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The perfect gift for booklovers or tech users from Edge Beanbags

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You may remember a few months ago I shared with you my love of the Techbed from Edge Beanbags and why I couldn’t live without mine.  The Techbed is still a permanent fixture in my life and the same one is still going strong.  Over half-term a guest that was staying with us loved mine too … and I felt the loss.  There will be a Techbed shaped gift under the Christmas tree this year 🙂  In fact, I was impressed by the follow up to my order via Amazon.  I received a ‘thank you’ along with next day delivery details from Edge Beanbags.  That’s what you call outstanding customer service!

Today I want to share with you news about a limited edition Techbed.  As an addition to the quality fabric Techbed already available from Edge Beanbags, you can buy the Techbed in high quality leather.  I have it on good authority that the leather sourced is from the same company who supplies the film industry.  It’s available in two colours:

Don’t they look gorgeous!  If you’re looking for a gift with a difference, maybe someone in your family or circle of friends would love a leather Techbed?  You still get the soft feel finish too.

Edge Beanbags

Or maybe you’re looking for a personalised gift for the avid reader or tech user in your life, Edge Beanbags also offer a personalised service for the fabric Techbeds.

Edge Beanbags

It’s easy – just choose a fabric colour and let them know what you what you would like embroidered – you can also choose the thread that you would like the embroidery. If they think that another colour may work better, they will let you know. Drop them a line at ps@edgebeanbags.co.uk or give them a call on 0118 978 0042.  They are completely open to all ideas!

Phillipa and Paul are friendly and love engaging with people 🙂  Tweet with them @edgebeanbags, visit their Facebook page and check out their pins on Pinterest.

Have you bought a Techbed?  Let me know in the comments how you’re getting on.

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