Supermarket Voucher Giveaway

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Supermarket Voucher Giveaway

So many people and families are struggling financially right now. On top of anxieties about all the unknowns in the situation we find ourselves, finances may be adding to feelings of overwhelm.

I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers for a great giveaway!

We have over £100 worth of supermarket vouchers to giveaway which will help two lucky winners with their grocery shopping!!

First prize is a whopping £75 voucher. A runner up will receive a £30 voucher. Both vouchers will be for supermarkets of winner’s choice*. *Prize will be e-vouchers for supermarkets with home delivery and gift cards available (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Iceland) subject to availability.

You’ll find all the bloggers details who are participating in the giveaway after the Rafflecopter. Go show them some love 🙂

Good luck.

Shaz x a Rafflecopter giveaway

Meet the Bloggers

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    I have M.E. and Mum is 78; we live together, but haven’t been able to get any deliveries at all, with the exception of my medicines which was a bit of a struggle to get sorted. We had an offer from a neighbour that she would fetch bread for us when she went shopping but that never surfaced….At the start of all this panic buying though, what a shock when we popped in to the supermarket on our way home from my MRI results which I was rather upset from and discovered all the bare shelves and couldn’t find what we needed, even though we only wanted a few items.

    • Shaz Goodwin

      Sorry it’s been a struggle for you Louise. It all adds to the anxiety doesn’t it! Not all needs have been recognised – a friend who suffers from seizures (a main trigger is a temperature) and suffers from PTSD isn’t classed as clinically vulnerable and yet …
      Stay safe and good luck.

  • Lindsey Stuart

    I have managed to get two deliveries since the lockdown but I also have a neighbour who drops off some shopping to me, I am very lucky.

    • Shaz Goodwin

      That’s great Lindsey. Don’t know how it is for you but two roads have joined together on Whatsapp and we’re helping each other out. Didn’t know the names of some of my neighbours before this!
      Good luck.

    • Shaz Goodwin

      It has been a nightmare Sarah. Food and eating regularly is one of my anxieties (diabetic) even before this situation. It’s been heightened for sure.

      Stay safe and good luck. x

  • Carol Thomas

    Fortunately I keep a store cupboard and additionals in the freezer so have been O.K. I have managed to get a few online shops. I shop supermarket wise online every fortnight and just pick up odds and ends as needed. That has all changed with Covid19. Fortunately I have a large mobility scooter which I can pack alot onto. I don’t have a car. We have managed. The first couple of weeks were hard though

    • Shaz Goodwin

      Good you have managed Carol. My friend’s son works at Curry’s and they sold out of freezers pretty quickly in the beginning. I do wish we had a big freezer I must admit.
      Good luck

  • William Gould

    Even though my wife has asthma she didn’t get a letter. I go to the supermarket once a week and do all the shopping. We’ve cancelled our weekly trip out where we used to top-up shop.

  • Ruth Harwood

    I have an awesome son who goes out daily to get things like milk, and we go to Lidl once a week, just over the road, and stock up on stuff we need. We are very careful, I cover my face with my scarf xx

    • Shaz Goodwin

      He does sound like an awesome son Ruth. There’s conflicting evidence about covering your face isn’t there. I’m thinking when school returns we may have something in place …
      Good luck. x

  • Lorna Ledger

    I’ve got Remitting and relapsing MS, but I’m not on the official vulnerable list (ie someone who got a letter) but have been very careful.
    We have been ordering food online and meal planning
    I have been going out around 8pm each night for my exercise

    • Shaz Goodwin

      To be honest Lorna I think they’re working down the list with the most vulnerable first (I’m diabetic – I received a text but not a letter).

      We’ve been planning meals too which is a good thing 🙂

      Stay safe and good luck.

  • Kelly Wheelhouse

    My partner has been going to the supermarket to get our supplies. I did manage to get one slot for Iceland, I don’t feel the need to order online when my partner can still get to the shops

    • Shaz Goodwin

      It’s been very difficult Annabel. I’m in a vulnerable group and find it difficult to get deliveries too. I’ve used online food delivery for about 20 years (when it first started) and shopped weekly without fail. It is frustrating! I am fortunate in that Pete goes into the shops. Good luck with the giveaway. x

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