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Stationery Love with blogger Linda Hill

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Welcome back to Stationery Love – the series where people share their love of all things stationery with us.

My guest today, Linda Hill, blogs at Linda’s Book Bag.  A couple of Linda’s answers elicited several emotions for me as I’m sure they will for you too.

Stationery Love

Hi Linda.

Welcome to Stationery Love.

What is your earliest stationery-related memory?

An embarrassing one. I was a late reader as my sight was (and still is) very poor but no-one had really noticed. Consequently, as a slow reader I was a poor speller. At primary school we had to write request letters to Father Christmas. I asked for some paints, a paint brush and some paper to paint on. Or rather I asked for some pants, a pant brush and some paper to pant on. My teacher ridiculed me in front of the entire school (although to be fair there were only 23 of us in total in the small village school!). That’s my first paper based memory. (I don’t think there’s anything fair about your experience Linda…)


Do you have any memorable experiences either sending, receiving or purchasing stationery?

If I can include pens and pencils then yes. My lovely husband bought me a solid silver propelling pencil and a pen for my birthday a few years ago and I use them daily for everything. I had coveted a silver propelling pencil for about 50 years so I was thrilled with this present.

Stationery Love

What do you look for when purchasing stationery Linda?

Cats! I love cats and if a notebook has a cat on it I can spot it from 100 yards. Any size or shape notebook will do, although I prefer smaller ones so that they can (theoretically as I rarely write in them) go in a bag or pocket.


And how often do you purchase stationery?

Er -every time I see some…


Tell us about your “collection” of pretty notebooks/pens/folders/binders etc.

I have scores of notebooks. I took a photo of a few.

Stationery Love

The floral one in the top left of the photo has been all over the world with me and has the outline of my novel in it. It’s the only one in the picture I’ve actually written in as I tend to stroke the notebooks and rearrange them on a shelf in height order, or colour, or width, depending on how I feel at the time of dusting! The leather one at the bottom middle of the photo I bought at a Christmas market in Vienna and the one with the monk and umbrella is handmade paper and came from our visit to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam a couple of years ago.


Rollerball or fountain pen?

I can’t use a fountain pen. I press so hard when I write that I splay out the nib within a few words. Useless!


Finally, when did you last write something Linda?

I write blog posts, tweets and emails all the time. However, if you mean really wrote something, it was a piece when my Dad almost died from sepsis earlier this year. I transposed the roles and wrote about a woman dying. Ironically, Dad has died since from a stroke.

It was almost time.


He looked at her lying there shrunken in the bed and felt sorrowfully glad they’d won the fight to move her to the peace of the hospice away from the clamorous and impersonal ward of the hospital.


Her thinning hair left a smudge of brown dye on the pillow from a failed last ditch attempt to stay young and cover the downy grey. Her skin, wrinkled in lines across her face like the road map of their lives, remained silky and soft to his cautious touch. He wanted so much to touch her one last time. His hand, still large, but gnarled now, navigated the tubes and wires and he brushed the pad of his thumb across her cheek.


It was almost time.


She opened her hazel eyes and looked at him steadily. The fading light in them was still a blazing beacon to him. Sucking in air with effort, her voice was wispy like smoke although the memory was strong. ‘Do you remember,’ she asked, ‘Our first walk along the brook at dusk. The bats were circling and I was so afraid.’ Her lips curved upwards and his heart soared to see the smile he’d known for almost seventy years.’ I’m not afraid now.’


‘I remember,’ he said, the corners of his eyes crinkling at the recollection. ‘I’d waited weeks to pluck up the courage to ask you to walk out with me and when I finally did you laughed and asked me what took me so long. ‘


She smiled but he still noticed the wince of pain that action caused her. ‘I’ve loved you every minute of our time together.’ With effort she moved her arm and clasped his hand in hers.

It was almost time.


‘And I’ve loved you too.’ He was fighting the urge to weep, not wanting her last memory to be a sad one.


‘I know,’ she told him. ‘I always knew.’ Gazing steadfastly into his eyes she allowed her lids to close slowly. The pain in her face seemed to smooth away and he was aware of a silence in the room. He realised the sound of her wheezing breath had stopped.


It was time.

(poignant and emotional – thank you for sharing Linda)

Thank you for being my guest on Stationery Love Linda!

Linda Hill“I’m a middle aged blogger who loves to read, garden and travel and as well as being addicted to notebooks, I can usually be found within a few feet of chocolate. I adore cats, walking and gardening too. I used to be an English teacher, an educational inspector and a consultant until my husband and I decided to retire ourselves and have some fun. I can be found on Twitter @Lindahill50Hill and my blog”



Stationery Love

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Stationery Love


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Stationery Love

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