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Welcome to the weekly Talk of the Town linky which I co-host with Heidi from Cosmochicklitan.  If you haven’t joined in with us before, you can check out all the details of the linky on a separate page and if you have any questions, please ask.

Your favourite post from last week:

Greg’s Book Haven review of Lost Girls.

Overall I loved this book. It seriously had me on the edge of my seat more than once, and it was a little grittier- felt more real– than a lot of YA.

Go check it out if you’re looking for your next read.


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We’re still showcasing The Secret Life of Lucy Lovecake by Pippa James.  Did you catch my stop on the blog tour?  I’m not a keen baker so I challenged myself to bake Honey Buns … I was almost ashamed to share the final photo!


Talk of the TownDaisy Delaney’s life is pancake-flat. A talented baker and passionate lingerie specialist, she has wound up with no one to bake for and a career that hasn’t proved successful. But when she starts a delicious relationship with famous French author-chef, Michel Amiel, everything begins to look a bit more exciting.
That is, until Michel’s bestselling cookbook is knocked off the top spot by newcomer ‘Lucy Lovecake’. His outdated recipes slide down the charts while the popularity of Lucy Lovecake’s new dating cookbook is rising like the perfect sponge.
As Daisy teeters on the brink of love, how can she ever tell Michel that she is the mysterious Lucy Lovecake? Could he ever forgive her for finishing off his career? And more importantly, does Daisy even want to be with a difficult, egotistical, down-on-his-luck Frenchman just as her career is beginning to take off? Especially when she has some other very interesting offers…


Talk of the TownPippa James is a full-time writer with a love for food, fashion and all things French. She is best known as Janey Louise Jones, author of the fantastically successful Princess Poppy series, with sales of over 4m copies to date. Before Princess Poppy took over her life, Pippa James had always intended to write contemporary fiction, and this debut novel is the start of a brand-new series. Pippa James is mother to three sons.


Last weekend felt very special.  Lunch out on Saturday …


We decided to watch a movie at home (after of course Chelsea played!) and what better accompaniment than a takeaway from my favourite restaurant, Ristorante Barolo.  It was all about the company … and the food 🙂

I had THE BEST email on Sunday afternoon.  I was involved in a car accident on 30th September 2014 which wasn’t my fault (my car was a write off).  I had witnesses.  The police attended.  Luckily I took photos (I still haven’t got round to fitting a dashcam).  The court case was due this coming Monday.  Then this email:

“The third party solicitors have now offered to settle your claim in full in your favour and we have accepted this offer. As such, the Court hearing scheduled will no longer be going ahead and you will not be required to attend Court. Now we simply await payment …”

Ecstatic doesn’t even cover it.  So FINALLY, I am no longer considered a high risk driver and IT IS OVER.  You have no idea how happy this makes me (and my family).

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week?

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