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I’m delighted to be welcoming Rachel Sargeant today who is chatting to us about The Good Teacher.

Find out which character Rachel Sargeant would like to be, what’s in the future for DC Pippa Adams and much more.

The Good Teacher Rachel Sargeant

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Even the good have to die.
A beloved teacher is murdered and left in a ditch beside a country lane. His wife is found beaten and gagged in their suburban home.

Even the best schools have secrets.
New detective Pippa Adams learns that the teacher ran a homework club for vulnerable pupils. But what did he really teach them?

Even the perfect family has something to hide.
When Pippa scratches the surface of the school community, she meets families who’ve learned a shattering lesson. And finally uncovers the good teacher’s darkest secrets…

Previously published as LONG TIME WAITING, now fully updated.

A gripping thriller with a shocking twist, from the Top Ten Kindle bestselling author of The Perfect Neighbours. This riveting story about a murdered teacher is perfect for fans of THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR.


Available to purchase from: Amazon US |  Amazon UK | Harper Collins


Hi Rachel, welcome to Jera’s Jamboree.


It’s great to be stopping off at your blog, Shaz. Thank you for inviting to the interview.


If you could choose to be one of your characters who would you be?

I would choose to be Detective Constable Pippa Adams from The Good Teacher because she’s a twenty-four year old, five feet eleven, blue-eyed blonde who went to dance school. (And I’m not!) She’s talkative but also a good listener. People like to confide in her. And she’s not too bad at solving murder mysteries.


Does your book tackle a social barrier Rachel?

The Good Teacher touches on racism. Detective Sergeant Mike Matthews, British born and bred, but of Jamaican heritage, faces racism of the “low-level” kind that is hard to contest even though it is unacceptable. It was a challenge to write – and some might argue it’s not my place to do so as I’ve never faced racism in Britain – but I have experienced sexism and ageism so I’ve used this experience in my writing.

Is The Good Teacher part of a series?

I have a draft of book two and outlines for books three to five if readers would like more stories featuring DC Pippa Adams. Book two involves the murder of a journalist and the disappearance of a relationship counsellor. As in book one, Pippa and Matthews rub awkwardly alongside each other as they investigate the cases.


What are you working on now?

I’m currently putting the final touches to The Roommates, a psychological thriller set during freshers’ week at a university. It’s due out with HarperCollins in November 2019.


Do you have a most creative time of day?

Probably the afternoon. I seem to faff about at my computer all morning and finally get down to editing around lunchtime. After that the hours fly by as I become engrossed in work.


Do you have a favourite book Rachel? What is it about that book?

I currently have 44 favourite books so today the one I’ll pick is Precious Bane by Mary Webb. It was published in 1924 and set in Shropshire in the early 1800s. It’s written in a pretend dialect of nineteenth century country people. It takes a bit of getting used to but ultimately works well. Prue is a young woman who is destined never to marry because she has a harelip. Then along comes Kester, an itinerant weaver. Somehow these two intelligent, compassionate people find each other despite living in a community set on greed and vengeance.


What are you reading now?

I am currently reading Force of Nature by Jane Harper. I’ve never fancied one of those team-building retreats and now I know why. In the richly evoked setting of the Australian Bush -snakes, dense undergrowth, cold rain and possibly the odd serial killer lurking – the author shows how a group of office workers can descend into Lord of the Flies territory in a matter of hours and still be affected by the twenty-first century problems they’re supposed to have left behind in the city.


Have you done any creative writing courses that you would recommend to others?

I completed an MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University in 2015. This taught me so much about technique and introduced me to some of my best critics, namely the other students in my syndicate group. We still exchange feedback on drafts of our work and I can safely say they are the best thing that’s ever happened to my writing.


Finally, what tips do you have for aspiring writers?

The best piece of advice I ever heard was from crime writer Priscilla Masters. She said: if you want to write a book, write a book. And it really is as easy and as difficult as that. Find the time and get scribbling. It might take you a month, a year or five years, but keep at it and eventually you’ll have a complete story.

Thank you for being my guest today.

Rachel SargeantRachel Sargeant is the author of Kindle Top Ten bestseller The Perfect Neighbours. She is a previous winner of Writing Magazine’s Crime Short Story competition and has been placed or shortlisted in various competitions, including the Bristol Short Story Prize. Her stories have appeared in My Weekly and the Accent Press Saucy Shorts series. Rachel grew up in Lincolnshire, spent several years living in Germany and now lives in Gloucestershire with her husband and children.



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The Good Teacher Rachel Sargeant

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