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Stationery Love with duo of The Lazuli Portals

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Welcome back to Stationery Love – the series where people share their love of all things stationery with us.

I have two guests today … I first ‘met’ Joanna Gawn as a healer and when she went on to write with Ron Dickerson and become The Lazuli Portals our paths still crossed.  Jo and Ron are writing a trilogy and they also write short stories.  You’ll find flash fiction up on the Lazuli Portals blog too.

Today you can find out what they look for when purchasing stationery, unusual stationery, a stunning luxury item! and more.  Humour too …

Stationery Love

Hi Jo and Ron,

Welcome to Stationery Love!

What do you look for when purchasing stationery?

JG: It has to look good, feel good to hold, touch, or use (e.g. a pen has to write fluidly), and be of ‘an acceptable quality’. All that is subjective, of course, and to be honest, if it’s there, I’ll probably consider buying it! (Oooops!)

If I’m choosing a pen for Ron (my bestie and my co-author, and another stationery addict) then I’d like it to have a good balance and weight, and to feel well-engineered. I’ve lost count of how many fountain and cartridge pens he has now, but it seems he’s always happy to add to his collection!

RD: Oh come on! Only 8ish pens – and small collection of inks – but now extra space and a declutter mean I have room for a quill pen and inkpot.  I am an impulse buyer – see it, order it.  Except I do not like spending on ‘logo’ items just for the ‘name’. 🙂

JG: Once you have all this stationery, of course, you need a place to store some of it!

Stationery Love


What luxury item would be on your stationery wish list if only you could afford it?

JG: If you’d asked me that before Christmas, it would have been the LP (for Lazuli Portals) wax seal that Ron and I had wistfully talked about … and then Ron gave me that for Christmas! 🙂

Stationery Love
Wax sticks and seal – Merry Christmas, Jo!

So I think it would have to be a horrendously expensive fountain pen – a MontBlanc perhaps – although it would be wasted on me really, because I’d never be able to bring myself to use it!

RD: Time to use some of the nice pens – to actually write letters on good paper and send with a wax seal.

Do you have any unusual stationery gadgets, oddities or trinkets?

JG: The meerkat pen I had for Christmas! It was apparently quite problematic during the wrapping-up stage, fighting its way out of the paper and trying to leap across the room. That’s meerkats for you, always inquisitive and jumping around! So I keep an eye on it in case it gets up to mischief. It’s also very useful at reminding me to be silly when I’m feeling stressed. 🙂

RD: Probably an item not available for sale, made many years ago by a friend at my first job.  It’s a leather covered/lidded brass tankard with Tobacco in gold lettering – made and used for keeping rubber bands in.  Anybody still use rubber bands???

When did you last write something?  What was it?

JG: I’ve been adding to the first draft of the Lazuli Portals trilogy – novel #3. In between that, I’ve usually got a short story or piece of flash fiction on the go.

RD: Well if you exclude answering these questions, a short story for a competition!

Stationery Love
Random photo of pencils in French chocolate tin. These are scrummy! The chocolates, that is!

 Paper or electronic diary?

JG: Electronic. Something I can access from laptop, tablet, or phone, no matter where I am. As a business partnership, we also have a shared electronic diary to make it easier to plan sales events and meetings.

RD: Definitely electronic – I have been using one for probably thirty years.  Syncing used to be a problem over 9.6 dial up modems!  Much prefer modern online systems which auto sync with many devices.

Stationery Love
Not Jo’s diary! Will she ever bring herself to write in this beautiful leather journal from La Maison du Poete in Locronan, Brittany? Strangely enough the quill came from there too. Yes, it’s one of Jo and Ron’s favourite shops!

Rollerball or fountain pen?

JG: I love fountain pens, but if I’m writing more than a few words, it’s much faster with a rollerball. When words are tumbling into your mind faster than you can pen them as it is, then fountain pens are just not practical. My bedside notepad has a pencil nearby, so that I can write at any angle, and in the dark if need be! At the end of the day, though, I can type much faster than I can hand-write!

RD: Fountain pens – for the opposite reason to Jo! I need to slow my writing to make it legible.  BUT I do find it annoying when the pen I choose has dried out!

Stationery Love
Jo can’t write very quickly with this one!

Finally, have you ever bought personalised stationery?  Good idea or bad?

JG: Ron and I did order some personalised business stationery through Vistaprint, including pens to give away at sales events along with some card bookmarks we had printed. Because they were promotional items, they were a good idea. We also had two banners made for when we attend signing events.

I do remember desperately wanting personalised pencils when I was young! But then, that was back in the day when my clothes had my name sewn into them, too …

RD: Yes – but that was for business. Now I tend to print my own. Long live computers and options available!

Stationery Love

JG: Thanks for inviting us back to Jera’s Jamboree, Shaz! It’s been fun talking about stationery 🙂

Thank you for being my guests 🙂

Themes in the writing of The Lazuli Portals include spiritual awakening, natural magic (energy healing), synchronicities, crystals, friendship, developing intuition, and the incredible power of universal energy.  Always thought provoking, I love to read what they have written 🙂

Connecting with Jo and Ron (The Lazuli Portals):

Web (includes a Bonuses section)




You can download Jo and Ron’s little ebook Crystal, Fire and Water for free. See website for information about this and other books by Jo and Ron.

 Stationery Love

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 Stationery Love

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