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Stationery LOVE

Stationery Love with author and designer Elle Turner

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Welcome back to Stationery Love – the series where people share their love of all things stationery with us.  This month’s sponsor is Claire Keay from Sherbet Lane.  Don’t forget to check out the fab giveaway from Claire!

My guest today is Elle Turner.  As well as being creative with words Elle is also the owner and designer of eco-friendly stationery at Emerald and Lime.

Stationery Love

Hi Elle,

Welcome to Stationery Love.

Hi Shaz!

Thank you so much for having me on Jera’s Jamboree to share the Stationery Love! I’m so happy to be here.


What is your earliest stationery-related memory?

My earliest memory isn’t paper based, it’s of novelty erasers. Often when my mum went into town she’d bring me back an eraser, sometimes fruit shaped, sometimes an animal. It was at the time when scented erasers in all different shapes and sizes were really popular and I had quite a collection. My favourite was a burger in a bun with all the trimmings. I wish I still had it now so I could show you a photo!


What do you look for when purchasing stationery?

I’m a notebook and planner-aholic. Anything colourful and eye-catching reels me in! When it comes to planners or agendas I’m really fussy, though, and nothing ever quite fully fits the functional role for me. The interior design of the Moleskine Pocket Weekly Notebook Diary comes closest, but I don’t find it very inspiring to look at! (have you thought about a bullet journal Elle?)

When it comes to notebooks, my favourites are A5 size with a reasonable amount of pages and I love a colourful cover. When I started Emerald and Lime, I made a conscious choice that I wanted our products to be eco-friendly. Therefore, if I’m buying stationery from others now, I’d prefer it to be eco-friendly too.


How often do you purchase stationery Elle?

Not as often as I used to! I’m pretty set for notebooks now! I still need to buy a planner, though, so that’s an annual event. Even when I’ve got one, it’s still hard to walk past planners and organisers in WHSmith and Paperchase. I hope that’s not just me! I’ve been thinking lately that I could do with a personal-sized organiser (I couldn’t, but I won’t tell if you won’t) so that might happen quite soon… (no, it’s not just you hahaha)


Tell us about your “collection” of pretty notebooks/pens/folders/binders etc.

Well, I have a few pieces *coughs* but here’s a picture of a couple of beeyoootiful notebooks. I’ve had them both for a long time.


Stationery Love

(how stunning are these!)

I got the leather one in Covent Garden (please excuse the orange post-its sticking out the side) and it took me years to use it because I thought it was too pretty to write in. The other one I got in Waterstones and its cover is based on textiles held in the V&A museum. Very beautiful. I don’t think the photo does it justice. As well as good quality paper, it has a couple of pages that feel like acetate with designs on them overlaying designed paper pages. It’s still in the too pretty to use box. (good to know I’m not the only one with a too pretty to use stash!)


Any favourite brands?

Aside from Em and Lime OBVIOUSLY, you mean? 😉 I like Erin Condren because her products are so colourful and luxurious. Just between us, I would LOVE to design my own eco-friendly planner one day…


What colour ink do you use the most Elle?

Hmm, I use TONS of different colours, but black most often, I think. I have different coloured pens that, in an ideal world, I would use for colour coding everything and being super-organised. I’ve found, however, that that sort of dream tends to go to pot quite quickly! I write with whatever colour comes to hand, but I draw Em and Lime designs in black ink before scanning them, so that’s probably the colour I use most consistently.

Stationery Love
Elle’s designs for Emerald and Lime


Do you have any dislikes?

Thin paper. Scratchy pens. I find scratchy pens a bit of a nails-down-a-blackboard situation.


Paper or electronic diary?

Paper. 100%. Always. Forever. Paper. Paper. Paper.


Rollerball or fountain pen?

Hmm, I’m not a big fan of either because unless the ink flow is good, we come back to my scratchy problem. I prefer fibre-tip pens.


Have you ever bought personalised stationery?  Good idea or bad?

Yes. I’ve decided that I prefer customisable to personalised, though. I like to be able to choose or combine certain elements myself, but I’m not so keen on having my name on things. Still partial to a bit of monogramming, though.

For fun, Elle did a couple of quizzes.

I loved the quizzes! Let’s see how I did:

(National Stationery Week)

You’re a stylish fountain pen! A little bit messy at times as your ink smudges, but classy and timeless. You’re writing is flicks, twists and curls and words are most definitely your thing. You only need one pen and it’ll be your best friend forever.

I can get on board with this one!


Which item of stationery are you?

A rubber

You are friendly, sweet, and not quick to judge others when they’ve made a mistake. You truly care about the well-being of your friends and family, and your positive attitude shines. You’re quick to help others take their mind off of any problems and would help absolutely anyone if they needed it.

That sounds OK. I don’t mind being a rubber. One shaped like a burger, I hope!!

Thank you for sharing Elle.  I’ve smiled a LOT!

Thanks so much again, Shaz! I really enjoyed taking part in Stationery Love!

Connect with Elle Turner

Elle Turner writes contemporary women’s fiction and has published Tapestry, a collection of short stories exploring the complexities of life and love. She runs Emerald and Lime, combining her love of writing with her love of stationery and colour. Her “mission” with Emerald and Lime is to make us all happier and more productive through inspiring words and a beautiful, colourful way to keep organised. Visit Emerald and Lime or, even better, Elle would love you to become part of Em and Lime’s inner circle. When you subscribe you’ll get a link to download a free Emerald and Lime design to use as your laptop or mobile phone wallpaper.

You can find Elle on social media (Twitter ElleTWriter, FB elleturnerwriter, Instagram elletwriter) and for Emerald and Lime (Twitter emeraldandlime, FB emeraldandlime, Instagram emeraldandlime).

In hope, in pain,
we lose, we gain,
but always and forever
the human heart braves life
in light and in shade

A collection of twelve short stories exploring the complexities of life and love.

Elle’s Amazon Page

Stationery Love

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Eco-friendly notebooks Emerald and Lime £7.95

A5 eco-friendly notebooks Amazon from £9.50

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Planners Paperchase from £5.00

Unusual notebooks Waterstones from £5.00

Erin Condren brand

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Stationery Love

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Stationery Love

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