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Welcome back to Talk of the Town.

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This month we’re showcasing Not the Only Sky published by Black & White Publishing :

Talk of the Town

“Wait. Patient. Now. Not long. Good girl. Wait here. Brave girl. Back in a jiffy. Think of it as a vacation.”

Big Bend, population 500. South Dakota, 1988. Eight-year old Tiny Mite lives in a ramshackle farmhouse next to her grandfather’s crashed airplane and the pine tree where she trains as a spy. Goddamn is her favourite word. Taking pictures with a homemade camera is her new big thing. She lives with Bee, her apocalypse-obsessed grandmother and Luvie, her hard-drinking great-aunt. And then there’s her mother, Velvet – beautiful, heartbroken, desperate, impulsive. One night, Tiny Mite goes to the basement and hears a cry, but it’s not what she imagines and nothing will ever be the same.

Six years later, Clea won’t let anyone call her Tiny Mite anymore. Luvie is sober and Bee’s health is failing. Velvet has been gone for years, and nobody except Bee will even mention her name. Alone, angry and dressed in her grandfather’s old hunting clothes, Clea mopes through ditches and fields taking photographs until she hatches a plan with another loner, a boy with an unspeakable past.

This is a story of mothers and daughters. Of people tied by blood and home. Of moments captured and lifetimes lost. And of things never quite turning out as expected.

Sounds like another unique read doesn’t it!

Talk of the TownAlyssa Warren spent a muddy, scruffy, happy childhood in the creeks and abandoned homesteads of South Dakota, before completing a BA in English Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MA at the University of Sydney, Australia. She has taught creative writing and modern British literature at the University San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador, and has served as a contributing editor for Surface magazine, covering art, design and fashion. She is a printmaker and photographer based in East London, where she lives with her husband and three sons.

Get to know Alyssa Warren even more if you head over to this article “10 Things I’d Like My Readers To Know About Me” on Female First.


Twitter @alyssagwarren



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It’s been a chaotic week with KS2 SATs and to be honest I’ve been too tired in the evenings to do much catching up on social media.  I’ve relaxed in the evening by picking up my hook … (and of course reading before I fall asleep!).


It’s finished now! and at the time of typing this week’s Talk of the Town I’ve started another project.  I’ve been feeling too rooted in the mundane and my creative side has been nagging me for ages. I love creating patterns and seeing how the stitches transform into the world from my thoughts and I really like this Kindle sleeve 🙂

Next Saturday (20th), Kate (from V Family Fun) and I are meeting up to attend Choc Lit on tour at Southampton library.  Very excited!

Enjoy the week ahead.

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