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Stationery Love with Lindsay from @bookboodle

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Welcome back to Stationery Love – the series where people share their love of all things stationery with us.

My guest today is fellow blogger Lindsay.  Not only does Lindsay blog about the books she reads on Bookboodle but you’ll also find step by step instructions (with photos) of the delicious bakes she makes.  Check out that gorgeous Audrey Hepburn notebook!



Stationery Love

Hi Lindsay,

Welcome to Jera’s Jamboree!

What is your earliest stationery-related memory?

Preparing for a new school year and choosing my pencil case as a child.  I can remember having a padded, sectioned pencil case that came with a selection of pencils, rubbers, a compass and usually a protractor that I still have no idea how to use.  I also remember having a wooden pencil box where you would slide off the top and the layer underneath would twist out.  You were always judged on how cool your pencil case was!  (oh yes I remember that too!)

Something like these:


What do you look for when purchasing stationery Lindsay?

Cost is a big factor for me.  I’m on a budget so when I do treat myself I’m looking for a bargain – usually in the Paperchase sale!


How often do you purchase stationery?

Not as often as I’d like.


Tell us about your “collection” of pretty notebooks/pens/folders/binders etc.

I don’t actually have that many but do have a habit of buying or requesting notebooks and not using them.  I’m using one at the moment that I got through a stationery swap and I’m using it to record the books I’ve read and my thoughts – there’s so many pages in it I’ve been using it for about 18 months!

Stationery Love


My Audrey Hepburn notebook I bought at JFK airport in New York in 2011.  I can’t bring myself to write in it and spoil the pages.  The necklace is all sparkly – how could I possibly use it! (in total agreement 🙂 )


Do you have any favourite brands Lindsay?

In my last job in a marketing firm I used to promote Curvy pens to clients because of their cost, reliability and shape.  My handwriting always looks neater with a Curvy pen.  I have come across them more in touristy places rather than shops like WH Smith and will always buy one. (hmmm do I admit to a haul of these at a conference with the hotel name emblazoned on …)

Stationery Love



What colour ink do you use the most?

If there’s a choice, I’ll for black every time; I just think it looks smarter.


Do you have any dislikes?

Rubbers that leave horrible black smudges across a clean white page!


Finally Linday, paper or electronic diary?

I have a Busy B paper diary for this year.  Although up until the end of January I had been using my phone’s calendar but I find it easier to track dates with an actual diary.

For fun Lindsay took the quiz at

Which Item Of Stationery Are You?

A pencil

You are lighthearted, expressive, and really fun. You believe that being yourself is the most important thing in life, and you often encourage others to think the same. You are intelligent and focused but always willing to think out of the box and be more experimental. You can sometimes be a little too sensitive to others’ thoughts and opinions, but you’re always able to understand that everyone is different.

Thank you for being my guest today Lindsay.

Stationery LoveYou really should check out Lindsay’s blog at Bookboodle.  Her latest book reviews include I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh, The Gift by Louise Jensen, The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd and Before the Fall by Noah Hawley.  Latest mouthwatering recipes include Double Chocolate Muffins, Raspberry Ripple Sponge Cake, Banana and Walnut Muffins and Gingerbread Men.

Connect with Lindsay

Twitter @bookboodle


Stationery Love

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Stationery Love

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Stationery Love

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Good Luck!

Do you share the stationery love?  Join in and share your addiction!

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