Durley Chine Beach

My Sunday Photo – Durley Chine Beach

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Phew, temperatures this week have been high.  It’s 27 degrees today with no discernible breeze.  Too hot to even read in the shade however I am feeling blessed to be living in Dorset and have stunning beaches close by.  I’m sure you know by know that Durley Chine beach is one of our favourites (we can visit any time of year with Taz).  One thing we missed on the Somerset beaches on holiday was SAND and the tide was always way out in the distance.

It’s a great way to cool down!  The following photos were snapped Tuesday evening as the sun was going down behind the cliffs.  The light and reflections were amazing.

Durley Chine Beach


Durley Chine Beach


Taz is loving it too! #dogsofinstagram

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Durley Chine Beach

Durley Chine Beach

The sun was reflecting off the Isle of Wight in the distance creating a prism effect which was quite stunning to the eye (the total beauty not captured by my S6).

Durley Chine Beach

We’re back to school on Thursday (children the following Monday).  Hope it’s cooler by then!

Have a great week.

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