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Stationery LOVE

Stationery Love with author Carole Matthews

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Welcome back to Stationery Love – the series where people share their love of all things stationery with us.

I’m delighted to be welcoming one of my favourite authors, Carole Matthews, to share her love of stationery today.  Carole’s stories have wowed me since before my blogging days began 🙂  I’ve met Carole and she’s just as open and warm in reality as she is on social media.

Find out Carole’s bad habit, a stationery item that she treasures, her favourite everyday stationery item and more.  Enjoy!

Stationery Love


Hi Carole,

Welcome to Stationery Love!

What is your earliest stationery-related memory?

I used to love the start of term at secondary school when you got brand new exercise books. We used to cover them with our own brown wrapping paper and decorate them with doodles or stickers. All of our desks had ink wells, but they didn’t allow us to use them. For the first year, we had to use fountain pens with cartridges which was lovely. But by the second year we had to write in biro which I always thought was a shame.


Do you have any memorable experiences either sending, receiving or purchasing stationery?

My current novel, Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses, is based in the world of papercrafting and that’s my main hobby/obsession too. My friend, Christine, is a presenter on Create & Craft television and she’s the one responsible for getting me hooked on papercrafting. The book is based on her life and it’s a lovely, inspirational story.  (It is … and I think your best 🙂 )

So we just had to do something fabulous with stationery for the advance copies. We sent out the proofs wrapped in paper that had been created from the design of the book cover.

Stationery Love

I also handmade cards to go with each one – sixty in total! That was definitely a labour of love. I’m going to make more cards and use them throughout the year.

Stationery Love


How often do you purchase stationery Carole?

Too often! Every time I go into John Lewis or Paperchase I come out with something…ahem… ‘essential’. I’m always attracted to something with a bit of sparkle or beading and embroidery. I do like to have a little stash of stationery in my cupboard for emergency presents. I figure everyone likes stationery as a gift, right? I also like to pretend I’m buying stationery for other people and then keep it. (Hahaha I love that you do this too).


What’s your favourite everyday stationery?

I have a gorgeous white Swarovski crystal pen which I use in the office every day. I buy lots of these for presents too. I like to add a little bit of luxury to an ordinary task.

Stationery Love

I also buy boxes and boxes of Fountain Pentel pens. They have a nib like a fountain pen, but without the mess of ink. Perfect. Plus Lovely Kev hates writing with them, so he never pinches them from my office.


Tell us about your “collection” of pretty notebooks/pens/folders/binders etc.

I’m currently using a Jordi Labanda notebook to plot my latest novel. I bought it in a lovely shop in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. She’s a Spanish designer and illustrator. Her stationery is very stylish, but not expensive. I haven’t seen it in any shops here, but you can get it online.

Stationery Love

I’m currently matching that with a cheap-as-chips gold-coloured biro, but it has a unicorn head. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Stationery Love


I also have a handmade pen that I use for signing my books. I bought it from one of my lovely readers, whose husband makes them. It’s made of abalone shells which looks like mother of pearl and writes beautifully. It’s always in my handbag, so it looks as if it’s seen a bit of action now.
Stationery Love


Any stationery bad habits Carole?

I’m a pen stealer. I like to think that I do it by mistake. I once emptied out my handbag and found that I’d got twenty-odd pens in it. None of them were mine. I do apologise in advance if I nick your pen. My friend has a lovely pen with a tiara on the top. I have my eye on it.


Do you have any stationery that you treasure?

My publishers made me personalised pens to mark the launch of my 25th novel, The Christmas Party. You can’t beat a personalised pen. I love the cover of this book and what’s not to love about a matching pen?

Stationery Love


What colour ink do you use the most?

I prefer black ink, but being an author I use red pen for editing – a publishing tradition. So I get through quite a lot of that too! I use a Pilot Hi-Technpoint for that as it has a very, very fine nib, so you can sneak handwritten comments in-between typewritten words.


Paper or electronic diary?

Old skool. I still use paper. I even write out lists on Post-it notes and stick them inside my iPhone even though it has a perfectly good ‘Notes’ bit.


Ink cartridge or bottled ink?

I only use a fountain pen for doing calligraphy, so I have one that uses bottled ink. I did a couple of evening classes on calligraphy and really enjoyed it. Very occasionally, I still choose to write something decorative by hand. The problem is that it’s so easy to do beautiful writing by computer these days that I’ve become very lazy.


Finally Carole, have you ever bought personalised stationery?

Good idea or bad?

I bought LOADS of new, personalised stationery when I moved into my old house about twenty years ago. But the builders then decided to change the address and I had boxes of the stuff all with the wrong address on. Lesson learned. I tend to print my headed stationery on the computer now.

Thank you for being my guest today on Stationery Love.

Thanks for having me! C : ) xx

Stationery Love

Carole Matthews is the Sunday Times bestselling author of twenty-nine novels, including the Top Ten bestsellers The Cake Shop in the Garden, Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses, A Cottage by the Sea, The Chocolate Lovers’ Christmas and The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding. In 2015, Carole was awarded the RNA Outstanding Achievement Award. Her novels dazzle and delight readers all over the world. She is published in more than thirty countries and her books have sold to Hollywood.

For all the latest news from Carole, visit, follow Carole on Twitter (@carolematthews) and Instagram (matthews.carole) or join the thousands of readers who have become Carole’s friend on Facebook (carolematthewsbooks).

Carole’s latest book, Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses, is out now.


Stationery Love

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