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Thriller | The Devil Upstairs | Anthony O’Neill

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We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts on The Devil Upstairs by Anthony O’Neill.

An allegorical thriller set in modern-day Edinburgh, The Devil Upstairs sees Cat Thomas relocate from Florida after fleeing death threats related to her job as a fraud investigator. Finding an incredible flat in a beautiful area of the city, Cat can’t believe her luck, until her upstairs neighbor appears. His loud music at all hours and utterly inconsiderate behavior leave Cat delirious with lack of sleep. After trying everything, her desperation leads her to ask for help from her colleague at a witches’ conclave where the devil is asked to intervene, and within just a few days, the neighbour is found dead. Disturbed by her dreams becoming a reality, Cat throws herself into her work, but as more bodies are found with links to her and her life, she confronts her colleague to find out exactly what kind of help she has accepted.

Impeccably plotted, intricately nuanced and shot through with darkly wicked humour,The Devil Upstairs perfectly captures the shadowy beauty and mystery of Edinburgh, whilst posing questions on the darker side of human nature.

Book cover The Devil Upstairs by Anthony O'Neill

The Devil Upstairs by Anthony O’Neill is published by Black & White Publishing and is available to purchase in digital and hardcover formats.


I loved this book as I found it dark, atmospheric and very addictive. I was hooked from the start.  

Cat Thomas decides to move from Florida to Edinburgh to make a fresh start and works as a fraud investigator. For a few weeks she loves her new flat, job and new city until her neighbour comes home. He is loud, arrogant, rude and shows no respect for others with his night hours and noises. Her life and especially her sleep is disrupted by him and she complains to her friend and work colleague, Agnes. Cat talks, thinks and dreams about killing her inconsiderate neighbour. One day Cat notices a dark stain seeping through her ceiling alongside a lack of noise. Maybe her wish has come true.  

The next part of the book has super natural elements and Cat meets her new neighbour, the polite and considerate Robin Boucher.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and found there to be plenty of twists and turns to keep the pages turning. I also love the setting as visited on my honeymoon and would love to go back. The descriptions of Edinburgh are fantastic.   A great read.

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Anthony O’Neill is the son of an Irish policeman and an Australian stenographer. He was born in Melbourne and lives in Edinburgh. He is the author of Scheherazade, a revisionist Arabian Nights epic; The Lamplighter, a psychological horror novel set in Victorian Scotland; The Empire of Eternity, a history-mystery involving Napoleon Bonaparte and the early years of Egyptology; The Unscratchables, a Swiftian satire featuring dog and cat detectives; and The Dark Side, a crime novel set on the far side of the moon.

Author photo Anthony O'Neill


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