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Thriller | Don’t You Know There’s A War On? | Janet Todd

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We’re delighted to be on tour today sharing Laura’s thoughts for Don’t You Know There’s A War? On by Janet Todd.

Book cover for Don't You Know There's A War On? by Janet Todd

Don’t You Know There’s A War On by Janet Todd is published by Fentum Press and is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.

Joan is a widow, an outsider in post-Second-World War England, bereft of its empire and global status.  She lives with her only daughter, Maud, angrily conforming to a culture she feels has left her behind. 

When Maud is threatened, Joan begins a diary to make sense of her alienated past, before and during the War.  Giving rein to a loathing for the society that has thwarted her aspirations, she is merciless, her writing often sublimely funny; but Joan has a secret, never confided, which binds Maud to her. 

As Joan chronicles her life, her observations reveal psychological dramas, which, once uncovered, lead to a shocking conclusion.


Don’t You Know There’s A War On? is an interesting look at how post war England held challenges for women.

Joan Kite struggles with the changes with England losing it’s empire and her experiences during the war. A damaged woman with both a sympathetic and vicious character.

Living with her daughter, Joan seems controlling and vindictive. She shares her private thoughts using a diary to describe her life before and during the Second World War. Her experiences leads her to become a destructive mother but shares her love for her aunt in a conflicting way compared to her daughter. A feeling of being cooped up together and you feel for Maud.

A captivating read with great descriptions of life during the war.

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JANET TODD was born in Wales and grew up in Britain, Bermuda and Sri Lanka. She has worked in Ghana, Puerto Rico, India, Scotland and England. In the US, at the University of Florida and Douglass College, Rutgers, she became active in the feminist movement and began the first journal devoted to women’s writing. She has published on memoir and biography, as well as on authors including Jane Austen, Mary Wollstonecraft, Aphra Behn, Byron and members of the Shelley circle. Her lifelong passion has been for female novelists, both the little known and the famous.

A Professor Emerita at the University of Aberdeen and Honorary Fellow of Newnham College, Janet Todd is a former President of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, where she inaugurated a festival of women writers and established the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize. She lives in Cambridge and Venice. https://www.janettodd.co.uk/

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