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Thriller | A Secret Worth Killing For | Simon Berthon

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We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts on A Secret Worth Killing For by Simon Berthon.

I think it’s fair to say this was debut was a hit for Laura 🙂

A Secret Worth Killing For Simon Berthon

Paperback: 432 pages

Publisher: HQ; First edition edition (3 May 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0008214409

ISBN-13: 978-0008214401

Somebody knows where the bodies are buried…

Minister of State Anne-Marie Gallagher appears to have an unblemished record. Only she knows that two decades ago, she was integral to an underground mission which went disastrously wrong.

Now, unknown to Anne-Marie, DCI Jon Carne has received an anonymous tip-off, leading him to a body – badly decomposed after twenty-five years underground.

When news reaches Westminster, Anne-Marie knows she’s in danger. And with Carne closing in, there’s not much time for her to decide how far she’ll go to keep the past where it belongs…

Available to purchase in digital, hardcover, paperback and audiobook formats.


A Secret Worth Killing For is a political thriller with plenty of twists and secrets to keep the pages turning.  It’s brilliantly written in the past and present following a female protagonist.

In 1991 Maire Anne Mc Cartney is 18 years old and living in Northern Ireland when her brother, Martin and her lover Jospeh get her involved in a honey trap. As part of the IRA, Martin and Jospeh let her go undercover to trap a British policeman. This leads to Maire’s escape to Dublin to study law. In 1994 she met a university student David and brought him home to visit her family.

In the present she has changed her name to Anne Marie Gallagher and is a newly elected MP. Being in the public eye also means skeletons she left behind begin to resurface.
Detective Chief Inspector Jon Carne is inspecting remains found in Northern Ireland and becomes intrigued by Anne Marie.

I found some chapters slow to read but really enjoyed the beginning and the second half as the secrets were revealed.

This is a gripping read with themes of guilt, betrayal and secrecy.

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