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Thriller | The Shape of Lies | Rachel Abbott

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We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts with you today on The Shape of Lies by Rachel Abbott.

Book cover The Shape of Lies by Rachel Abbott

Yesterday, Scott was dead. Today, he’s back. And Anna doesn’t believe in ghosts. Scott was Anna’s boyfriend. She loved him, but he ruined her life. When he died, she should have been free, but today Scott is on the radio, threatening to spill her secrets. Anna is a mother, a wife, and head teacher of a primary school.And she’s a good liar. She made one mistake, and now she is having to pay for it. Scott is the only person who knows the truth about her past, but how can he be alive?Soon, DCI Tom Douglas is going to knock on her door looking for answers. But Anna is already running scared: from the man she loved; the man she watched die; the man who has come back to life. She has one week to find him. One week to stop him.

The Shape of Lies is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats. The audiobook releases 16th April 2019.


The Shape of Lies is a wonderfully written psychological thriller. 

The short chapters focuses on different characters, which led to a few late night reading sessions, as I enjoyed reading and discovering more about the main character, Anna. I had to keep reading to find out what would happen next!

The Shape of Lies is a story about how lies and deceit can affect our lives and relationships, and in this case 12 years later. There are a few twists which have been carefully plotted and thought out.

Anna Franklyn, a headteacher with a young family is suddenly thrown into her dark past, while listening to the radio. The chapters slowly tease out information and clues into her past and present.

Detective Tom is on the hunt for a murderer as two bodies are found within a few days.

A great read for fans of police drama’s and psychological thrillers.

I look forward to reading more by Rachel Abbot.

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Author photo Rachel Abbott

Rachel Abbott, born and raised in Manchester, founded her own interactive media company in the 1980s, before selling it and retiring in 2005. She then moved to Italy where she worked on the renovation of a 15th century Italian monastery, and it was here that, one day, she found herself snowed in and decided to begin writing for pleasure. This became her debut novel, Only The Innocent, which
she went on to publish via Kindle Direct Publishing, topping their chart for 4 weeks.

A true self-publishing pioneer, The Shape of Lies is Abbott’s ninth novel. She splits her time between Alderney in the Channel Islands and Italy.

Connect with Rachel Abbott


Twitter @RachelAbbott

Facebook Page RachelAbbott1Writer

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