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Are you a lover of crime? There’s a new innovative website, The Crime Hub, launching on 9th September for people interested in crime fiction and true crime.

The Crime Hub will be delivering podcasts, interviews, crime stories, competitions and book reviews.

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The Crime Hub

Launching with a series of brilliant podcast stories recorded in LA including Murder at the Palace by Gyles Brandreth (narrated by Stephen Fry) and The Plater by Ann Cleaves (narrated by Alfred Molina).

The site, established by criminal barrister and crime writer, Olly Jarvis and focused on all things criminal will also bring readers true crime interviews with leading figures from the Criminal Justice System including the world’s top expert on fingerprints Philip Gilhooley, forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd and The Secret Barrister.

Truly a place where fact meets fiction.

Olly Jarvis is passionate about creating a place online for audio crime content, entirely independent of radio.

 “Readers and listeners of this genre are discerning, they demand authenticity. We wanted to create something that showcased the best thriller writers, but also gave a real insight into the real world of crime detection, evidence, and jury trials and the people who work within this fascinating world.”

Written and audio content from leading crime writers and people connected to the criminal justice system, what more could you want as a crime lover?

Don’t have a fear of missing out! Leave your details on The Crime Hub to get exclusive access to some of their amazing content ahead of the official launch on 9 September. Follow on Twitter @CrimeHubSite for more information too.

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