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Thriller | The Curse of Knowing | Aldo Cernuto

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We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts about The Curse of Knowing by Aldo Cernuto on the Authoright tour.

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The Curse of Knowing by Aldo Cernuto is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.

Vittoria Armieri—a humble worker at a ministry in Rome—has the ability to access people’s lives: their pasts, their thoughts and feelings, and especially their tragic memories. Others would call it a superpower, but to her it’s a curse: it’s the source of such misery for her, that she’s now desperate to die, possibly at the hands of a murderer. But while she recalls her youth and the events that brought her to this point, something unexpected occurs. Something that not even Vittoria, with all her eerie savviness, could possibly have foreseen.


I enjoyed this short story set in Rome about Vittoria Armieri. She works at a ministry as a toilet cleaner and has an extraordinary gift of being able to hear people’s thoughts, feelings and past memories.

Vittoria sees her gift as a curse and being too close to others leads to her own feeling of misery. Walking late around Rome she is on the hunt for a murderer.

Set as a dual timeline of present time and during the late 1970’s, this story shares Vittoria’s circumstances leading to her want for death.

An interesting story.

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Aldo Cernuto (Turin, January 1955) developed his career in the advertising industry. First as a copywriter, then as an executive creative director, he has worked in some of the major networks, winning several international awards—six Lions in Cannes and two gold Clios in New York, to name just a few. He currently divides his life between two charming villages he has loved forever: beautiful Camogli, along the coast of Liguria, and Pimlico, in central London. Although this latter isn’t properly a village, it possesses the atmosphere and the quiet that make a hamlet—a secluded place, an ideal location for writing.

The Curse of Knowing is Aldo Cernuto’s first work of fiction.


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