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Stationery Love with author Kathleen Jowitt

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Welcome back to Stationery Love – the series where people share their love of all things stationery with us.

My guest today is self-published author, Kathleen Jowitt.  Find out Kathleen’s likes, dislikes and what she looks for when purchasing stationery.  Her unusual stationery object is amazing!

Stationery Love

Hi Kathleen,

Welcome to Stationery Love.

What do you look for when purchasing stationery?

I have a definite set of specifications for notebooks in which to write fiction. I like narrow-ruled, spiral-bound, A5 notebooks without margins. I fold them back on themselves and write all the way to the edge of the page, and I can be reasonably sure of getting 250 words to a page, which allows me to keep track of my wordcount. They’re more difficult to find than you’d think, and I often have to compromise and get exercise books with sewn binding instead.

Stationery Love

In terms of decoration, I like elegant, grown-up designs in bold colours.


Tell us about your “collection” of pretty notebooks/pens/folders/binders etc.

Pretty notebooks! I keep a paper journal, so I get through notebooks fairly quickly. I have somewhat eclectic taste in notebooks: cheap and cheerful from Tiger, or drop-dead gorgeous Paperblanks. Sometimes I pick them up in charity shops: pristine unwanted Christmas presents, or perhaps not so pristine, with a few pages ripped out at the front. I’m not fussy.

Stationery Love

Any favourite brands Kathleen?

My daily trip to work takes me through two major London termini, each with a branch of Paperchase, and I tend to pop in once every few weeks. I’m a recent convert to Lamy fountain pens, and like them (specifically, the AL-Star) enough that I’ve got one for my handbag and one for my desk at home. (I love my Lamy Safari!)

Stationery Love


What colour ink do you use the most?

Black. I used to use blue, but it fades; also, I read Rebecca in my late teens and was so struck by the following passage that I decided that black was the colour for me:

I picked up the book again, and this time it opened at the title-page, and I read the dedication. ‘Max – from Rebecca. 17 May’, written in a curious slanting hand. A little blob of ink marred the white page opposite, as though the writer, in impatience, had shaken her pen to make the ink flow freely. And then as it bubbled through the nib, it came a little thick, so that the name Rebecca stood out black and strong, the tall and sloping R dwarfing the other letters.


Do you have any unusual stationery gadgets, oddities or trinkets?

For my birthday last year, my in-laws gave me a dip pen with a twisted green glass handle. Completely impractical, but very beautiful! (I have pen envy 🙂 )

Stationery Love

Do you have any stationery dislikes Kathleen?

I can’t stand slim pens – anything the size of a standard Biro or smaller. They make my hand cramp up and writing becomes very uncomfortable. My favourite pens have all been pretty chunky. And I’m not fond of cutesy designs.


Paper or electronic diary?

At work we have to use Outlook, but my personal life lives in my Filofax, which was a leaving present from my colleagues at my last office, and which goes everywhere with me. It’s getting a bit grubby now, and I’m thinking vaguely about replacing it at some point. I’m waiting, though, until I find a cover that I really like.


Rollerball or fountain pen?

Fountain pen. I like to have a pen that flows well without my having to apply too much pressure. A decent gel pen is almost, but not quite, as good.


Ink cartridge or bottled ink?

Bottled ink, for preference, though I do keep ink cartridges around for emergencies. It’s partly to do with reducing waste, though I suppose that ink cartridges aren’t huge in the grand scheme of things, and partly to do with the hassle – it takes me much longer to get through a bottle of ink than it does a box of ink cartridges.

Kathleen did both of the fun quizzes.

The results are unanimous!

What kind of writing implement are you? (National Stationery Week)

You’re a pencil! Simplistic, long lasting reliable. You’re creative at heart but don’t often show it. You’re often the sharpest tool in the pencil case but leave your sharpenings everywhere.


What item of stationery are you?

You got: A pencil

You are lighthearted, expressive, and really fun. You believe that being yourself is the most important thing in life, and you often encourage others to think the same. You are intelligent and focused but always willing to think out of the box and be more experimental. You can sometimes be a little too sensitive to others’ thoughts and opinions, but you’re always able to understand that everyone is different.

Thank you for being my my guest on Stationery Love today Kathleen.  

Stationery LoveKathleen Jowitt writes stories about people who sort their own heads out and learn that they are, on the whole not nearly such terrible human beings as they thought they were. Speak Its Name (2016) explores Christianity, homosexuality and bisexuality in the context of student life and politics. Her next book will be published in late 2017 and looks at physical capacity, the social model of disability, acceptance, redemption, and integrity.


Twitter @KathleenJowitt

Kathleen Jowitt

A new year at the University of Stancester, and Lydia Hawkins is trying to balance the demands of her studies with her responsibilities as an officer for the Christian Fellowship. Her mission: to make sure all the Christians in her hall stay on the straight and narrow, and to convert the remaining residents if possible. To pass her second year. And to ensure a certain secret stays very secret indeed.

When she encounters the eccentric, ecumenical student household at 27 Alma Road, Lydia is forced to expand her assumptions about who’s a Christian to include radical Quaker activist Becky, bells-and-smells bus-spotter Peter, and out (bisexual) and proud (Methodist) Colette. As the year unfolds, Lydia discovers that there are more ways to be Christian – and more ways to be herself – than she had ever imagined.

Then a disgruntled member of the Catholic Society starts asking whether the Christian Fellowship is really as Christian as it claims to be, and Lydia finds herself at the centre of a row that will reach far beyond the campus. Speak Its Name explores what happens when faith, love and politics mix and explode.


“a moving exploration of integrity, religious conflict and the difficulties of working out who you are and what life might be about… an absolutely riveting novel” – Jem Bloomfield


“an ideal read for anyone trying to make sense of Christian faith and being LGBTQ or being friends and family of LGBTQ people. The characters and setting feel real, and it’s so well-written with rich detail. It could be difficult for some readers to revisit a painful past, but others will find a kinship with Lydia and her group of friends.” – Inked Rainbow Reads

Speak Its Name was included in Qspirit’s Top 35 LGBTQ Christian Books of 2016 and was a finalist in the 2016 North Street Book Prize.

Stationery Love

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Stationery Love

Kathleen is my first guest for April … a new month, a new giveaway!

I had been coveting the J Herbin rollerball pen for a while and when I saw that Bureau Direct had one of their awesome compilations (not just the pen but 3 Herbin ink tins) I bought one for myself and one for a Stationery Love giveaway.  This pen is a fantastic invention that allows you to use genuine ink without the need for a fountain pen!


The pen takes mini universal cartridges.

The giveaway includes a J Herbin Roller Ball Pen and 3 tins.  Each tin contains 6 cartridges of the following colours.

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Key features:

  • Genuine quality ink in an everyday rollerball pen
  • Smart clear plastic barrel
  • Fine writing point

Costing £13.95 I think this compilation is a bargain!

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Good Luck!

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