New Year Resolutions

Be successful with your New Year resolutions

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Welcome back!  Quite a few of us will have returned to work and school today.  It’s the start of the Spring term and half term next month we will be halfway through the academic year (how did that happen!).

Have you made any new year resolutions?  I adapt my goals and reflect as I go along (new year resolutions are scary – so much expectation to put on ourselves).  Most new year resolutions fail don’t they?  We make those resolutions because we think we should/ought to and yet we’re not really ready to make those changes. We set a goal which is the ‘big picture’ but haven’t broken down those steps of HOW we’re going to reach them.

If you’ve made resolutions, here’s some tips on how to make them work:

  • focus on only one of them
  • be specific and break your goal into smaller steps (you’re far more likely to succeed).
  • change the way you think.  In my Gratitude Challenge I shared with you it takes 21 days to set a new habit and build new neural pathways so focus your thinking on new behaviours and patterns.
  • be mindful moment by moment.
  • fear of failure brings with it a low mood and can affect so many areas of our lives so be kind to yourself and make time to laugh too!

Good luck 🙂

New Year Resolutions


Have you set any reading goals for yourself this year? I’ve created a reading challenge and would love for you to join in with me!

January on the blog is all over the place.  Last year I started to share certain types of posts on the same days but this month I’m catching up with reviews of books I’ve read recently.  Here’s what you’ll see this month.

Read during end of term holidays:

Falling by Julie Cohen

The Last Day I Saw Her by Lucy Lawrie

The Button Maker’s Daughter by Merryn Allingham

Watercolours in the Rain by Jo Lambert

The Disciple by Stephen Lloyd Jones

White Lies and Wishes by Cathy Bramley

A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchon

Counting towards my reading challenge:

Meeting Lydia by Linda MacDonald (audiobook)

Christmas Under the Stars by Karen Swan

(and a couple more!)

My Q&A guests this month are:

John Mayer

Jake Parent

Addison Jones

Richard Mason

Jacqueline Ward

Stationery Love

Stationery Love guests on Wednesdays:

Pat – Squirrelbasket

Maggie Craig

Elle Turner

Watch out for a giveaway that will stay open for January.

Talk of the Town starts again on 7th January and you will be able to link up your bookish posts every Saturday.  Can’t wait to share the exciting news with you on Saturday!

I have a couple of Lifestyle articles lined up for you this month linked to exercise and a positive mind.  There’s a free offer for you so don’t miss out.

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Looking ahead to February … it will be my 6th blog birthday! on 5th February and I have some fab giveaways lined up to celebrate 🙂

Have a wonderful start to 2017 and remember, with your New Year resolutions, take those small steps that will lead you to success.


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