it as ‘a remarkable achievement’ and the Sunday Times as ‘an outstanding book’.


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