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Stationery Love with Scottish author Maggie Craig

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Welcome back to Stationery Love – the series where people share their love of all things stationery with us.  This month’s sponsor is Claire Keay from Sherbet Lane.  Don’t forget to check out the fab giveaway from Claire!

My guest today is Maggie Craig.  You’ll be reading about Maggie’s unusual stationery gadget as well as what she looks for when she purchases stationery plus much more.  Book lovers will love Maggie’s book chair!

Stationery Love


Hi Maggie,

Welcome to Stationery Love.

What is your earliest stationery-related memory?

The jotters that we wrote in at primary school. These were exercise books and I remember their covers as being a light orange, though friends remember them coming in other colours too. The back covers had the times tables printed on them, plus lists of weights, measures and distances, all in Imperial, ounces, pounds and stones, yards and furlongs. The inside pages of the jotters were lined to help us keep our joined-up writing neat. I also remember writing with a simple wooden pen with a steel nib, which we dipped into an inkwell set into our desks. I always had a blue ink stain on the top knuckle of my middle finger as a result. Can still see it in my mind’s eye.


What do you look for when purchasing stationery Maggie?

I love bright colours in folders and interesting covers on notebooks. Good design is also important. My pink plastic folder is what I use to carry my notes when I give talks. It cost less than £2 but is so well-designed, with a neat grip to keep loose sheets of papers snug. Being bright pink, it’s hard to mislay. I love my pink folder!


How often do you purchase stationery?

About once a month. As a writer, I go through quite a lot of typing paper as I find I cannot edit my work on screen. I can never have too many notebooks and use them for different purposes. Sometimes I get presents of notebooks and am always delighted to get them.


Tell us about your “collection” of pretty notebooks/pens/folders/binders etc.

Well, there’s my pink plastic folder, my A4 sized notebook with the blue and glittery cover that reminds me of an Indian sari and another smaller notebook also covered in glowing fabric made in India. I use that one to write down inspirational quotations. Two favourites, one from my son about me: “We’re writing books here, we’re not messing about.” Another is from Kabir: “Wherever you are is the entry point.” I take that to mean, just do it now.

Stationery Love


I love my mug of pens and pencils and my pot of colouring-in pencils …


Stationery Love


… and I love my book chair. It holds my drafts when I’m doing rewrites and often a photo to inspire me on first drafts, often of a beautiful landscape or seascape or a photo of someone who matches up to my idea of my hero or heroine.

Stationery Love


Any favourite brands Maggie?

I love BIC pens, plain and simple, reliable and smooth.


What colour ink do you use the most?

Black for everyday and for signing books. Red for editing my work on my first drafts. It’s got to be red for that.

Do you have any unusual stationery gadgets, oddities or trinkets?

I’m in love with the 18th century and always love those scenes where someone seals a letter with wax and a signet ring or seal. I bought one last year with my initials on it. I’m still mastering the art of melting enough sealing wax in the right place.


Do you have any dislikes?

Not keen on lined notebooks. I don’t like to feel restricted. Think this might come from not liking the lined jotters we used at primary school. I also often do wee drawings in my writer’s notebook, maybe of a house or a scene that’s inspired me, so unlined is best.


When did you last write something?  What was it?

This morning, adding to my next novel, Dance to the Storm.


Paper or electronic diary Maggie?

Always paper, a pocket Moleskine.


What kind of writing implement am I?

For fun, Maggie did the quiz “What kind of writing implement are you?” on the National Stationery Week website.

You’re a quill! Vintage and slightly cool, you love all things old. If Shakespeare was still writing, he’d be penning number ones with a quill. You’re quiet and methodically, with a pinch of flair! Now get to that desk and write a Hamlet!

(Maggie says this sounds right for her 🙂 ).

One more photo I would love to share with you.  Maggie says “I keep my quill pen and ink pot beside the computer just to keep modern technology in its place.”  I love this!

Stationery Love

Thank you for sharing with us Maggie.

Connect with Maggie Craig

Stationery LoveMaggie writes family sagas set in her native Glasgow & Clydebank, historical fiction and non-fiction. She is the author of the ground-breaking and acclaimed Damn’ Rebel Bitches: The Women of the ’45, the definitive history of the women who supported Bonnie Prince Charlie during the Jacobite Rising of 1745.  

Maggie is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, the Historical Writers’ Association and the Society of Authors in Scotland. She is a regular and popular speaker around Scotland’s libraries and at book festivals including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Glasgow’s Aye Write! & the Wigtown Book Festival.

When not writing, she’ll either have her head in someone else’s book or be out and about taking photographs of old buildings, the local wildlife, dramatic skies and wild flowers.

Twitter @CraigMaggie

FB: Maggie Craig Scottish Writer


Edinburgh—1822. The city is at the height of its power, and its prestigious medical schools draw in students from Stationery Loveacross Great Britain and Europe.

Alongside the eager students and high-class society, however, lies the Old Town. There, prostitutes and resurrection men ply their trade. The dark, narrow streets are witness to both destitution and daily violence.

Catriona “Kate” Dunbar lives in the Old Town with her young brother Andrew. Both are slaves in all but name to their grasping aunt and abusive uncle, Chrissie and Michael Graham. The Grahams run an oyster cellar in the dark vaults of the Cowgate. Kate spends her days working in the cellar. At night, she endures Michael Graham’s lecherous advances.

When Kate meets Richard Hope, an unlikely romance develops. Wealthy, handsome, and intelligent, the young medical student falls for Kate immediately. Where Kate sees love, her avaricious relatives see the potential for extortion and gold—launching a scheme that threatens to come between the two lovers and their happiness.

A vibrant love song to her beloved Edinburgh, historian Maggie Craig’s One Sweet Moment brings to life another time while skillfully weaving a tale of love and loss.

Maggie’s Amazon Page

Stationery Love

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